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[BG="black"]Date: The Fifth of Trillena. Time: 3:45 PM


The air raid sirens went off. Artillery soliders in their traditional dark blue uniforms ran towards the cannons that were stationed throughout the high walls that surrounded the Castle Mordecai. They had prepared for a possible air attack. However, they weren't ever prepared for an attack from another Kingdom instead of the normal threats of pirates!


Civilians were screaming and running around trying to save what meager possessions that they had. In the palace, the Princess watched as the mysterious fleet slowly came within range.

"Hrodland," The Princess snarply said, "What are those abominations? And why are they ruining my skyline!"

"Princess Berg," Hrodland said, "Those are the Dio Fleet. Your father has told you about their advances on our Eastern flanks, correct?"

"No!" Sparkles shouted, "Why are they attacking us?" The Knight then said, "Come we don't have time to spare." Hroldland then draped his cape over the Princess' body. "Hey! What's the meaning of this?!!?!"


The airships were now in full view of the city. The fleet began to open fire. Bombs fell, making a whirling noise just before they fell on the wooden homes below. This step was repeated almost a thousand times over. Soon the lower quarters, the homes of most of the lower classes were starting on fire. Whoever was wound or left behind would face a horrid death.

This was followed by more explosions. The Princess whimpered while concealed under the Knight's cloak. He kept moving. He had orders from the King to keep the girl safe. Besides for being the Knight of the Winter, he felt like Käthe was the only remaining connection to Queen Sophia, a woman he loved but could never have in this life....

"Hey!!!" Sparkles whimpered, "WHAT WAS THAT!?!?!!"

The Kingdom of Odoaker was not prepared for this war. The morning after the infamous KaninchenorHase incident, the Dio Federation forces invaded from the north, south, and west. As the enemy advanced, the Odoaker forces withdrew from their forward bases of operation close to the bordersto more established lines of defence to the east and the south. After the mid-Raum defeat in the Battle of the Brucke, the Federation gained an undisputed advantage.

Bombs continued to fall.

"Don't worry about it right now, Princess." Hrodland said. He kept the girl close while trying to find relative safety in the castle until he could find the rest of his comrades and then the woman he hired to escort them out of the kingdom...
Gin sat high atop Fluffy, his black warhorse. Her nostrils flared with anticipation as she jerked her head back at Gin in a 'Let's ride' gesture. Unlike the men under the Knight's command, she had been in battle before and was as fearless as her master.

View attachment 3549

As the low hum of the air ships approached, the men were nervous and sick with fear, and they had every reason to be. Their shaking hands feed ammunition into their weapons, while white faces stared up at Gin as he rode at a furious gallop down the lines. His vision swam over his men, quickly summing up the best plan of defense. They weren't ready for this.

They weren't ready

"Have no fear in your hearts!"
Gin bellowed, keeping perfect time in the saddle as he drew his sword high above his head

"Unleash hell upon those that wish to take your lives!"
There was no room for anything else as the first explosion shook the earth, like thunder in a wicked storm.

Hell was upon them.

The bombs came down in force, falling from the sky in a synchronized path of destruction. Each deafening boom gave birth to a barrel sized crater in the earth. The unavoidable violence and death that came with war was no shock to Gin. He watched, in vain, as a clusters of his men went flying in all directions, feet, arms and legs alike were scattered uselessly about the castle grounds. A dying soldiers last breath, often times used to pray or cry for their mother, was enough to light a fire inside Gin. He rode to the east, where another series of bombs were about to strike the earth, Fluffy grunted underneath him as Gin called out over the destruction.

"Aim for the engines, men, hit the engine! Bring them down, hope is not lost !"
Gin's attempt at rallying the men proved somewhat useful as they lit up the sky with a fierce display of firepower. The continuous crack of small arms fire was seconded only to the low impacting sound of the enemies bombardment, but Gin saw, with hopeful pride, that heavy black smoke was rising from several of the airships. However, in the near distance, the ground was cast in shadow. The second fleet, this one much larger than the first, was approaching.

Within seconds the true force of their enemy was made painfully clear. Below the ships, which were now directly over head, the sky looked like a giant ant hill, little black specks drifted downward and would soon be leveling the earth. There were More bombs than a person could count if he had an hour of time dedicated to it alone.

