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  1. Mass Effect: Division

    Many thousands of years ago an old culture struggled against an ancient enemy.

    They were the Protheans. Their adversaries were the Reapers. The Reapers were a machine race that “harvested” advanced races and stored the races in the form of a Reaper every 50 thousand years. The Old Machines were all the harder to defeat because of Indoctrination, an insidious process that makes the victim serve the Reapers. Indoctrinated agents sabotaged many Prothean attempts at survival, including one to plant 1 million Prothean warriors to survive the primary invasion.

    Just when the Protheans thought all was lost, they completed a device. One that dated back to the first civilization harvested by the Reapers.

    The Protheans realized that the Catalyst,the last part they needed, was the Citadel, a space station the Reapers had built as part of their trap and the former seat of the Prothean government. The Protheans gathered their remaining strength and made a final push to the Citadel. They attached the Crucible, as they had dubbed the device, to the Citadel. It fired, but was too damaged to, or it never could, tell friend from foe. The Reapers were wiped out, but at a great cost.

    Civilization was lost once more.

    3 thousand years ago, the Asari discovered the Citadel. The Salarians, an amphibious race, soon followed. The Council was formed by these two species. Many races joined the Council as they discovered the Citadel. The honor of making the Council's decisions was left to the Asari and Salarians, but the others could propose ideas and ask for the council's help. This system lasted for many years, eventually giving the avian Turians a seat to serve as the primary military.

    But peace was not to last.

    The quarians, a race based on Rannoch, built an AI race named the geth to serve them. Eventually the geth achieved sentience, the quarians panicked and tried to shut the robots down. The geth fought back, trying to survive against their creators. The quarians asked the Council to help.

    No help came.

    Instead, the Council stripped the quarians of their embassy. The “lesser races” (non-Council seat species) began to grow restless.

    In 2157 a new race leapt on the scene with a bang. The turians discovered them trying to activate a dormant Mass Relay, which was forbidden under Council law. The humans (as this race was called) fought hard, surprising everyone with their military power. The Council stepped in to negotiate a peace treaty, but was startled when 3 different leaders showed up. The humans were more fractured than any race the Council had ever met. When the Council saw the armada the humans had brought with them, however, they decided it was probably best they were fractured.

    Over the next decade, the Council did its best to make the humans divided.

    Secrets have a way of getting out. A quarian hacker accidentally stumbled across plans to divide human species, and was barely rescued by a human named Commander Shepard. When this discovery leaked, the lesser races had enough of the Council and its manipulating.

    The humans swore off the Council, and a barely kept peace exists between the Council, humans, and the ISA, as the rebel races call themselves. Further complicating this is the final faction, the Krogan and Rachni, which only recently appeared.

    Welcome to ME: D

    The world of Division is one of strained peace at best. Beings fight to preserve what shaky alliances they have, ambassadors try to form new bonds while Spec Ops try to destroy their enemies.

    Who are you? A hero? A man who gets the job done, no matter the cost? Or someone just out to survive?

    The SSV Normandy

    A stealth vessel built by a human-turian joint effort immediately before the interspecies wars, the Normandy is an exceedingly well-armed frigate level ship. Piloted by Jeff “Joker” Moreau and captained by Commander Shepard himself, this ship is where your first character should be. Currently, the frigate is gathering men, women and jellyfish from all factions to investigate Omega-3.


    There are 4 major factions, with 3 subfactions under human. Of course, you don't have to side with the faction your character's race is listed under, or even with a faction at all. Just note that most factions don't like members of enemy species.

    InterSpecies Alliance (ISA)

    The ISA was formed by its constituent races after their rebellion against the Council. Their government

    is one not unlike the USA's senate, with each race sending a delegation to their meetings. Said meetings take place on the recently built space station Unity. The ISA has the biggest conglomerate fleet, but this is trumped by how many are quarian liveships.

    Major constituent races:


    Homeworld: Rannoch, though few living quarians have ever set foot there. A synthetic race, the Geth, drove them off and promptly entrenched. Few Geth have been seen since. Instead, most quarians are nomads, living on the Migrant Fleet.

