Mass Effect: Contingency

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  1. BackgroundIn 68,000 BCE, the Prothean race reached for the stars and took them as their own. Their empire stood for 20,000 years and spanned from one end of the galaxy to the other.

    In 48,000 BCE, the Reapers came. And the Prothean Empire came to an end.

    For millennia afterward, their creation was alternatively sullied and desecrated or praised and worshiped, often by the same races.

    Until in 2186, the last surviving Prothean, Commander Javik, was awakened to combat the Reapers once more. He, and his allies who woke him, were successful where the Empire had failed. His mission accomplished, Javik was ready to accept his new lot in life. Until someone came to him with the offer of a million lifetimes...

    In 2187, the efforts of a Cerberus remnant resulted in the rebirth of the Prothean race. In a matter of years, after using various methods of accelerating their birth rates, the Protheans united under a new leader to take back their galaxy, much to the dismay of a morally stricken Citadel Council. After decades of war between the two factions, and the secession of the Drell, Hanar, Volus, and Yahg to the reborn Prothean Empire.

    At the moment, in the year 2219 ARC (After Reaper Crisis), the Empire Reborn has established itself as a major galactic power, rivaling the Citadel Council despite being a third of its size. The Council itself has grown, solidifying its hold on the races who remain within it. The criminal organizations that populate the Terminus system have become a nation unto themselves, and sell their services to both sides. Fearing the growing strength of the Protheans, the Citadel council has established a multi-racial task force comprised of Special Tactics and Reconnaissance operatives to sabotage, or potentially terminate, the reign of the Protheans. These seven soldiers come from a variety of backgrounds, races, homeworlds, and ex-professions, but are all loyal to the Citadel. However, many are emotionally damaged by the Prothean-Citadel War, and even some by the Reaper Crisis. Some belong to races who betrayed the Citadel, and who seek redemption for their races... and themselves.

    The fireteam will need to work past their differences and their faults in order to achieve the ultimate mission: Assassinate the Prothean Emperor, sabotage the Empire's infrastructure, and turn the Empire's client races against each other.

    Rules of the RP
    • Each member of the RP is obligated to post on the OOC. Be social, talk to each other, discuss things. Just stay active. Arguments should be friendly and civil. Harassment will not be tolerated.
    • Combat between players will be fair, and mediated by the GM. Sentence-by-sentence battles are recommended to avoid hijacking.
    • Make sure to post regularly, at a minimum of once a week.
    • Inform the GM and/or Co-GMs of any prolonged absences beforehand, or else you will be kicked. In a particularly bloody fashion. Most likely eaten by Vyrean.
    • Respect others.
    • Write posts of two paragraphs or more. Do not feel obligated to write super long posts even if others do.
    • No Mary Sues.
    • No Meta.
    • No chain-posting. A posting order will be established once each player posts initially.

    Character SheetName:
    Age & Date of Birth:
    Psychological Profile: (5 bullet points with up to 2 exposition sentences for each)
    Loadout: (up to five weapons; having all five types at once increase power recharges - choose your tools wisely)
    Operational Role: (class)
    Biography: (three paragraphs, 4-5 sentences each)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.