The explosions were painful to the ears and shook everything in sight. Thunderous booms echoed mercilessly as Gin spun Fluffy around and headed back towards the castle. He saw that more than a few of his men had already taken his lead, and those that hadn't were running in circles, or scattering off in every direction. Dirt and huge pieces of earth kicked up in the air, as a blood splattered on some of the walls of near by buildings. Everywhere Gin looked was destruction and chaos, pure disaster. The largest group of his men that hadn't scattered were just behind him when another series of thunderous explosions shook the earth and trapped them in a fiery heap of rubble.

Defeat was eminent, from the start they didn't stand a chance.

"I ... do not, under, stand."

Hrum lagged behind the Winter Knight, frost escaping from his mouth with quick gasps as he laboured to keep up with them. The machinery in his shoulder make little whirs and clicks, regulating Fluid flow, keeping his muscles oxygenated, whisking away the built up lactic acid and eliminating it through his breath.

He looked around in with dull measure of alarm, which steadily became more and more apparent as time passed. His deadpan face took on a look of panic, and he tripped, stumbled, and resumed tagging after his liege.

"Proper protocol has not been followed!" Hrum's pupils suddenly refocused, and his ears flooded with the air raid sirens. The noise was overly harsh in his ears and he winced with the pain the sheer loudness caused. For the sake of keeping up, he began to use his left arm to keep balance as he ran, risking damage to the machinery underneath. The bottle of Fluid, gently dangling back and forth, depressed slightly, injecting more of the liquid into his body.

He gritted his teeth in frustration and confusion. Vaguely formed notions of revenge, vengeance, and death swirled around his head, muddying his thinking.
[dash=pink]For the time being, their borders were safe from attack, but the King of Kikkomon knew better than to assume they were safe forever. It was only a matter of time until their borders would be attacked as well. He’d already issued an order to have the kingdom evacuated of all women, children, and older individuals. With the castle fortified with extra soldiers, the King was having a conference with his head generals; Prince Winiefred was privy to the conference as well. Prince Winiefred, or Fred as he liked to be called, stood in the corner against a pillar while his father and his generals strategized. He understood the need, but he felt as if they were wasting time.

“Scouts say they’ve spotted airships to the east where the Odoaker Kingdom lies—“

Soon after the doors of the great hallway were flung open as a young messenger stroke in and knelt before the King. “Rise” he said in his firm voice. The messenger nervously rose to his feet and began to wring his cap tightly in his hands, “Your majesty, there is report….” He looked around the room again with a pallid expression, “your majesty, there is word that Castle Mordecai is under attack”

Murmurs went around the hall as the King sat quietly and let his generals discuss some. Finally he raised his hands to hush the growing noise, “Thank you” he said as the messenger was quickly dismissed.

“It’s only a matter of time. We have always gone to aid the Kingdom of Odoaker in times of need, and we shall not stop now. Prepare our men, we will send aid. Winiefred, you will go to assist in whatever way possible. I’m sure they will want to keep the Princess safe.”

“Father, are you sure this is wise?” Winiefred finally spoke up as all eyes went to him. He blinked, “I do listen sometimes, you know” he said with a shrug. There were a few chuckles in the crowd but everyone else was serious. His father looked upon him gravely. As of late Winiefred just hadn’t been the same. Not since his sister’s disappearance. No, something just seemed to snap in his son. Winiefred cleared his throat, “however, I understand this is my duty, father. I will do my best to uphold your honor and serve our country and theirs” he said with a deep bow. The King seemed to approve as he dismissed everyone.

So it was that Winiefred, aka Fred, found himself armored and upon his white stallion riding to the aid of the Odoaker Kingdom. Though, the only thing on his mind was whether or not Princess Sparkles was cute or not, as he had never met the Princess really. Well, that and whether or not the armor made him look fat, but he kept these thoughts to himself.[/dash]
"I'm not so bad for a first timer, eh Gizmo?"

