Mass-Crossover RP, Anyone?

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  1. Alright, so let me get this out of the way first and foremost: This RP was a concept that was originally made by an RPG member named "WonderlandKey25" I'm not sure if she's here in Iwaku, but if she is, Here's to you, mate.

    As the title implies, I'm making a Mass-Crossover RP. Video games, Anime, TV, Comics, Manga, any form of media is fair play.

    The plot is similar to Dissidia, in that these heroes and villains from different forms of media have been placed in a world that just recently was devastated by an Apocalyptic catastrophe, large enough of one to shatter its dimensional barriers and forcefully vacuum in all sorts of people and things from other dimensions and universes. How and why this happened is unknown, as well as what was responsible for it in the first place.

    The Villains have established a world order of control; 5 of the most powerful and earliest-arriving villains are the essential rulers of this entire dead world. Every other villain is a ruler of the ruins of cities across the globe, that they can effectively renovate however they wish.

    The heroes, meanwhile, are summoned, gathered up, and formed into a resistance against the tyrant rulers.

    All the while, A neutral faction of heroes try to learn the history of this world, what caused it to become a desolate wasteland and how to stop this conflict without anymore conflict bringing it to ruin.


    All sides has their own pros and cons, the villain side having some more than the other.

    The Heroes lack their memory of life before entering this world, no way to return to said world, and don't have an army at their side. But they're more united, and they're very hidden from the villains' sight. In addition, they will receive a little more help from a...'benefactor' of sorts.

    The Villains are the exact opposite. They do have their memories, they do have a way to return to their own worlds, and by extension a way to summon their lackies from their world to this one. However, they are out in the open, and while their order is absolute, they may not gel very well with each other. Plus while their benefactor will show some assistance, he will not be aiding the Villains, fully expecting them to deal with their own problems.

    The 3rd faction, known as the "Stars", are generally the same as heroes, but with an extra pro and con: They are given an extra boost of Light elemental magic to their abilities, but are not to engage in any combat unless absolutely no choice is given otherwise. They also have a benefactor, and while he is the weakest of the three, he will give the most assistance of the three.

    There is, of course a no-faction neutral side, where they get none of the advantages or disadvantages of the three. However, please put into consideration that this is going to be VERY limited in amount.


    There are 3 things to consider, however:

    1. I AM accepting Original Characters as well.

    2. This RP will be Intermediate/Adept level.

    3. This might go without saying, but because of the massive Variety of characters from different media, I must stress that there WILL be limitations to what characters I will allow in this. Not a giant amount of limitations, but limitations none the less. I'll go into this in detail in the OOC, but to put it simply: I don't want characters here that are considered God-modded, regardless of whether or not they were made to be by the original owners/creators to be.


    Do I have any takers?
  2. I'll consider it.
  3. I might be interested... It depends a little on the workings of the world, villains and if what characters I want are okayed :P
  4. Joining. And I'm going to act as one of Jest's hands in this story.

    Now then, should we post a CS in this thread so people can work on them prior to the OOC?
  5. Will villain spots be up for grabs or will they be NPCs?
  6. Will be joining, obviously.

    @Rion : As far as I know, some will be up for grabs.
  7. Lovely. I got an idea for one at least.
  8. hell yes. Count me in. I can allready see some mad ideas forming in my head.
  9. I am a huge sucker for crossovers, count me in! The whole amnesia thing might be pretty interesting to write with too.
  10. Yes they are indeed up for Grabs. I wouldn't have it any other ways.

    Oh, and in that regard I should state two things:

    1. There are only 5 Villains that are at the peak of this hierarchy. 2 Spots have also already been taken. Which means 3 spots are currently opened.

    2. The rest of the villain roles are also up for grabs, each one ruling a city of their own. The City's name and general design can be however the villain ruling it likes. Just remember that at the least, a majority of those cities, while most likely being renovated by the villains, are still in ruins.

    I thank you all for bringing in your interest. I'll be getting out the OOC as soon as I possibly can.
  11. I have a idea for a villan but don't want to play him. so I'd love to BUILD one. as it were. but not PLAY one.
  12. Would I be able to reserve a villain spot then? Do you know what the two others are going with?
  13. Interesting. Well, Hit me with a PM about it, and I'll see what I can do with that. ^^

    In order, Yes, and Yes I do. I am playing Hikawa from Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, and Omni ( @Diva Elly ) is playing his own character, a female witch of sorts, though he'd probably explain it far better than I could. ^^;
  14. I was thinking General Grievous and his Droid army from Star Wars =3
  15. Oh god my char will have a fucking feild day! friggin target practice!
  16. Robots? Ech...but robots don't bleed!

    I need blood.
  17. *Is a major Star Wars Fan*

    Hmm...As a big 5 man? I'm going to need to talk with my Co-GMs to see if he's...eligible, for that. Though I can tell you that he definitely would make a great city-ruler if not.

  18. Did someone say Star Wars?
  19. After talking with Windpipe, There has been an update. ...Well, I say an Update, but it's also more something that I should have put into consideration, but forgot. (I have a Terrible memory.)

    The big 5 Villains are of the utmost importance, being the pinnacle of the forces of villainy in this. As such, the remaining three spots will be chosen...AFTER we have seen everyone's characters, and we will decide who among them would be put into this position.


    Also, While you are waiting, we have a CS made for this RP: So feel free to fill them out.

    From: (If you're using a Fandom character, state where the character came from. If Original then state "Original")
    Alliance/Position: (The Resistance, The Empire, The Stars, Neutral, and your position in all of the above (Cept Neutral of course))
    Skill Set/Powers: (Try to keep it as fair as possible, is all I ask.)
    Theme Song: (Optional)

    Minions: (For the Villainous Empire)
    City Name: (For the City-ruling Villains (Basically every villain except the main 5.))


    One more thing...

    This is most likely obvious, (I'm still somewhat unfamiliar with this site and all...) But I will be asking for a link to your RP Resumes.
  20. Oh...I haven't really filled that out yet.

    I'm still a bit new to the site.

    And where would we post our signups?
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