Maschinen Märchen

The sun crept over the horizon and into the sky. It was a good morning, and Gin, although tired from the previous day, was up before dawn. He spent a good portion of the hours most commonly referred to as 'twilight', brushing and combing Fluffy. Knowing that this would be the last he would see of her for a long time, maybe forever, he took extra time getting all the kinks out of her mane. She whinnied at him, but all he could do was turn his back on her in the end. The Spring Knight was sad, but a seasoned warrior never let his personal feelings dictate his actions. He, like his mentor Hrodland, was a knight fighting to uphold the values of a greater good.

With the crisp air of the early morning still bringing in the smell of smoke and burning rubble, the party made their way across the courtyard of Kikkoman and to the entrance of the royal air field. It stretched out before them in all its glory. Gin, while not unfamiliar with air ships, had spent a very limited amount of time aboard them. He wasn't at all ashamed to admit that flying was not something he looked forward to. The Spring Knight rubbed sweaty palms together as they were led to the ship that would carry them to the next destination.

He saw the princess. She was wrapped in a dark green wool cloak that matched her eyes rather well. "Gin. Did I choose the right path?" She asked as soon he looked at her.

Gin smiled, "Yes. Do not worry my princess." He then grabbed her small hand and led her towards their destination.


The ship was huge, and proud in statute, gallantly displaying the royal mark of Kikkoman on her bow. It was equipped with all the accompaniments to house the crew as well as the party, not to mention enough fire power to level a small city; A flying stronghold. Gin gripped the railing as the engines kicked in. With white knuckles he watched as they lifted from the ground and the ship was now airborne.

The journey has begun, for better or worse, through trial and tribulation, the party embarked on a mission of dire importance.

End of episode 3


The time has come. The heroes have advanced from the ruins of their homelands and reached the nation of Kikkoman. To reach the Eastern Lands, they must travel there from the air. While Okandar did not advance with adventures in the air, the nation of Kikkoman did. Their large airfleet is what kept the Dios at bay for so long. However all this will come into play much later in our tale.

This tale is about the Knight Hero, Gin, after all. He was able to convince his beloved Princess to allow for them to go on the quest to find the infamous Maschinen. Now he had to prepare for the journey ahead of him.

Was he prepared for the test of this travels? Deep down he was unsure of himself. The only clues that he to go on were the sayings that Prince Winni had revealed him to him on the first night on the airship.

"When horizon burns where sun does set
Send out heroes on perilous quest

Seek answers not first North or East
But follow breath of burning beast

Through forest where no light will shine
Find hidden passage where stars align

Pass two sentries who long since sleep
To enter into the forgotten keep

Within the chambers where secrets are shared
Heroes will find some answered cleared."

The crew of the airship are not happy with such vague directions. Of course, the angry crew is just one of many things to come...

General Rynis has proven to be very outspoken against Gin's decision to follow the whims of an ancient legend that very few believe is fact.

However, he still has the attention of his old teacher Hrodland. The Kin seems to like the whims and is the only that the General does not question.

How will Gin cope with becoming the leader of this mission? Let us find out!

[dash=pink]The morning meal had been served in the mess hall of the airship. The crew were anxious to know what was going on, but no one really knew. They'd decided that the first part of the prophecy, Seek answers not from North or East meant that they should head South. So that was the general direction they were traveling in. But follow breath of burning beast. That line had everyone stumped. Someone suggested it meant the sun so to head in a South West direction, and it was as good a guess as any, but who was to say?

It had been a tiring couple of days as everyone was trying to settle into their new surroundings. Some had their air-ship legs, while others were still trying to get them. The 'heroes' as his father had called them were an interesting group of individuals. Winniefred had a few encounters with the apprentice knight, W'Saylia, but she seemed mostly focused on other things. His attempts at making a pass were met with confusion or stern looks. No matter, ever rose had its thorn right? Then there was the strange boy who always seemed so frigid, even Whinnie tried to avoid him some. The crazy contraption lady was kind of cute, but she was a bit much even for Whinnie. There was always Winiefred's beloved Gin. He spent every moment he could watching the man or tryign to speak to him. But he wasn't sure if Gin was just polite or seriously dense to his advances,a s he never returned them. Hrodland was just an interesting individual, but Winiefred knew his own limits. Plus Hrodland was an honored knight even in his own kingdom, so he'd never show disrespect. Then...there was General Rynis. Though the blond haired man had potential, there was something about him Winiefred didn't like. Still, Winniefred was a laid back man and generally treated everyone with kindness and love until otherwise needed, so he was polite to the general. Despite strange glances from him now and then.

