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  1. I know this is a Fandom, but I like Mature Roleplays because they can have Gore, Violence, Sexual Themes, etc. without feeling restricted. On to the point! This can be either FxF or MxF (I would be the male) Either way, whoever joins this is going to play a Female.

    I have a slight plot for this idea though...maybe two.

    The Rebellion - The genophage for the Krogan's has been cured and now they are breeding like rabbits. It has been 200 years since the Genophage has been cured, the Reapers gone forever. The races advancing even more...but the Krogan. Their race isn't dying anymore and the thirst for blood has increased a hundred fold. They are no longer content with being separate clans and fighting one another, or being mercenaries.

    They have formed the Krogan Empire and have Rebelled against the Salarians, Turians, Humans, Asari, and every other race. Their is the 'Alliance & Council' versus the 'Krogan Empire' with the help of the Mercenaries, Vorcha, any race that is as blood thirsty as the Krogan.

    A Spectre (Male or Female, MC) has heard recent reports of Krogan attacks. No one knows about the Rebellion yet, or the formation of the Empire. The Krogan's are still split up, but striking at once, throwing the armies off. The Spectre has to find out what is going with the Krogan, only to find out they have rebelled and unite the Races once more to fight a race that wants to commit Genocide.

    Betrayal - Two Spectres (MC would be Male or Female) Would be on a mission, etc. The mission went well, until they were both framed for something they didn't do. Now they are rogue and trying to prove their innocence. Who would do such a thing? The two Spectres became Spectres at the same time, they are actually friends (Or lovers, depends).

    New Council - A Rebellious group of Turians, Humans, Krogans, Salarians and Asari have made their own 'Citadel' with there own council and Spectres. The problem is, this New Council is becoming more powerful than the Old One. The New Council has there own Spectres, but these new Spectres are not above the law. People rejoice as new laws, better laws, better prices, etc. are allowed. It seems like Paradise, the Old slowly losing their army without a war while the New gains their army.

    In this one, I don't know what MC and YC should be.

    Space Pirates - This one will involve a Space Pirate (Could be MC or YC) and they are on the run from the Military. (MC or YC) will be the commander of the small task force sent to capture the Pirate and bring them in for justice, but what happens when the Pursuer is convinced to go rogue and be a pirate?

    Never Give Up - The Council and the races failed to defeat the Reapers, but they built a machine that can help cloak colonies that still survive. The 'New Council' refuses to surrender to the Reapers and hope that they may find a key to save the Galaxy before it is too late. The Citadel was taken, Homeworlds destroyed, now all that is left is Rogues, Scavengers, What is left of the Races Navy and Hope.

    If anyone has a Mass Effect idea, just tell me o.o
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  2. Added two more plots..o.o
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