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    You are a mercenary, a soldier for hire, the ones that do the dirtiest jobs, and do them with no complaints. However, with no company and no way off the damn rock that is Omega, vorcha clearing and other petty jobs given by Aria’s lapdogs. As a mercenary stuck on one large rock you have resigned to your fate, for now, you have plans, big plans for getting off of Omega and making a name for yourself. Each and everyone of you are sent a message quite suddenly, a well known mercenary commander supposedly can be found in Afterlife, one with ship and room in their crew for someone like you.

    Yes we are going to be rping within the Mass Effect universe, however we will not be the great heroes of it. No we are playing the people behind the scenes that, for bad or good, make the universe keep going. We are the cleaners, the people who keep the universe from falling into the abyss...well we would be, once we found a way off of Omega. We will be starting out as mostly fledgling mercenaries, using every last penny (credit) we have scrounged to buy our gear and set us out into the galaxy, too bad no one saved enough for a ship. So being stuck on Omega hasn’t been so bad, keeping the Vorcha population down maybe somewhat dangerous but at least it’s decent paying work, and Aria always pays well. At least everything could be considered routine on Omega, here nothing really changes under Aria’s ironfisted rule, we all just have to remember the golden rule, don’t fuck with Aria. Thankfully we will be getting out of here due to a rather surprising turn of events in favor of us and our mysterious benefactors.

    Things allowed from farther in the timeline
    N7 classes, as well as classes from the ME3 multiplayer
    Omnitool weapons
    ME1 guns to start then we get into the stupid cooling system of 2 and 3
    ME2 and up biotic and tech powers

    Character sheet

    Name: (insert your name here)

    Alias/callsign: (if you have one)

    Age: (how old you are)

    Sex: (male, female, etc..)

    Race: (no elcor, hanar, rachni etc.. types of races)

    Class: (self explanatory whichever class you decide on)

    Personality: (more of it can be fleshed out in rp so just enough to get us started)

    Appearance: (duh NKOD you should've had this here from the start)

    Bio: (Keep it short and sweet, paragraph- two paragraphs if you want again our stories should be fleshed out
    in character)

    Armor: (Do not worry about light medium, or heavy, it will obviously be whatever armor your class would be able to wear anyway)

    Weapons: (Keep it to the minimum that your class has trained with)

    Gear: (omnitool, biotic amp, etc..)

    Powers: (Class powers)

    Wiki Links to help any and all



    Powers (Mass Effect 3)

    ME3 multiplayer classes: Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer/Character Customization (Anyone wishing for an N7 class will have to give their character a very detailed backstory as to why they are not with teh Alliance military as well as why they were chosen for N7 in the first place)

    Races: Races playable races are as follows, Drell, Asari, Salarians, Turians, Humans, Volos, Batarians, Krogans, Quarians, and if you can give me literally the best reason in the entire universe, ONE geth similar to Legion.




    Heavy Pistols

    Submachine Guns

    Assault Rifles


    Sniper Rifles

    No God-modding

    GM says is law

    Keep it civil

    if you have a dispute, either take it to PMs or bring me into it

    Have fun

    Kick ass

    This is an intermediate level RP so 1-4 paragraphs depending on info given and whoever has posted before you.

    A 2 day rule is in effect after the last GM/Co-GM post (collab or regular post)


    Newkingofdrangleic: Xavier "Guardian" Dimitriaski

    Silverdawn: jay Eagle Eye

    Dakota K5: Harlow William

    Grothnor: Raymond "Corvus" Skalter

    Redsun_Criminal: Hannah "Shock" Mallory

    Cassius: Cassius

    Witchild: maybe back later
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  2. name: Xavier Dimitriaski

    Race: Human

    Age: 32

    Callsign: Guardian

    Class: Sentinel (N7 Paladin 2 and after)

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    armor: [​IMG] Hahne kadar armor

    Armor during ME2-3 storyline: [​IMG]

    Personality: Xavier is calm, calculating, and a terror on the battlefield. off he tends to be mellow, quiet and drinks heavily. Someone anyone can talk to but few do.