    The Volus

    Homeworld: Irune. An inhospitable place, with an ammonia atmosphere and high gravity. Only volus can live here comfortably.

    The Hanar

    Homeworld: Kahje

    The Drell

    Homeworld: The Drell live on the Hanar homeworld.


    Homeworld: Dekuuna

    The Humans

    The humans consist of a rapidly strengthening political alliance between the democratic US, the communist USSR, and the socialist EU. Each sends their leader to a triumvirate. Most meetings end in yelling, but war is not forthcoming. Ironically, the Council's attempts to drive the human leadership apart seems to have all but united them permanently. Despite all likelihood of the endeavor failing, this race is currently up for Spectre review... Mostly the result of Council machinations.

    The Council

    The Council is three members, one of each race, elected by their people.


    Homeworld: Thessia.


    Homeworld: Sur'Kesh


    Homeworld: Palaven

    The Kroni

    The krogan are governed by clan leaders, while the Rachni are a hive mind dominated by their queens. How exactly they are cooperating is unknown. Please note that the Rachni wars never happened without Reaper indoctrination.


    Homeworld: Tuchanka. A massive dust ball, devastated by nuclear bombs.


    Homeworld: Suen

    Profile rules

    Post your profile in the discussion topic and wait for staff approval before posting as that character. Alternatively you can send your profile to a staffer by PM. Staff need another staffer's approval for characters. See the power list for rules about biotics and the like. The character limit is currently seven, one Normandy character allowed. Dead characters do not count toward your limit, the bounds are here to prevent character neglect. You should probably start with your Normandy char, though whether you want him/her to be recruited in-game or already be crew is up to you.

    Name: An actual name, please. No usernames. Ideally one fitting with that species' name type.

    Species: Any sentient, non-extinct species from the Mass Effect universe is allowed, but you are encouraged to use one of those listed in the faction section above. No Thresher Maws. Mass Effect 3 DLC spoilers:
    Show Spoiler
    Leviathans may be allowed eventually, but not now.

    Age: Self explanatory. Just keep in mind that some races, like krogan and asari, live to be at least a thousand, while Salarians only live to be 40.

    Gender: Male, Female, Indeterminate.

    Faction: List is up there.

    Class: There are six classes to chose from for biotic, tech, and combat characters. Ambassadors and the like probably won't have implants, but if you want abilities you need to pick a class.

    Abilities: Rules on abilities are in the ability section.

    Weapons and armor: Self-explanatory. Keep in mind the weight limit.

    Skills: What your character is good at.

    Personality (optional): How your character acts.

    Appearance: What your character looks like.

    Ship specifications: Is your ship fast? Slow? Heavily armed? Say it here.

    Bio: Your character's history. How they got where they are, their childhood, etc.

    Blank profile:







    Weapons and armor:


    Personality (optional):


    Ship specifications (if applicable):



    The Codex and all of its information is open to us. Refer to it for planet atmosphere, geography and the like. The Codex:

    Travel by Mass Effect relays is nearly instant, FTL travel inside a cluster takes about 12 hours to get from one side to the other. When using relays, please be nice enough to say in OOC that you're going to another cluster.

    Arguably the most important cluster is the Serpentine Nebula, home of the Citadel and the Council. Even after the rebellion the Citadel is an important place, being as it is in the center of the relay network. There's a major nightclub, marketplace, and living spaces.

    Omega is the other major space station, on the far side of the galaxy. Unlike the Citadel, Omega is home to the more unsavory parts of galactic culture. Mercenaries, gangs, and all around crooks are headquartered on Omega. Presiding over all of this is Aria T'Loak, the Asari in charge of Omega's operations. Another major feature of this system is the Omega-3 Relay. Many ships have gone through the relay, none have returned.

