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  1. Citadel Launch Bay E42 was incredibly drab, but the ship locked to the magnetic supports was not. Brand new, with barely a scratch on her, was the SSV Normandy. Bleeding edge and beautiful, the Normandy was a ship any Commander would kill for.

    But she was his.

    Only Shepard's self-control kept him from bursting out into a song of thank yous to his CO, Anderson.

    "Thank you, sir. I'll make you proud."

    "I know you will, Commander. I'm afraid the Council is not so certain, but if you can make it through the hoops of their training... Good luck, Shepard."

    The Commander nodded and turned, ready to meet his new crew.

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  2. "The Russian" stood behind Shepard, and just by looking at his face told the Russian what he needed to know about this; he was excited as hell. He just watched everything with the air of professional calm, already concerned at the childishness of his temporary Commander's response. Anyone in the USSR that looked that happy would be sentenced to cleaning the toilets for a year, just to give them something to stop grinning about, even though Shepard tried not to show it.

    But he just stood, and waited. He was a soldier, and knew to respect his commanding officer, and speak when spoken to.

    OOC: That seems very non-Shepard-ish, by my perspective, but maybe I just didn't know the in-game character that well. *shrug*
  3. It was with a heavy heart that Arcturia had said goodbye to her few crew on board her own ship. So she was to oversee some Human spectre prospect? When Saren was completely AWOL and the whole galaxy felt on edge? She had better things to do. But apparent the Council disagreed and she wasnt going to rebel just for something like this. She didn't have anything against humans as a rule, but they were young, babies in a big world. She worried about her big they were going to grow for their boots.

    Arriving at the docks and taking a look at the new ship, the Normandy certainly looked a pretty sight. She would make her mind up about it until she went through her first batarian pirate space battle. Then Arcturia would know just what the hunk of metal could do. Unfortunately she held a similar opinion of the Human. Shepard was it? Human names were difficult to remember. Striding over to him as his C.O left him with his new command, she said nothing as he bounced like some Varren puppy and rushed up into his new command. She sighed heavily. Somehow she had a bad feeling about all of this.

    At the very least his Soldier seemed competant, he had a bit of a soft face but his look was hard enough and he wore the uniform like he belonged. He seemed a generally trustworthy sort. Now just to make sure the Commander wasn't going to mess everything up.

    "Commander Shepard?" She barked with a fierce cold voice, not really asking a question. "Spectre Arcturia Kryik, I'm here to oversee your Spectre trials." She didnt offer her hand to shake, but then again she never let herself weaken her position in front of an unknown.
  4. Kara'Kwinn, the first biotic in the Quarian military, was going to spend her time training with the human Captain Shepard. His official title was Commander, but having been made CO of the Normandy, he was now a Captain in her eyes. Of course, she'd been enlisted with him as part of her training. It was a request sent to the Normandy through the Quarian rescued by Shepard. Anderson was alright with it, but Kara'Kwinn wasn't so sure.
    Shepard was a human in the running to become a Council Spectre, and KK wanted nothing to do with it. Still, she was on orders. Any Quarian worth their snuff followed orders. However, because she wasn't too happy about her orders, she hung back for awhile. No reason to get involved yet. She'll let him come to her.
  5. Draco rummaged through the Medbay's inventory for specific items, putting them in their proper and easily accessible places before taking a break from his work on one of the beds in the back room.

    Today, the ship was being given a new Commander, a man of great renown, yet still full of mystery.
    Despite the loose peace between the Humans and the Citadel Races, the Commander was being tested by the Council to see if he'd be a good candidate as a Human Spectre, a candidacy the Asari had been trying to push for Draco for some time, yet he always refused to go before the Council, stating he'd rather have a life back on Thessia than be a higher paid Council merc with no boundaries, yet, despite that, the Asari people already consider him an unoffical Spectre working for their people and their cause.

    Sighing as everyone began moving towards the airlock to greet the new CO, Draco got to his feet and began working on one of his more recent projects, an advanced medigel utilizing Krogan regenerative capabilities using DNA extracted from his blood, yet the simulations still showed unwarranted results.
    Smiling as he saw how hilarious the simulated man looked when the medigel was applied, he shook his head and spoke to himself, being the only one in the small, sealed room.
    "You'd think that if you had a bonding agent for Krogan and Human DNA, it'd be Asari, but, even though it worked for me, I can't get it to mix into the gel.
    Oh, well, I guess I'll do inventory, since I'm done organizing everything, though, I don't think I had to label it all."

