Masks of God - Revamped

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  1. Scattered about the metropolitan city of Corthan are masks imbued with the powers and abilities beyond of the capabilities of the real world...

    Stolen by the God of Trickery and Mischief as a prank to his brothers and sisters, he threw the masks down into the city for any unsuspecting soul to acquire. Once placed upon a person's face, the wearer would feel compelled to keep the mask on. That is not to say that the masks can't be taken off. The masks also hide the real identity of the person, no matter how little of the real face is hidden.

    However the masks come at a price. Not only are the masks imbued with powers, but also with another personality. To unlock the powers, the wearer must become the personality that lives in the mask. The personalities can be good or evil, chaotic, organized, feral, senile or childish. There is a high correlation between the powers and the personality.

    As an added boon, the God of Trickery also stole the Mask of Creation. This mask gives the wearer absolute control over any soul, whether they be human or animal. It also has the power to create anything in this world. The mask is hidden within the confines of the city. All of the personalities know about its existence and demand the wearer to obtain it.

    Once you find the mask and put it on, the wearer will feel compelled to go to the Kingsburg Bridge, a large metal structure overlooking the river. The wearer will not understand why they have the need, just that they must have go, even after the mask is taken off.

  2. Rules:
    1. I will accept any form of power so long as they are not Teleportation, Mind Reading, Telekinesis, or any other power that could be considered a God Mod or Meta Gaming. However, don't be surprised if I do grill you about your powers. There is going to be fighting in this game whether it be against each other and against NPCs. I want to be sure that everyone has a somewhat fair advantage and I may ask you to tone down your powers if I feel like they're too Over Powered or if my GM senses are tingling.

    2. You are limited to only 3 Powers with your mask.

    3. If your character takes off the mask, they lose their powers until they put it back on.

    4. Everything happens in the city, venturing outwards will summon the God of Trickery.

    5. I may hijack your character if you haven't posted in a while or if the plot needs to be moved forward. If you have a problem with this please don't join. I won't hijack your characters for any other purposes than those, I promise.

    6. If you are planning a character death make sure the other character/player is okay with it. Out of the blue fatalities are not cool.

    What to Expect From this Roleplay:
    ~ Lots o' fighting, as stated in the rules ~
    ~ Do you like riddles and puzzles? You're dealing with the God of Trickery after all. Don't be surprised if some of that stuff is tossed out. ~
    ~ You can be the Super Hero or Villain. The outcome of the roleplay, whether someone acquires the mask or someone destroys it is all up to the players. I give you guys complete control over this. ~
    ~I am looking for a much smaller cast this time around, probably no more than 8 or so people. ~
    ~ Your character may die. ~

    Character Template (open)

    Previous Personality:

    New Personality:

  3. Name: Lolita Thuu
    Age: 6
    Occupation/Job: Being a little girl scavenging for food
    Previous Personality: Shy and tentative, she is not very optimistic about her future. She wants to hope that things will get better with her life but it doesn't look like this is happening.

    Powers: Flight, Fire, and Enhanced Strength
    New Personality: Demented and disturbed. It is almost as if wearing the mask has made Lolita mature far too quickly so she absorbs her poverty stricken surroundings with new meaning. She believes that everyone should be made to suffer the way she does, because what sort of society would allow a child such as herself to starve almost every night? She wants to level the city and start over again from square one. ​

  4. I hope you dont mind ^_^

    Name: Connor Bealic
    Age: 26

    Occupation/Job: Graphic designer
    Previous Personality: Connor was a bright, talented, and well liked young man fresh from a local arts college. With his skills and good attitude he quickly found a job with a local firm.... from there things go downhill, constant pressure from deadlines, the repression of his artistic talent, constantly being put down by higher ups, its all culminated in a self loathing. For accepting the job, for allowing them to destroy his artistic dream, for letting them beat him down, he hates his own guts. Because of this his good nature has slowly dribbled away leaving a grouchy, chain smoking, corporate stooge in its wake.

    Powers: Light manipulation, weight manipulation (Can make himself light as a feather), and living art
    New Personality: Freedom, its all that can be said, the only thing he feels or wants. When he puts on the mask all his problems seem to fall away, everything becomes clear and bright, the world becomes beautiful again. With it on he returns to the clarity of one who has not faced the hardships of the real world, returns to the innocence of one who finds everything fresh and new.
    Its almost as if hes reborn.
  5. Name: Issac Winterfield

    Appearance: anime waiter.jpg

    Occupation: Waiter

    Personality before the mask: Ambitious and worked hard for his goals. He always knew a good turn when he saw it and payed everything back in full. He never took anything for granted and knew his place but planned to work his way up any career. He's recently hit a hard spot and had to stay as a waiter for a while. Being an optimist he knows that with hard work he'll get out of this dead-end job.