    Bio: Xavier was born into a military family, Father and Mother Liam and Olivia Dimitriaski, he joined the military at the age of 18 and has lived on ships since he was a toddler. He showed great initiative and skill and in a few short years and joined the N7 program, there he excelled at being the best and completed the program at the youngest age. He was a talented leader and excelled at helping to quell smuggler and raider bases and operations. He made history again by becoming the youngest captain in the Alliance. He was 24 when he graduated and 26 when he was promoted to captain in the Alliance Navy. His mother and father were obviously proud of the accomplishments of their son and he was quickly (behind Shepard's rise to fame) recommended to the Citadel for spectre status. While on the citadel he was in flux and got into a fight with a group of bar patrons, they were making racial slurs to humans and complaining about how the alliance were "stepping in" on their territory. They ganged up on him and started a fight, he beat them easily and did murder one. Even though it was self defense some were politicians and the one killed was a Turian ship captain. Xavier was court martialed and dishonorably discharged following the court martial, the only thing that kept him from being executed was his plea of self defense and his meritorious record serving the alliance. He took on mercenary work after his discharge and even led a small band of independent mercenaries before taking on a dangerous salvage mission close to Geth space, the organization known as cerberus picked him up then but all he took from them so far was his pistol, new armor and went on his way. He was given one message though, they would collect on his debt.

    Weapons: M9-Tempest, M358 Talon

    Powers: Overload, warp, tech armor, throw, cryo blast

    Paladin Powers:shield mastery snap freeze, energy drain, i.ncinerate
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  3. Name: Raymond Skalter

    Alias/callsign: Corvus

    Age: 30

    Sex: Male

    Raymond (open)

    Race: Human

    Class: Adept

    Personality: Raymond has little respect for authority, a trait that got him kicked out of the Alliance and Eclipse. He's mildly xenophobic, particularly towards Turians and Asari. He's agressive and undiciplined, but has a natural talent for fighting.

    Bio: Ray was one of the first human biotics, exhibiting powers from birth. Sent to BAaT, Raymond managed to survive 'Brain Camp' under the ruthless training of Commander Vyrnnus. Soon after BaaT was shut down, Raymond joined the Alliance and was accepted almost immediately, as a powerful biotic. He enjoyed the action and comraderie, but recieved multiple reprimands for insubordination. His status as a Biotic lessened his sentences, but it didn't help him when he got into a barfight, accidentally killing a turian while on leave. He narrowly avoidied prison time through a plea of self-defence, but was dishonorably discharged over the incident for conduct unbecoming an Alliance Soldier.

    Figuring he was only good at fighting, he joined up with Eclipse after that. He took to the job nicely, greatly liking their general lack of operational discipline. He eventually left Eclipse after an incident in which he lost his eye, something he blames his previous Asari commander for.

    Armor: Ariake Technologies Mercenary Light Armor

    Weapons: M-12 Locust SMG, M-3 Predator Heavy Pistol

    Gear: L-2 Biotic Implants, Gemini Bio-Amp

    Powers: Pull, Throw, Warp, Shockwave, Sigularity
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  4. Name: Harlow William


    Appearance: Here

    Age: 30

    Sex: Male
    Race: Human

    Class: N7 Slayer Vanguard

    Personality: Harlow is a reserved man who had strong opinions but keeps them to himself unless brought up in conversation, seems standoffish at a distance but is rather easy going in private settings.

    Bio: Stories surround Harlow, since a N7 not being with the alliance is odd but the answer is not some story of trial and adversity or betrayal, the simple fact is that Harlow was discharged at the end of his enlistment and chose not to sign back up finding his new merc job to pay better and it allows him to use his skills more often but the reason he was chose to be N7 is a little more interesting. Harlow was born on Earth to a Marine father and a pilot mother who both died when Harlow was five leaving him an orphan, he went in and out of foster home until he was 17 at which time he enlisted.
    During basic he showed both a knack for leadership and biotic potential this along with his high scores in training gained the attention of those above him though these things were not what put him in N7, Harlow after 5 years of service was along with a group of 10 others sent to protect and Alliance vessel in an area known to be pirate and slaver territory when they were attacked and boarded by slavers. Half of the group was killed while the other half excluding Harlow and one other marine were captured, not much is known about what happened after the initial attack whwn communication was lost but when alliance forces made their way to the last location of the ship they found a very bloody Harlow his armor was severely damaged and his shields had burnt out. He never spoke about the incident other than basic information in his report only saying he did what he needed to do when asked, this event was the key for the push to get him in N7.

    Armor: Medium Janissary armor

    Weapons: Hahne-Kedar Storm shotgun, Armax brawler pistol, Monomolecular Blade (N7 slayer)

    Gear: Polaris omni-tool, L5n implant, Monomolecular Blade sharpening kit, Weapon cleaning kit.