    He walked around the room, scanning the crates and bins with the Omni-Tools built into his gauntlets, looking over the data of each before making notes of what they were low on so that they could restock what they needed before leaving.
    After he was done with this, and the orders were being shipped to the Normandy, he removed his gauntlets and sat in the chair in the middle of the storage room, holding up his arms and looking over them, smirking at how blue they had become.

    "I'm glad that I didn't have to change my name when I signed up, because it's all I have left of my parents after all these years.
    It's kind of like how you're always with me, Alana, only you're still back home on Thessia with Luca and Marina.
    I just hope beyond hope that Ariana's alright out there in space."

    Thinking about his family brought on great feelings of longing in his heart, to which he opened a heavily encrypted file in his left Omni-Tool, a hologram of his family before their oldest left, smiling as he closed the file and replaced his gauntlets, getting to his feet to begin his daily training.

    He knew that, eventually, someone would notice him missing, but he didn't care, he was doing what he was so he'd be better prepared to save lives, so he saw no wrong in it, no matter what protocol dictated.
    Following every order given him, that wasn't his life anymore, and no matter how long he'd have to play an officer, he wasn't going to change back into who he was ever again.
    He'd promised Alana on that point, and a promise to her was as much a part of him as her blood that ran in his veins.

    After his five minutes were up, he decided to check and see if he had missed anything, so, despite feeling weak, he began moving things around in the storage room, stacking crates and things in the places where they were grouped by type and then alphabetically within each type, allowing for easier access to specific resources, before he slumped into the chair and began taking a nap to rest his worn out body, deciding to greet Shephard when he awakened.
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  6. Far off from the primary object of interest, the SSV Normandy and its new found crew, sat another. Another that awaits them come just the right time; About five or so mass relays away, just beyond the glorious 'other' mass relay eminating the unorthodox red color rather than that of the normal, more familiar blue relays, sat a wide spread belt. A belt of rock and stone, metal and element, station and asteroids. An asteroid field that circulated the powerful star named for the very system it laid in, Sahrabarik. This system, within the Omega Nebula, hidden from the blackened void of space by the massive rock field, there was an enormous structure floating along, a large red 'Mass Effect' field pushing away any unwanted asteroids or debris to collide into it. This structure was that of a cleanly halfened circular asteroid with a well built station of metal and technology of every kind. The way it was made in design gave the location the odd yet intriguing appearance of a jellyfish silhouette. This place, home to many varying types of races and species unwelcomed and welcomed by citadel space; spacers, pirates, criminals, smugglers, outcasts, and even some innocents living here on this rock that was once used primarily for mining out the resource known as 'Element Zero' giving this place the name as the nebula's name...

    Omega, the exact opposite and Terminus side Station of the Citadel. It is here that even the brightest light becomes shrouded in pitch blackness and evil deeds. Alcohol, drugs, violence, sex, greed... this location in the deepest recesses of the galaxy lies these many things and traits. All of which are plentiful deep in the very heart of the station, in a nightclub of hard blasting sounds in music. Angle by angle there are women, female life forms abusing the very gift that their bodies have in severely seductive ways. Powerful and vivid lights flash and shift and turn here and there to add more 'intense' attraction to the unflinching actions of addicts of every sort and every origin. Alcoholics stuck with their faces on the bars, junkies relaxing themselves in seats with women blanketing their permitting bodies while their nostrels are colored a heavy tint of red. Red sand is the most abused substance within these darkest corners of the Terminus Systems. Giving unbiotics the potential of minor telekinetic ability but also overwhelming their eyes with a more elemental vision of red tint in their very eyes. The movements of the female asari, humans, etc. twisting and turning the curves of their flawless attractiveness. This club centering the districts of Omega was called, 'Afterlife' the biggest most notorious club of crime and sin in all of Omega and perhaps more than half the entire Milky Way.

