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  1. So we finally got to see some actual Gameplay for the game.
    People's thoughts?

    I think it looks solid, looks like they mostly dismissed the class system. In favour more of a "Build what you want" system, which should greatly help expand the combinations and tactics players use. But the Class seem to of stuck around in a "Purchase so many X category abilities and gain appropriate buffs" which still encourages people to do some kind of archetype and not abuse the system by just grabbing all the 'best' powers.

    That it seems your level if tankiness is closer to the Original Mass Effect as opposes to Mass Effect 2 or 3, so you can afford to be in the open more and be more aggressive. Not sure how I feel about that being the default, cause it can be fun to have to take cover and plan out your shots. But certain builds allowing for a more DOOM style character would certainly be great though.​
  2. I don't care about gameplay. I want to play a turian.

    Looks good.
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  3. Average Mass Effect fan: "I don't care about the gameplay. Mass Effect 3's ending was bad anyway!"

    No but seriously, I've never had the chance to get into ME, how is it? I've heard the series is great.
  4. Story Quality = Mass Effect 1 > Mass Effect 2 > Mass Effect 3
    Gameplay Quality = Mass Effect 3 > Mass Effect 2 > Mass Effect 1

    All three of them are phenomenal at story telling and character development though. They're amazing games to get into if you enjoy dialogue and making a lot of tough moral choices. From a more gameplay perspective? It's an RPG third person shooter, you can level up your combat, biotic (magic) and tech skills to use in combat, and have two companions with you at all times that you also level up as you please and can command to aid you with abilities. Mass Effect 2 simplified the Gear a bit so you weren't switching weapons and armour every 30 minutes, but introduced the concept of discovering material deposits which you can then use to research upgrades giving you power boosts, ship upgrades etc.

    The whole ME3 ending complaint though? Those were both legitimate and exaggerated at the same time.

    To explain in a nutshell, Mass Effect set up a TON of backstory and party member relations, leading fans to create countless head canon's about their perfect ending. From a design perspective alone, appeasing this audience would of been impossible, so from that perspective the ending critiques were exaggerated. But for everyone else? The issue more came in with that on release Mass Effect 3's ending was rushed and missing vital scenes. I won't detail what specifically to avoid spoilers, but it made almost no sense. However, not long after release Bioware (the company behind Mass Effect) released a free DLC called "Mass Effect Extended Cut" which added enough additional scenes, options and closure to the ending that it was for the most part satisfying. The head canon fanboys/girls were still angry, but there was no pleasing them anyways so... :P

    But yea, even with the original ending? It's 90-100 hours (if you care for side quests) of epicness regardless, with a lackluster ending. With the free DLC ending (and it's free, so no reason not to get it) it's 90-100 hours of epicness with a mostly satisfying ending.
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