    Mask personality: He takes everything for granted and still wants to be in a commanding position. He uses everyone to his advantage and thinks of the world as something to be taken by any means. It's a free-for-all through the mask's eyes. He treats everyone as a stepping stone in his path to dominance

    Powers: Persuasion (Issac can talk more easily to people and suggest options of his choosing to them and nudge them in that direction. They can still do what they want and refuse it if they are strong willed)
    Inspiration (people around him have a slight buff in thier abilities)
    Healing (can regenerate wounds on himself or others at a remarkably fast rate)
    for Mask of Gods rp.jpg
  6. I'm in, but I can't put in a character sheet just yet, I have to go to class. ^_^; I'll be back in about two hours with the info. :3
  7. Name: Lily Kura
    Age: 17
    Appearance: images-4.jpeg
    Occupation/Job: N\A
    Previous Personality: Lily is very dark and self loathing. She prefers to sulk in her room than to socialize. She also gets picked on in school. This lead her to be the way she is. She wishes to be alone for eternity, never having to deal with civilization.

    Mask: 2986890807_31901e66ff.jpg
    Powers: Electrokineses, Pyrokineses, Accelerated Regeneration
    New Personality: Bubbly and happy and hyper. She then becomes confused of others emotions and experiences very little of her original emotions.
  8. Name: Cathy Elektra
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Comparatively short, not the skinniest build in the world. Light skin, slightly tanned. Straight blonde hair that reaches halfway down her back. Currently wearing a mint green sundress and high heels to match.
    Occupation/Job: Tech support
    Previous Personality: Typically, Cathy is a calm, nurturing, and kind person. While she can be just a little bit naive and idealistic, especially when particularly stressed, she tends to be the sort of girl who's always there to listen to other people's problems, even if there's absolutely nothing she can do to help.

    Mask: steampunk_mask_2011c_by_diarment-d36xao7.jpg
    Powers: Technopathy, the ability to control and communicate with machinery. She also has limited control over electricity, allowing her to create sparks and the like from nothing, though typically it isn't strong enough to cause worthwhile damage to other people.
    New Personality: Just as cold and uncaring as the technology she can now interact with. With the mask on, Cathy sees other people as tools, means to an end, little more than strengths and weaknesses stuffed into human-shaped shells. As a result, she can be somewhat manipulative, and has a tendency to be outwardly cruel to anyone she deems weak. Occasionally, her original personality shines through just enough for her to feel guilty about her actions, though she can't fathom why. Other people's feelings aren't important, after all, why should she care?
  9. Profiles are looking good so far guys. I'm gonna see if a couple more people join and perhaps I'll have the IC up either tonight or tomorrow.
  10. Thanks. I like your character, even if she's only 6. I just found that weird at first considering most characters are older. Very unique and creative.
  11. Thanks D'evil ^^
  12. finished and edited my CS, hope you like it
  13. Mmmkay, here's the game plan.

    You're all gonna find your mask, put them on and then... Feel the POWAH!

    *ahem* And after that happens you're all gonna make your way to the Kingsburg bridge. I don't want the introductions to last too long, so the sooner we can get interactions going, the more stuff I get to toss at you guys. If you guys can make interactions happen before you make it to the bridge, that would be wonderful.

    *Pounds on the door to be let in* ;___;
  15. XD You can still join.

  16. Name: Copper Carver

    Age: 18

    Copper! (open)


    Occupation/Job: Clerk at GameStop!

    Previous Personality: She has a quiet, deviant personality. Most of time, her smile is the answer to anyone's questions. She will silently talk about people in her head, and she definitely holds a lot of secrets. Copper is nice and sweet to the sight, but some can tell when she is being sarcastic.

    Purdy Mask is Purdy (open)

    Powers: Invisibility. Not the ShadowCat kind of invisibility wear she can go through walls, but the Sue Storm kind. The ability to have her entire body, clothes and all, disappear on whim. The only down side is that a shadow remains and, if the Invisibility holds for too long, she recieves a terrible headache, and the power dwindles to something a bit more transparent. She also has the ability to create light, shimmering force fields out of a strenuously force amount of her invisibility. Soooo yes. Think Sue Storm.

    New Personality: Perky! Copper has the "Alright! Let's do this!" attitude. She's always ready to help out and she gets way too excited when some thing needs to be done! Most of the time, she feels useless, but other than that, she can't wait to get her hands dipped in some action!

    *Waits for the Judgement Hammer*
  17. I feel like my char is gonna use Iliana's to his advantage
  18. Name: Qeren Apelrovich

    Age: 20

    Appearance: View attachment 14740

    Occupation: Pediatric Oncologist Intern

    Previous Personality: Qeren is rather quiet and kind. She's a very fun loving person, but she's rather detached from others unless they make a rather big impression on her.



    Powers: With her mask on, Qeren can detect when a lie is told. She also has excellent nocturnal vision, and the manipulation of up to six snakes

    New Personality: Qeren is very sadistic and rude when her mask is on. She's very abrasive and aggressive towards others, but she has a sense of morality and propriety. Her emotions sometimes mix up if she keeps the mask on for long periods of time.
  19. Alright, so I feel the need to announce this before the roleplay gets off the ground too quickly.

    For those of you whose powers rely on the other player's background or answers, like Tracker's lie detector or Exces' powers of suggestion, make sure you state somewhere that your character is lying. (Or PM Tracker to let them know.) Also note that Exces' power of Suggestion depends on whether another's character state of mind is emotionally vulnerable or if they are just weak willed.

    Just make sure you guys acknowledge these powers whenever your characters come across them otherwise we won't have an interesting game to play. That is all.

    You may continue onward with your quest to find Kingsburg Bridge.