    Sitting utop of the balcony, just above Afterlife stood a gorgeous blue woman decorated in appropriate and more comfortable clothing for the very rank she represents. Aria T'Loak, the Asari ruler of Omega and Afterlife. She holds more power and reign over everything here as is her right from a history long since nearly forgotten. Her attitude, her heart, her mind is only so pure yet just as corrupted as the very station itself. Her essense gives the name Omega exactly what it deserves. However, Aria has to admit, that in recent galactic standard years, her position has been being threatened by countless known and unknown groups, companies, and organizations that have greatly desired Omega for themselves. Several of them are residential cults settled on the very station, and not giving them a single moment to plan out their ideas of going against her, Aria has assigned a pair of well known unofficial agents who willingly gave themselves under her full command; in exchange for a hefty profit, shelter, and a hidden noteriety of course.

    These two deliverers of Aria's strength were, in rumor, an Asari of word and a Drell of death. Answering directly to Aria, they hunt down all who openly or secretively (But uncovered) oppose Aria's rule. On this day however, a day of darkness and subtle movements, within the Gozu district down in the lower levels of the structure was a meeting. A meeting in a sealed away area untouched and unseen by the Blue Sun mercenary group that oversaw the district as the law there. Here, it was far away from lifting ears, prying eyes, and sniffing noses to discuss and organize a deep, dark secret smuggling operation. A group of three individuals were sitting around in the middle of the vacant room. All of them were sporting armor suits of yellow and black with an impressively designed insignia appearing as an eclipse over a burning sun. That signature symbol identified them as members of the mercenary company, Eclipse... a company who, in Omega, hold 20% of it's smuggling and drug deals. The group consisted of a salarian, an asari, and a human. They were no doubt waiting for someone. Perhaps the client that ordered for the containers of red sand tucked away in the shuttle in the back.

    Not a moment after the expected time of meeting did the Eclipse group take note of a couple walking into the area and stopping just a few yards away. One was an asari, beautiful as any but no doubt deadlier than the next. Her friend, from the appearance looked to be a human with the armored onyx suit and helmet over his head. The black and dark gray color contrast of the armor making him out to be a mysterious entity to appear within the view of these mercenaries. The Asari stepped only two feet ahead of the Onyx armored man and nodded as though to gesture to them.

    The human stood to his feet seeing them and spoke, "What is the contents of your visit?"

    "No contents at all only observing said contents." The asari spoke out to him. Obviously a play on words to identify each other as buyer and seller, "You have my merchandise?"

    "We do... it's in the back." The human replied.

    Nodding her head at the unnamed man beside her, the asari gave him the go ahead to step forward to retreive the goods. The man did as she gestured coming up halfway before the Human Eclipse mercenary held up his hand in response to make him stop, "Is there something wrong?"

    "Just hold on... Show us your payment and the sand is all yours."

    The man turned his head to glance back at the buyer and she responded acceptingly, "Give him the credits..." And with that, he did handing the human a pack.

    He looked down at it, "Let me just count it and-" the human was stopped when he realised what was in his hands. It was no credit transfer device, no container of some value within, it was a portable hologram projector uninstalled from an omni-tool. When the hologram opened up, the man in Onyx armor was in the middle of unhooking and taking off his helmet. The hologram feature Aria, a message recorded by her for delivering a message. She didn't say anything only grinned knowing that just from the sight of her face showing up on the device, the seller would be caught off guard and completely surprised. With a shocked look on his face, the human turned his attention up to the man to see just in time, the helmet removed and dropped to the ground. Where the neck is bordered by the suit upward to the pale green reptilian skin, the man exposed his identity as the Drell working for Aria... Syth Corvin, "FUCK!" the human had only enough time to react in surprise before he received an overcrippling biotic kick to the chin forcing his neck to snap in three locations. The familiar biotic blue essence hovering around the drell's body. Before anything could come from the salarian or asari, Syth stomped his foot to the ground hard and an orbing singularity that burst around them and caused them to lift into the air unwillingly and caused them to be unable to move just floating in the radius of the singularity. With a pull of his pistol, Syth aimed right at the Eclipse Asari Commando and with one shot, killed her inbetween the eyes. He however left the Salarian alive with his associate asari, his old Mentor and now his partner, Shak'yra.

    Stepping forward, Shak'yra crossed her arms looking at the salarian floating upside down and spoke, "Where is Garlim Baukeese?" She said in a demanding statement at the living Eclipse member. Syth remaining silent just glaring at him.
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  7. IC: And the good mood was gone. A Council representative, particularly a Spectre, still put his guard up. Still, Nihlus had vouched for her...