    Class Rules
    All classes may choose six abilities. For classes that draw abilities from two pools (Infiltrator, Sentinel, Vanguard) at least two of the six abilities must be of one type, with four of the other, or a three/three split; i.e. a Sentinel with Tech Armor, Snap Freeze, Flamer, Arc Grenade, Pull and Throw, or a Vanguard with Carnage, Adrenaline Rush, Fortification, Singularity, Warp Ammo and Shockwave.
    It should be noted that the only species that has a significant number of biotics are the asari, as all asari are born with them and training in them is part of their basic education. Among other species they are quite rare, being practically nonexistent among the quarians (and literally nonexistent among the synthetic geth). Keep this in mind when creating characters.


    Weight Limits
    Soldier (Combat): 12
    Adept (Biotic): 6
    Engineer (Tech: 6)
    Infiltrator (Tech/Combat): 8
    Sentinel (Biotic/Tech: 8)
    Vanguard (Combat/Biotic): 8

    Weapon Weights
    SMG: 1
    Heavy Pistol: 2
    Shotgun: 3
    Assault Rifle: 3
    Sniper Rifle: 4

    Tech Abilities
    Combat Drone
    Cryo Blast
    Defense Drone
    Defense Matrix
    Electric Slash
    Energy Drain
    Geth Turret
    Homing Grenade
    Hunter Mode
    Sabotage - only able to hack VIs/mechs, plus the weapon overheat function
    Sentry Turret
    Snap Freeze
    Submission Net
    Supply Pylon
    Tactical Cloak
    Tactical Scan
    Tech Armor

    Biotic Abilities
    Annihilation Field
    Biotic Slash
    Biotic Sphere

    Dark Channel
    Phase Disruptor
    Warp Ammo

    Combat Abilities
    Adrenaline Rush
    Armor-Piercing Ammo
    Ballistic Blades
    Blade Armor
    Concussive Shot
    Cryo Ammo
    Disruptor Ammo
    Incendiary Ammo


    1. All BZP rules apply.

    2. Listen to the staff.

    3. Your posts should go something like this, with IC for “in character” and OOC for “out of character”:

    IC: Garrus smashed a pod with the butt of his rifle, grimacing as the fluid hit his shields. “Scratch one!”

    OOC: The rest of the Normandy crew is welcome to join in.

    4. Arguments/debates may go on for 5 posts in the main thread. After that, take it to PM or the discussion topic.

    5. No godmodding. Dodging unavoidable attacks, ignoring injuries, etc.

    6. This fits under godmodding: No metagaming. Knowing things your character didn't learn, magically crashing another player's party without a good IC reason.

    7. Put “The Harbinger” in your profile to prove you read this.

    8. Don't kill another player's character without permission from him/her. Make sure to write that you have permission in the post where you kill the character.

    9. IN THE EVENT THAT DEATH SEEMS UNAVOIDABLE: Your character may be killed to avoid breaking rule 5. Only staff can do this. This isn't a punishment, just realism. If you have a good way to get out of it after your character is dead, please PM Archangel or another staffer.

    10. Canon characters are not allowed without having permission from the GM first.

    11. NPC autohitting is permitted as long as you play realistically. If you charge a group of krogan mercenaries with nothing but a machete and you're winning, that's breaking the rules.

    12. No destroying relays without explicit staff permission from the GM. That is the ultimate case of NPC bashing, and they're nigh indestructible anyway. Trying isn't against the rules, but you'll be chased across the galaxy by literally every faction.

    13. No bunnying. That means taking control of another person's character without permission.

    14. Double posting... Nah.

    15. Have fun!


    1. Warning.

    2. Serious injury that can't be fully healed by Medigel, and requires the character's own body heal.

    3. Character death, and no, Cerberus will not be saving you.

    4. 1 week ban.

    5. All characters die.

    6. Permanent ban.


    Level 1: Character limit raised by 1 or power limit raised for one character with a power to fill it, custom or normal.

    Level 2: A frigate level ship and/or a promotion if you're a member of a faction.

    Level 3: Staff position and a character invited to be on the Normandy.

    Current Staff


    All staff can approve characters.