    Powers: Fitness, incendiary ammo, Biotic charge, Pull, Phase Disruptor, Biotic slash.
  5. Name: Hannah Mallory

    Alias/callsign: "Shock"

    Age: 21
    Race: Human
    Sex: Female

    Class: Engineer

    Appearance: Something like this... (From google)

    Personality: Hannah is extremely technical, and has a keen analytical mind as well as a heightened mathematical understanding. Despite her intellect, however, she has an obvious inability to work well in groups. For starters, Hannah isn't very good at socializing, and seems to have a blatant disregard for behavioural norms. In fact, one could almost say that she speaks and acts more like a computer than a human. Exceedingly awkward, She's often found mumbling to herself, and has trouble relaying her thoughts to others in a slow and coherent manor. Outside of the job, she often avoids interaction as much as possible. She also dislikes loud noises and has a bit of OCD.

    Bio: From the age of 3, Hannah was raised alone by a VI on a derelict Alliance vessel. The VI, "Roger", managed to maintain the ship's power just enough for it to retain its oxygen and gravity, allowing Hannah to survive. Spending all of her childhood and adolescence on a ship allowed her to hone her knowledge of astro-machinery and various tech, with the unwitting mentorship of the VIs maintenance instructions. The VI also taught Hannah about a few of the outside worlds, and the mundanities of galactic society, through what little was stored in his info banks. The ship itself was badly damaged from what appeared to have been an attack, but Hannah only remembers it as a cacophony of horror. She had managed to remain hidden and forgotten during the mysterious assault. The ship's escape pods were all gone, gunshot burns decorated the command room, and the cargo hold contained the corpse of a former Alliance mechanic next to a dilapidated geth (she later deduced that the ship must have traversed into the veil, for reasons she doesn't yet understand). When she was old enough to brave that room, she retrieved armor with a built-in omni-tool from the body, and took the mangled geth with her. Using her newfound omni-tool, she ambitiously set out to repair the FTL thrusters.
    At the age of 18, she miraculously managed to regain some of the ship's manoeuvrability, and promptly crash-landed into the ocean of the first colony she could find. Since then, she's been laying low, enhancing her knowledge of tech, searching for rare geth parts on the black market, and attempting to discern the mysterious whereabouts of her parents... all of which cost credits. And so she is currently stationed in an abandoned apartment complex on omega, where she intercepts comm chatter about a new mercenary group in need of a tech specialist...

    Armor: Light armor, yet she is unsure of the exact model. The armor was retrieved from the dead Alliance soldier on the ship she grew up on. In appearance, it's something along the lines of ME3's multiplayer engineer (not a big fan of ME1 armor styles :P). The armor has an external system of tech supports, meaning she never required implants to access the full functionality of her rather unique omni-tool. Of course, this has the drawback of being easily damaged when the shields are down, and requires that she wears the armor whenever she needs the omni-tool.

    Weapons: Stiletto VI, Omni-blade (see below).

    Gear: -Modified Cipher Omni-tool (Omni-blade is a three-pronged katar claw, capable of dealing disruption damage ((similar to the that of the infiltrator in ME3)). Tweaked to be able to morph into various engineering tools, for anything the standard repair feature can't manage).
    -Headphones, because "music is easier to listen to than people".
    -She keeps her severely damaged geth at her apartment (or on whatever ship she is on) as a pet-project, the fried memory core was removed to give way to the hard drive of "Roger")

    Powers: Overload, Sabotage, Disruption ammo.
  6. Looks like neither of you like Turians :P
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  7. Fleshed out my bio a bit, seeing as it was only three sentences.
  8. e55dc3ed253f42ef26c81d504617324b.jpg

    Name: Ashely Ardent

    Alias/callsign: Gallows

    Age: 27

    Sex: Male

    Race: Human

    Class: Project Phoenix Vanguard

    Personality: Ash is a melee expert so he strives to be within enemy lines and doing as much damage as possible.

    Appearance: Ash stands at 5'9" and weights roughly about 190lbs. A scar over the bridge of his nose.

    Bio: (Keep it short and sweet, paragraph- two paragraphs if you want again our stories should be fleshed out
    in character)

    Armor: Cerberus Shade Armor with longer coat tails

    Weapons: M-12 Locust and M-5 Phalanx

    Gear: Savant VII Omni Tool in purple colors, L5n Implan.