    Shepard turned to the turian, eyes looking her over a single time and refocusing on her face, the glance making special note of her weapons and their capabilities.

    "It's a pleasure, Spectre Kryik. Your brother speaks often of you."

    No reason to not be polite, particularly when she still had the right to shoot, no questions asked.

    IC/NPC: A few shots rang past Shak'rya and Syth, impacting the walls behind them as angry yelling reached their ears.

    Evidently, a lookout for the drug deal was still ali-

    One extremely noisy bang later and the human merc running toward the pair literally exploded, the sound of a shotgun reloading clicking in the deafening silence after.

    Erif'Spur scratched the back of his helmet with his free hand as he walked up to the trio, Scimitar held loosely in his left.

    "Oh, that's no fun. You guys are too good at this."
  8. The Spectre cocked her eyebrow crest at him in interest and grinned with a fierce pleasure. Mentioning her brother was and automatic way to get on her good side and she did finally shake his hand. She supposed he wasn't all that terrible. "I imagine he did, he said the same about you, which makes me inclined to like you a little more than I would normally. In any case, we should get underway, we've got a ways to go yet. Remember I am not here to tell you what to do, merely observe what you are doing, clear?" She gave a brief nod before striding onto the Normandy. She took a while to inspect the ship, greet the crew, check the cargo. At one point she found another of the squadmates asleep in a chair near the hold. She'd rolled her eyes and stopped herself from admonishing the man, this wasnt HER command, she really did have to remember.
  9. The pair was more focused on the single salarian hovering near them when the lookout decided to charge in after them. Gun blasting several rounds, the human came rushing forward in a frenzied yelp of aggression. His feet guiding his straight lined bull rush toward the asari and drell.

    With the shots skimming passed Shak'yra and Syth, the partners readied themselves. Shak'yra backed away a tad while Syth was just aiming his pistol up at him in a straight standing posture as though not even intimidated by the person. Though he was obviously strong and a worthy fighter, his actions and the manner of his attack is sloppy, undefined, weak, which no doubt makes the Drell even more less threatened than before. With his finger on the trigger, he just had the idea of the shot relieving them for the time being when they suddenly fell witness to an explosion on the human. Something happened but it certainly got to Syth when his ears directed him to the pumped shotgun.

    Gazing at the quarian, Syth holstered his weapon identifying him as a friendly. Shak'yra answered the quarian's bump in statement, "forgive us for getting the job done no matter what the cost or difficulty it had... we are swift and work fast. I apologize if you took your precious time getting here, Erif'spur..." Shak'yra said revealing that she knew of the quarian mercenary.

    Syth, having not spoken a word yet still retained such and glanced over at Shak'yra who nodded, "yes Syth, I know that you don't like crowds and company but he is here to aid us in the investigation of the Eclipse company and to find out about the secret group opposing Aria. We need to find Garlim, so I don't want to hear about how you'd prefer to be with me and only me on a mission. We need a little diversity and teamwork for this mission." She exolained and the drell with a soft stare nodded to agree with her.

    "We had best get to it... did you find anything on Garlim?" Shak'yra asked looking back at Erif'spur.
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  10. IC: "Joking, joking," Erif said, his hands going up in an impression of surrender.

    "I was supposed to be a distraction for you two, I haven't investigated these fools that much."

    IC: Shepard turned to the other members of his team, especially to the quarian soldier. He held out his hand. The Russian gentleman had served on the Normandy before.

    "You're Kara'Kwinn, I'm assuming?"
  11. And so he did. Nobody saw it, but KK smiled and took Shepard's hand. "That's me. Experimental biotic Kara'Kwinn vas Cabalan at your service. Use a nickname if you want, but you better stick with what you call me, alright, Cap?" And that was the nickname she assigned to him. Cap, short for Captain, showed his rank in the eyes of the Quarian race. She was quite frank with how she preferred to be addressed. The last thing she wanted was to go on an irrational rampage towards her commanding officer for something as simple as a change of nickname. She felt Shep suited him as well, but she didn't feel close enough to him for it. She sort of trapped herself from the best nicknames that way.
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