    BOLDED FOR EXTRA IMPORTANCE: I am not trying to draw away from Project Seraph. It's excellent and y'all should check it out.

    This game just died young and I need closure.

    (kudos to reference getters)
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  2. I feel like you should know I have so many roleplays right now and I am about to go into Final exams for my Uni course and I really really shouldnt make a character

    But I also need closure and its giving me alot of pain

    I may very well make a character *cries*
  3. Don't worry, I'm an extremely low pressure GM. It'll be awesome to have you ^^
  4. Is it possible to be a Spectre?
  5. Ooooooh... See I didn't think of that... I reckon so, as long as your character's history and attitude reflect that.

    And @Everyone Else: Please don't all make Spectres please >_<
  6. ^_^' yeah I was thinking that'd be a problem

    Could I suggest making a certain number of character slots for Spectres (and then reserving one for me ;D )
  7. That's actually a good idea.

    I'll add this later, but about three Spectres to start out with? You already called one so don't worry.
  8. Sounds grand to me! And thanks very much ^_^
  9. No problemo ^^

    Don't forget to advertise, I'd like to have more than two people XD
  10. Why dont ya make an Ad banner? That usually helps

    And I'm afraid amongst the people I know I'm the only one who appreciates Mass Effect ;n;

    I'll try and see if I can find a few more people elsewhere
  11. I submitted a banner yay

    I already put a positively gripping ad in the RP chat forum, and started bugging people via PM...

    We'll see how this goes.
  12. Hooray! I'll try and get my CS up soon

  13. [​IMG]


    Name: Arcturia Kryik

    Species: Turian

    Age: 42

    Gender: Female

    Faction: Alliance

    Class: Spectre Vanguard


    Armor-Piercing Ammo
    Disruptor Ammo

    Weapons and armor
    Sniper Rifle
    Heavy Pistol
    Medium Crisis/Hazard Armor

    Arcturia is a master at harsh guerrilla warfare, she can throw herself into a tough situation and survive and succeed with just her agility, cunning and experience to guide her. She is one of the top hand-to-hand combat specialists in the Turian fleet and a dead eye for Sniping. She has experience and skill at leading a Squad, having had a brief and successful stint as a Kabalim, but she prefers to work alone or with a small crew of one or two proved and trusted friends. She gets the job done without a fuss over morality or a crisis of conscience.

    Ship specifications
    Arcturia Captains a small Turian Frigate with just above a skeleton crew on board. it gets her places fast and quiet while also being able to hold its own in any firefight space battle they might land themselves in. It has both Ablative Coating and heavy Kinetic Shields to deal with whatever fire they might come under and a recently fitted Thanix Cannon to prepare for those few times they might need to fire back. On board, Arcturia has her own battle-ready shuttle that she uses for missions. She has her own pilot but she could fly it herself in a pinch.




    Arcturia doesnt do backing down or giving up. She deals with the problem at hand and while she may grumble and mutter about the situation she'll do it while taking out the problem with a heavy Biotic Charge to its face or one precise Snipe to its nether regions. She'll endure anything you can think of and more. Beat her, shoot her, throw her off a cliff, but you'll never break her. She has held the record for longest resistance against torture without dying or giving up the intel for five years running and she plans to beat it if she's ever stupid enough to get captured a second time.

    If Arcturia gives you her trust and friendship then you can expect her to deliver. The problem is knowing when she has because its often hard to tell with her. She might be patting your back and suggesting names for your children one minute, then throwing you to C-Sec and grilling you for drug smuggling charges the next. The best way to know she's got your back is if you have hers (and you arent involved in anything particularly illegal). Still, even like this, it doesnt mean she'll treat you tenderly or gently. Say someone had you at gunpoint and was screaming something about shooting you if she doesnt put her gun down. She'd most likely shoot you herself somewhere mildly non-lethal, use the surprise factor to shoot your captor and then slap on some medigel and drag you back to base. To be honest it takes alot to be Arcturia's friend, but at least you know you wont die.

