Masquerade at the End of the Universe

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    Since the sending of this invitation is not technically late, as everyone knows the Restaurant at the End of the Universe is in a time bubble, with an infinite number of tables. It had been the intention of the League of Imaginers that this invitation stated that the Ball, aspiring to help raise donations and awareness of the plight of the Earth Humans, was or is, depending on when you get this invitation, at Noon on the 30th day of April in the year 2012 current era. It is also their intention to state that this ball will run until midnight and that the time is based on Iwaku Server Time, also known as Central Daylight Savings Time.

    Why, you might wonder, is this invitation late. That has to do with Holistiner Cockroaches that infested the Creative Input machine complex used exclusively by the Saggetaian Sorority House and the negative wave that was produce in five star system. This is also why the Comblax Galaxy has canceled any and all new television series and now the populace is forced to actually talk to their spouses.

    While there are many ways to reach the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, a convenient entrance has been created in the Roleplay Lobby. Remember, no one actually cares who you are. You may mingle, or laugh at the plight of the now homeless Earth Humans. Adopt one if you so desire the companionship of an intellectually unstimulating simian. The hopes of actually collecting enough funds to give them a new home world is laughable. But then again this is a party thrown by bipeds who are known for their frivolous parties and thrill for any excuse to rent out Hyperspace Bartenders.

    For the Sake of Repetitiveness:
    Where: Roleplay Lobby/The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
    When: April 30th, Noon to Midnight Server Time (Central Time)/Before the End of the Universe
    Who's Hosting: Humanitarian Group looking for large donations for homeless humans now that Earth has been blown up for a galactic highway.

    Please remember this is a formal event. If you are from a military group dress uniforms only. No away team will be accepted into the Ball.

    This MASKED Ball expects all attendees to be "In Character". Do not let anyone know who you are! Based in the Hitchhiker's Guide universe, you are allowed to be a little silly, be you alien or human. Please respect the event, or expect to have to fill out a lot of forms.
  2. That's right, Iwaku. Another Masquerade. >:3

  3. Humaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaans
  4. Quick kids! This is your chance to fawn over each other and speak in overly-inflated prose before bitching about how "everyone else but you got romance".

    And all you cool kids who are edgy and have "seen shit", remember to crash the party as overly-serious assassins with disruptive subplots that ruin everyone else's fun.

    *builds a dragon enclosure on the side of the restaurant*
  5. All disruptive would-be assassins will be fed to a Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal.
  6. *Hits Asmo with the rolled up newspaper.*
  7. This sounds like it will be fun =D
  8. Spacequerade? Nice. =)
  9. No, seriously. This is happening.
  10. Ball is tomorrow! 8D
  11. Oh nice owo I'm all for masquerades xD
  12. Awesome! I'll try to get involved sometime in the evening after work.
  13. Too bad I'm busy that evening/night but I will definatley join in on this spacequerade for awhile at least:D

    I know nothing of this background but I may actually have a couple of hours to put into this game.
  15. All you have to know is that it's quirky humor, and you are there to raise money and donate items for homeless earthlings. 8D
  16. Alrighty, I shall try my best to make it.
  17. Me and my Lady may be there....

    You'll recognise us as the ones having accurate sex and believable romance.
  18. ​I am amused. - w- I'mma TRY to make it... gonna try to sneak away and stay up late and get mom out of the room.. >>
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