GROUP RP PLOTTING Mass Effect, Loveless, Modern Warfare Rp anyone?

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  1. I do not know why I specifically wants these themed roleplays but I've been itching for something hardcore, action filled, bloody, and a bit of romance. Don't know if these are good ideas, though. So bare with my possible stupidity. The level of these roleplays would be Intermediate to Advanced. More Advanced than anything due to the nature of the games and anime.

    Mass Effect: :beer:
    I want this specifically, but I do not want to it to be centered around Commander Shepard and his team.
    I prefer it to be original characters that perhaps help in the background but some guest appearances from known associates.
    I want all races. I perhaps will be playing a Drell myself.
    I don't know whether I want it to be from the first or second game. Suggestions?

    Loveless (Anime): :lunaspin:
    I actually want to play a female for this rp and a Sacrifice. I can play a Fighter Unit as well if necessary. Perhaps someone that ends up being with Soubi.
    I'll need a Soubi. Or it can be original characters. Whichever....

    Modern Warfare: :rawr:
    I prefer it would be post-Modern Warfare 2 or during Black Ops. I want to have it be an ultra special ops team that was investigating General Shepherd in the background by sending spies and such thinking he was working for the enemy at the time and having them be there watching as he betrayed those he commanded. They rescue the other member of the 141, including saving Ghost even though he was on the verge of death and avenging those that don't make it by working in the background to take down the corrupt. Or something along those lines. I can't word it right but hopefully I got my point across.

    I'm up for suggestions and criticism on whether I can make this happen.
    I would need a group of at least 3-5 people to make due.
  2. I would be honored to perform a Mass Effect RP. My advanced role playing skills are rusty, but something like this would get me back up to par with professionals like you :P Otherwise since this is not focused on Shepard or his/her team members, what kind of hardships are our original characters going to face? There is a multitude of social-dynamics that they could become caught up in, that I'm not sure where to start for ideas xP
  3. -holds up a copy of MW3-

    You have my support on the Modern Warfare RP, welcome to the Rangers >:3
    -loads his M4-
  4. Not sure what Loveless is honestly.
    However, the Mass Effect and Modern Warfare ideas, genius in my opinion. I'd actually be interested in something like that. If you do end up doing this, if you're willing I'd like to participate in it. If not, I still look forward to reading the posts made lol. It sounds interesting.
  5. Awesome. I'm looking forwards to creating it then. I'll start work on it soon and let you know.
    And please, no professional here. I doubt I am, anyways.
    Basically I am thinking of along the lines of helping Shepard in the background.
    If it comes down to the decision of placing the plot along the line of the first game then defeating Geth and helping with info of the Reapers.
    For the second game, the Collectors, mercs, Reapers and possibly getting a small army to help with the invasion of earth.
    I need to think this over more. But that is the general direction I wish to go in.

    -Holds up his own copy of MW3.-
    Can't wait man. I really want to set this up soon.
    I prefer the M16 or the MP5 myself.

    Loveless if a manga/anime. It's about cat people. It's a lot, so if you want to know about it, google the wikipedia.
    And thanks. I really need to get this going soon.
    I'll send you a message and friend request. I'd love for anyone to join.
  6. I.. I....
    ...Sign me up for Loveless. >>

    I could easily play Soubi, but I can also do original characters as well. 83
  7. I'd be game for the Mass effect rp. I call playing the Quarian!
  8. Awesome.
    I think it's ironic that you are a female (going by your gender icon) and I'm a male and we will be playing the opposite sex.

    Awesome. I will note that.
    Will you be a mechanic or perhaps a soldier?
    I need to note the species.
    I'm glad people will join me.
  9. He would be a soldier. Also I may want to be a Turian instead. I'll decide in the next few days.
  10. I play Dudes better than Females. :D
    And yes, my gender icon is correct. XD
  11. MASS EFFECT ALL THE WAY!!! I don't care if I'm a Turian, Human, Asari, or Krogan, male or female. I would prefer to be an adept, but would not mind being a soldier if it is needed. There is just something about launching enemies off catwalks and turning them into pancakes that is soo much more satisfying than a few shots with a rifle XD
  12. Cools cools, sounds like it'd be fun too then. I'll have to check it out.
    Awesome ^,^