    Arcturia doesnt care about your children, your wife, your husband, your parents. Arcturia has no qualms with harming innocent civilians if there is no way around it. This doesnt mean she wont try and find another way, she isnt cruel or excessively callous and its in her best interests to leave a place with more friends and allies than when she came. But she has a mission and she intends to report back to the Council with a 'Mission completed' at the end of the day. She's not a renegade, she's not a Paragon, she is just the essence of practicality.

    Unwilling Leader//Strategic//Inspiring
    Arcturia wouldnt like to admit it but she's good at being a captain. She's done it before and she's probably going to have to do it again but that doesnt mean she'll like it. As a Leader she cant help but take the whole squad under her wing and think of them as entirely her responsibility. She might be ok with sacrificing some buildings, civilians or unknown military but she finds it very hard to sacrifice a squad put under her command. If she does that, it means she did something wrong, she was in control and she screwed up and it would be her fault if any of them didnt come back to their families afterwards. She deals with this heavy guilt fine, but that doesnt mean she likes it and it doesnt mean she'll seek it out. Still, her dedication to the men and women beneath her means ironically that she can quite easily make soldiers ready to die for her, ready to charge into battle guns blazing and ready to follow any order she gives even if it probably means death for them.


    Personnel Service History

    Pre-Service History

    Born in a small mercenary outpost outside Hierachy space, Arcturia and her younger brother Nihlus learned the hard way to fight for what he wanted and just how tough the outlying planets could be. Their father died when Arcturia was nineteen and Nihlus had just turned sixteen and although Arcturia herself had already chosen Military life, their mother forced Nihlus into enlisting not a day after their father was in his grave. In the years Arcturia had been at her base camp, all her rebellious attitude and fury at the system and fury at adults in general had been worked out through lots of hand-to-hand conbat training, basically she had the stuffing beaten out of her until she decided there were more important things in life than acting out. Nihlus on the other hand was not so easily persuaded.

    Arcturia had always worried about how her little brother would cope with the discipline of the Army and her concerns were well founded. They were both outsiders, Arcturia somewhat more so given her Biotic talents, and this status made life difficult for them both. Although Arcturia always ensured Nihlus was at the top of his class, his superiors and peers never truly accepted him. Arcturia had no problem with being an outcast but Nihlus had a kinder heart than she did so he always inevitably got in trouble. Arcturia graduated from boot camp a full two years before her little brother did, sent straight off to Cabal training posts without much choice. She tried hard to visit Nihlus when she could but being in a Cabal squad all of her assignments and missions were long, protracted affairs with even more protracted debriefings and shore-leave was scarce. The pair remained in contact but it was weak and strained at best.

    Combat History
    Arcturia distinguished herself in many different ways during her Cabal career. She worked in a variety of different squads and through her highly recognised skills as a recon scout, often got put on a variety of non-cabal rated assignments. However, no matter how disciplined and by the book she tried to be she was still a bolshie and combative and argumentative soldier with a respect for her higher ups that usually showed as her arguing with them more. This obviously was not something Turian Military ships tolerated and the amount of insubordination charges thrown at her were immense. Her nature continued to the crew as well, some people she would get on with, some not and she'd meet all of them in the combat ring at one point or another. She won almost all of those encounters though, except for this one mission. They were about to hit a Batarian pirate ring, very risky and very tense. She and this sniper had been at eachothers throats even though really they were both just edgy so she suggested theyboth settle it in the ring. She assumed she would knock him flat but it turned out they were the two top ranked hand-to-hand specialists on the ship. He had reach but she had flexibility and it was a hard fought draw, that turned out interestingly later.

    Her whole career was an up and down rollercoaster ride. Sometimes she was lauded for her impressive tactics and decisive victories and she would be promoted to the Kabalim, then she would take her squad, disobey orders, succeed anyway in a much better manner but the higher ups criticized her for the disobeidience and she was punished. This usually lead to her squad getting angry and rebellious on her behalf and the whole thing became a mess. There was one instance where she and Nihlus met for a cross squads high profile mission. They were both very happy to see eachother and inevitably with that much skill combined with the lack of authority, they went in together and basically seemed to complete the mission by themselves and they certainly had alot of fun doing it. After the other inevitable furious discharge from their squads they had a drink to catch up and from then on tried to remain in contact with renewed vigour, Arcturia especially feeling a strong pang of need to protect her little brother.

