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  1. So, I'm really into ME3's multiplayer. Even though it's just horde mode, the classes and diversity of powers make it a lot of fun, and it's reasonably well designed for a horde mode. However, the only person I know who also has the game hasn't had a PC for almost six months now (he's only been on a phone) so I've been forced to just solo with my krogan vanguard through bronze waves (I'm moderately terrible and can't reliably solo silver even with the krogan) on Firebase Condor endlessly. As fun as the Battlemaster is to play, only using it does get a little dull after a while.

    So anyone else here have the game and the willingness to play with me? If so, hit me up on skype and origin. My name is vansalon on both. I would have changed it on origin except origin is stupid and requires a security question I forgot months ago to change even display name.

    Oh, and this can be a general discussion for ME3's multiplayer too. But mostly it's just me begging.
  2. Like me I'm betting most people who have ME3 have it on the console.
  3. Didn't touch ME3 for reasons.

    Still wondering how an RPG turned into a TPS with Multiplayer. Heard that was one of the redeeming qualities at least.
  4. Mass Effect had been more third person shooter than RPG since Mass Effect 2, really. I don't particularly mind, as a big fan of both genres.

    And as "redeeming qualities" go, Mass Effect 3, if you're fine taking it as a third person shooter with RPG elements instead of an RPG where you happen to shoot guns, has excellent gameplay, easily the best of the trilogy. It's just that one of the lead writers, Drew Karpyshyn, left after Mass Effect 2 and the others they hired weren't nearly as good, resulting in the ending catastrophe and many glaring flaws on the storyline like Kai Leng.
  5. Mass Effect was never that big of an RPG if one's defining RPG as "Stat builds, grinding experience" etc.

    Though the first did have a bit more than the next 2 did (Weapon & Armor Mods, Custom Implant and Omni Tool, Bigger weapon and armor variance. ability to go renegade prick to funnel every kill/experience point possible).
    But that was never the main focus on the game, it's main thing has always been third person shooting and character development.

    Where if you mean "Character choices, development, roleplaying" when you say RPG then it's never lost that focus.
  6. See those bits didn't bother me too much in regards to the genre and gameplay, though 2 really kicked the dick with thermal clips. Those were terrible.

    At least we're in agreement that the story went to shit. Everything in 2 felt like one giant side quest though. One left me craving more until twos release, then the hollow feeling, and then the abyss that was 3.

    I see it dirt cheap all the time but refuse to buy it out of principal. Also, origin.

    Maybe one day I'll bite the bullet and play it through, justify my dislike, and burn it in some terrible ceremony to keep EA away for another year.

    Can't argue if someone likes it though, only gripe there is when you want to talk about the series and they didn't even touch the first one. Such is the way of things.
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  7. Me and @Dervish could take on the Reapers alone.
  8. We should do this again. Captain Krogan wants blood.
  9. What difficulty?
  10. I prefer Cerberus as enemies go, which is an odd choice I guess because I hate phantoms and turrets with a passion. I'm just used to them. I would probably do best against geth with my vanguard, though.
  11. If I remember right, Silver.

    But I think he wanted to Gold at some point, but I just could not.
  12. Gold should be a normal by this point if you've been playing for awhile. Silver is just strong enough to not be considered child's play.

    Oddly I'm probably one of the few who has ME3 on console and PC. But Origin had a big ass sale and all three games with all DLC was only $15 USD and I just couldn't pass that up as my consoles disk reader is on the fritz.
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  13. Cerberus has it's difficulties, primarily the aforementioned turrets and phantoms being a pain in the ass. Though I find the Geth are the easiest, plain and simply because they have no unit which can insta-kill you like the other races have; that said the hardest would have to be the Reaper forces because of the brute and banshee units. They can be easy to kill, but my characters tend to be designed for closer range so the insta-kill problem can be a very major issue if I don't have somebody else ready to stun them when I charge in.
  14. Collecters are definitely the most difficult. Banshees and brutes are bad, but not as bad as these.
    Origin name?
  15. Scions are terrible. Almost forgot about them, though I usually let my team take care of those, as I'm usually not up for the task of bum rushing one unless I know I've got some serious blackup, especially on Gold.

    Origin name (case sensitive) Killjointica

    I think.

    I don't play ME3 too often on PC as I've encountered some weird glitches in the MP that I haven't seen in console which really bummed me out. But I'll see about it in the future none-the-less.
  16. I guess I'm just not hardcore enough then.
  17. Scions are the reason I never fight collectors, heh.

    Sent you a friend request.

    And what kind of glitches? I don't think I've ever seen a glitch in the multiplayer.
  18. Oh don't get me wrong.

    I've... just played it way to much.
  19. I've done two re-installs and had Origin repair the game but the same issues happen. I'll use my in game points to get a package, but I never get the damned package. On occasion I'll spawn into an open game and my weapon is not only invisible but has no ammo so I'm forced to exit the game.
  20. That's really weird. I've never had it do anything like that to me. Packages sometimes lag for ~10 seconds, but I've never seen one just not open.
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