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    We invite you, talented writer,
    to the City of Masks, where you may fall victim to the whims and woes of the preternatural.

    Here are some of the key features of our site. Take a look around, chat with members, and feel us out!

    [​IMG] Paid, private forums. You'll never forget our URL.

    [​IMG] Extremely welcoming community! We only accept the most amiable players.

    [​IMG] Plot and setting are original. Original characters galore!

    [​IMG] Fictional currency, shop and
    special items. Add twists to your plots with magical trinkets from the shops!

    [​IMG] We are an intermediate to
    advanced role play group. High quality over high quantity.

    [​IMG] Events, games, and much, much more!

    Brief plot excerpt:
    The year is now 2050, and the world is not as rid of the
    “Inhuman” as the World Union might believe. Although Tracers
    are still among them, bringing in the occasional supernatural,
    they thrive in hiding. The secret to their survival and elusion?
    Vampire clans found in almost every major city center, functioning
    perfectly just under the World Union’s radar. Under the protection
    of ancient undead, even humans find prosperity in this secret society.

    Our story takes place in Mascarilla, more commonly known as
    Masquerade City. This old city was once ancient, but after the fall
    and recovery of the modern world, has turned into a buzzing
    metropolis. The city is one of the most renowned, rivaling the
    most beloved of the world (the ones left standing, at any rate.)
    Located in southern Europe, a few hours from the coast,
    Mascarilla sets the stage for the four vampire clans in control, their
    Masters, their slaves, their money, and their secrets.