Winiefred wasn't sure where his uneasiness with General Rynis stemmed from. The man hadn't really done anything to upset or dishonor Winiefred directly. But, it was just that vibe he gave off. That sense that the man was just watching his every move for one reason or another, it almost creeped him out. After the morning meal, everyone parted ways per usual to do their own thing. Winiefred was idly wandering through the halls to pass time and clear his mind when he heard footsteps behind him. He felt a heavy hand fall up on his shoulder as he turned to see General Rynis standing there with his usual stern glance.

"General" He said politely with a bow. The general only gave a slight nod of his head and stared down at the prince. Feeling uncomfortable in the silence, Winiefred offered a smile "Is there something I can do for you General?"

"I've been watching you. You are a very interesting person, Prince Winiefred. Quite the little Princess from what I've heard, though. I heard about the disappearance of your sister, and I give my deepest condolences."

"Your sympathy is appreciated. Yes, it was and still is very hard for our family. I was very close to my sister." Winiefred frowned a bit. Was that what the General wanted to talk about?

"I'm sure she was a pretty thing...They say that family members often times look very similar. Did she look similar to you Prince?" As he spoke, General Rynis moved closer to Winiefred overshadowing him as he felt the wall press against his back. General Rynis was making this very uncomfortable. A light blush spread across his cheeks.

"Yes, we looked similar as all siblings do I--"

Generaly Rynis leaned down and untied Winiefred's hair as it fell about his shoulders, giving him a much more feminine appearance. He brushed some hair behind Winiefred's ear, "I imagine you two could almost be twins. From what I recollect of portraits of your royal family, you were indeed very similar in appearance" With that he leaned down to whisper into Winiefred's ear, "I know what you're hiding--"

Winiefred's eyes widened in shock as he let out a soft gasp. Did he know? Did he know the truth about his sister. Red tinted his cheeks but it was partly from anger as Winiefred shoved General Rynis away and quickly began to tie his hair back once more, "What are you talking about! This is no way to--" he paused as he heard someone else approaching. Hrodland was coming down the hall, preoccupied in his own thoughts, but he stopped and looked up when he saw Winiefred and General Rynis.

"Prince" he bowed, "General" he nodded. They all exchanged greetings.

[BG="black"]Hrodland [/BG]
[BG="black"]"I hope all is going well for you two." Hrodland said.

"Guten Tag." General Rynis said. He was one of the few people in the world that could speak the ancient language of Okander. The only other was Hrodland and few others.

"Yes, yes." Hrodland said.

"I am most sorry that you had to encounter our little chat." Rynis said. "We were having a formal discussion about politics."

Hrodland said, "I see."

The Kin did not change his facial features. He was good at hiding unneeded emotions from others. Hrodland knew that the General was a womanizer. Though a prince could hardly count as a princess. There had to be something deeper going on at this point.

"I think that it would be wise for you to go back to ensuring our military end of this trip is in order. The King of Kikkoman would not have sent you along with us if he did not feel the need to have some sort of regular soldier with us." Hrodland said in a commanding tone.

"As you wish, my lord." The general responded. "I do apologize, for any wrong doing I may have done."

Hrodland was a count of the nation. He held a higher title than the General did at this point, so according to the Customs, as a minor lord he had to show respect to Hrodland. Just how much Rynis actually had for the Knight was probably very little. Rynis then bowed to both Wini and Hrodland.

Hrodland then crossed his arms. "He's going to be a pain." He then turned to face Winifred. "You alright young one?"


Winiefred felt his heart still racing from the incident. What did this all mean? What could the General possibly know? My secret...does he know my secret? Winiefred thought frantically to himself. If his secret got out, that could ruin a lot of things for the Kikkomon kingdom. Especially at this point in time, it couldn't be known, not yet.

Winiefred was lost in his thoughts and didn't hear Hroland the first time he asked his question. When he inquired again, Winiefred gave a feeble smile and nodded, "yes, yes. It was just a very heated debate. We disagreed strongly it seems. But it is no worries, thank you for your kind concern." Winiefred gave a sincere bow as he smoothed his outfit a moment, "I hope that thus far the airship has been to your liking. It is one of the finest in our fleet" he commented trying to change the subject.

"My father is very proud of the quality of our air fleet." He gave a faint smile and turned a moment, "I fear I have been inside too long I shall go on the deck for some fresh air. If anyone needs me, I shall be there." Bowing once more he made his way back outside. The air was crisp on his face as he took a deep breath. It had been a long time since he'd been on an air fleet for a long period of time. Not since the start of the search for his missing sister. Going toward the edge a moment, he leaned on a railing and peered out into the vast openness before them, contemplating many thoughts now.