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  9. Character sheet

    Name: Jay

    Alias/callsign: Eagal Eye

    Age: 26

    Sex: Male

    Race: Human

    Class: Infiltrator

    Appearance: (best one I could find)


    Personality: Jay is a quiet person who tends to keep to himself even in combat he stays far away taking out enemies. He isn't one to get annoyed or fight about doing a job he just wants to get paid and move onto the next one so he's perfect for any group of mercenaries.

    Bio: Jay was born in one of the colonies to his mother who was a civilian and his father a military sniper that Jay looked up to and planned to do the same. He went to a public school like most others he never took a liking anything in school so he mostly didn't pay attention and barely passed thought school. He later was trained by his father and he went into the army to be a sniper, he was one of the best shots while he trained with them. As he finally was in his first battle he killed few enemies before getting attacked by someone who had snuck around him because others weren't paying attention while guarding his position causing him to be injured and in the hospital for a few months. When the army asked him if he would be joining their ranks again he declined and stopped everything to do with fighting for an entire year before seeing if he still had his Eagal eyes as before. His first shot missed followed by one that was a bulls eye and he was done with not doing anything so he looked to find a mercenary group to join.

    Armor: Light Predator armour

    Helix Sniper Rifle with regular ammo and disruptor ammo.
    Stinger Pistol

    Gear: Cipher Omni-tool

    Tactical Cloak
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  10. Well now I feel stupid for using an old CS now, think I should change it now.
  11. Yeah but what if it was actually the same bar fight? Maybe you two already know each other? Just a thought...
  12. It could be if grothnor wants that, if not it is just something I need to fix on my own CS then.
  13. Name: Cassius

    Alias/callsign: none yet

    Age: 21

    Sex: male

    Race: human

    Class: N7 Slayer

    Personality: tenacious, impatient, sometimes petulant, will do anything for his friends

    Appearance: Cassius is 5'9" with dirty blonde hair that he sweeps back over in the front. His eyes are blue and his skin is white with a healthy tan. He has a rather noble looking face

    Bio: Cassius grew up on Omega and always dreamed of getting off. He has no real memories of his parents but he assumes one of them was an Asari. Why? because of his natural talent with biotics. He wasn't the only one to notice this though, at the age of 7 Cassius was taken into the Alliance's Ascension program, and was trained in how to properly use his biotics. While he was there he would watch the N7 Slayer class practice often. He admired their elegance, their efficiancy. One day, a teacher of the Slayers noticed him watching, and saw the look he had. The teacher went and pulled his performance records, and saw that he was one of the best in his class. The day following, Cassius received an invitation to join the Slayer class, which he acceptable eagerly. A few years after, Cassius graduated from Ascension, and went to make a name for himself in the mercenary business.

    Armor: Ariake Technologies light armor (he doesn't wear the helmet)



    M-5 Phalanx
    TypeHeavy Pistol
    Fire ModeSemi-Automatic

    Fire Rate 
    Clip SizeReserve

    M-9 Tempest
    TypeSubmachine Gun
    Fire ModeAutomatic
    Fire Rate925 RPM
    Reload Time1.5 s
    Damage Stats
    Base Damage14
    Damage MultipliersArmorx1.0
    Ammunition Stats
    Shots Per Clip50
    Maximum Spare Ammo CapacityDefault450
    Armor Pack495
    Ammo Pickup Amount219 - 270

    M-27 Scimitar
    Fire ModeAutomatic

    Fire Rate 
    Clip SizeReserve
    Gear: omnitool, L4 Biotic Implant, medigel

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  14. what about a geth that becomes similar to Legion?
  15. It would have to already be like Legion, unless it's a character coming in at the end of Mass Effect 3.
  16. Geth/Whatever species Cyborg?
  17. It is a hive minded AI species that uses bipedal automatons as vessels, however Legion is a special kind of vessel. It is a bunch of the Geth programs wrapped up into one super program. Also Legion was sent to follow Shepard, we'd have to be jut as badass/heroey as Sheppy
  18. ya, legion was awesome!! anyway, when can we start this thing?
  19. Though I kinda like the idea of each of us killing a turian in some big barfight, our timelines don't exactly line up after that (my guy joins Eclipse, NKoD's guy starts his own company). So unless NKoD's guy ran his group for about 3+ years before my guy joins, I don't think it'll mesh, unless NKoD wants to change his Bio.

    Long story short, I like it, but someone'd have to make character history changes, and I don't want to.
  20. Soon, i am writing up the rp now, as well as my first post, eh it'll just be seperate incidents and something our characters can laugh about over drinks, oh your future was ruined cause some Turian asshat wanted to start trouble me too. (Drowns in liquor)
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