    After this mission Arcturia was spotted for Spectre status, her whole career portfolio lighting up as perfect Spectre material. She was monitered for a few single missions and then quickly offered a spot in the special forces, one which she accepted gladly and quickly, her trust and faith and loyalty to the Alliance being instantly forged.

    Spectre History (Classified)
    Arcturia immediately excelled at Spectre work and her missions became more and more taxing as the Council recognised that they could throw her into whatever god-awful situation and trust her to clear it up with the fewest avoidable casualties and the best outcome. She didnt resent this type of work, hell she loved it, she finally felt challenged and the other Spectres she met actually trusted and liked her. Which was a new experience. Saren in particular she found she got along with very well, though inevitably they disagreed on many things. But Saren was one of her special loyalty comrades, she trusted him and was therefore loyal to him through anything and they both enjoyed a long standing romantic relationship.

    It was for these reasons that she pushed Saren towards her little brother, knowing that her biased opinion would not hold much sway with the council, but a warhero like Saren would be able to get Nihlus the attention and training he needed. Happily for Arcturia, not only did Saren help her little brother, he mentored him himself and agreed heartily with her that Nihlus could become a fine Spectre and a great asset to the Council. It was only after Nihlus achieved Spectre status that Arcturia could in fact tell him she was a Spectre herself and explain her relationship with Saren, all of which made the small little family exceedingly happy. They all moved forward with determination and skill and they became renowned amongst Spectres.

    When Arcturia was captured by a Batarian and Vorcha highly trained infiltration squad designed to find weaknesses in the Council to exploit and attack, she was reluctantly leading a trapped Squad of Asari Soldiers out of some testing heavy fire. She essentially sacrificed herself for the sake of her Squad and was taken hostage on a silent blacked out crusier on the edge of Batarian Space as far away from Council controlled space as its possible to get. The Council abandoned her for dead and to be honest she didn't blame them, she was gone a whole two weeks before anyone even knew where she had been in the first place. But Saren and Nihlus didn't give up on her. She was tortured in captivity for five months and moved from place to place all over Merc territory before Nihlus picked up a tip of who was holding her and he and Saren went completely Dark, took a ship and warped off to find her. She was rescued just a week later, the pair of Spectres storming the ship and ripping it apart in their search.

    They returned to the Citadel a week after that, having kept Arcturia in a private medical station in order to have her healed and fit for the questioning she was bound to receive when she got back. After some intense interviews and tests and various methods to define the truth, it was assured that Arcturia had given away nothing to the Batarians and had in fact fed them false information that was probably going to get them captured. Her status was pretty solidified after that, along with her trust in Saren and Nihlus.

    Recently however, Saren has been incredibly distant, in fact she hasnt properly spoken with him for more than six months. It has only just started to concern her and she is using some free time to look for him, Nihlus on a somewhat routine monitering mission for a new potential Spectre, the first Human Spectre perhaps, and so not available to help her. Arcturia senses something, its itching at her mandibles and she cant quite get the feeling of doom out of her head.

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  14. Can I hold reserve post for a CS? (o3o)/ I have an idea--I just need time to make one.
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  15. Sure. I rarely close RPs, but I will hold you a spot on the Normandy ^^
  16. I'd like to join, though would a geth similar to Legion be acceptable?
  17. @Verin : Yep, Geth are perfectly okay.
  18. Excellent, CS up later.
  19. I updated my CS with everything but her Bio
  20. I have a question about the Geth. In ME3, the Geth underwent an upgrade that originated withthe reapers. In addition, most of the Geth were apathetic to organics, with only the "heretics" fighting. What is your thoughts for that?
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