Regina was an excellent driver, but had never practiced with debris and bombs falling from the sky. The female inventor zig-zagged through the many obstacles that threatened her and her mechanical pet, who was sitting in the passenger's seat of the car. It was a crazy contraption like the rest of her machines, with many add-ons she felt would be useful. At the moment, she had the hood folded down so she could see more clearly and her goggles over her eyes to protect her sight from any filth. If necessary, she had enough weapons attached, and controllable, on the car to zap away any human attackers.

Right now, she needed to get to her comrades!

"You are doing quite well, Miss Reggie," replied the robotic cat in a metallic sounding voice. "Please focus on your driving. I will alert you when I see Hrodland and the princess."

Reggie rolled her eyes at the metal feline. It was built to keep her organized and keep her company... Sometimes, Gizmo did more organizing than socializing. 'Oh well. Keeps me on task,' she thought optimistically.

Just when she was going to steer to a different direction, Gizmo spoke up: "Continue straight."

So, she did just that. A white haired man and a short person covered with something were ahead of them. Doubtlessly, they were the people she was searching for. Hrodland was sheltering Sparkles, as always.

The car made a loud screech after she stepped onto the brake, the many working gears quieting down. With one hand on the wheel, her other hand holding a gun (that she of course made herself), she watched for anyone who might run towards them. Should they dare, she'd remorselessly shoot them!

"C'mon, get in!" Reggie yelled to them, Gizmo hopping out of the passenger's seat to his creator's lap.
[BG="black"]Hrodland [/BG]
[BG="black"]Date: The Fifth of Trillena. Time: 4:00 PM

"But I have to worry about, something!" The Princess protested. "They are raiding us! I wanna know why! It is totally uncalled for!" She continued on.

"Sadly, dear friend, I do not believe that the Federation has any notion of proper protocol of war." Hrodland said to Hrum.

They quickly moved down a flight of stairs. Castle Mordecai was not designed to be a war fortress with all of these fancy white marble passage ways; though, most of the quick escape routes were probably already bombed out.

"Keep your mind focused on the task before us. The King has ordered us to take his daughter to safety." Hrodland had a habit of repeating things aloud. It was not directed towards anyone in particular; more so, it helped keep his mind in order.

"Princess, now is not the time to protest." He spoke in a calm voice, "We will find out what's going after we reach the safety point. Come Hrum, we are almost there." Hrodland then seemingly glided to the bottom of the stair case and opened the door.

Outside, there was parked a young woman with her strange metal cat. "C'mon, get in!" She said.

He opened his cape and the Princess came out and she climbed into the back of the car. "A pleasure to see you as always Miss Begmann." Hrodland said.

"Yeah. Let's skip the formalities for now." She said.
View attachment 3581Deafening destruction continued to rain down. Houses were decimated, bodies lay strewn uselessly in every direction, and burning piles of rubble littered the once beautiful town. Gin turned to help his trapped men when another chain of bombardment hit the earth. They were hopelessly trapped and therefor another unfortunate tragedy of war. No matter how many times Gin saw things like that, it never got easier, but now was not time for remorse. He didn't bother to look back, instead he kicked Fluffy and headed at full speed towards the town border. And now, in the midst of retreat, he heard the Kings words echoing in his head.

"Gin, in the event you are overrun, take solace in the fact that we have yet another hope. It lies within the last of the ancient Bloodline, Princess Sparkle. Meet up with The Knight of Winter and help protect her with your life"

These were Gin's orders and as a Knight he would uphold the King's word until his dying breath.

He made it to the end of town in record time. Looking back, black smoke rose in wafting clouds. It was heartbreaking to see your country land destroyed, and even now the vicious airships continued to circle it's borders dropping bombs mercilessly upon those unfortunate enough to still be alive,

Fluffy neighed in protest underneath him as he stroked her mane.

"It's alright, girl. There is still hope left."
The boy opened the door to the car and slipped in, huffing, gripping his knees hard to try and catch his breath. Frost escaped his mouth with each breath - the systems in his shoulder machine were having difficulty adjusting, and ice began to grow in sharp crystallites on the surface in front of him.

His head snapped to one side, and he swung his right arm up, palm facing out. A gout of liquid flowed from his fingertips, vaporizing immediately and forming some sort of small fog cloud in the air in front of him. A few stray bullets precipitated out of the opaque mass, hitting the ground. The lead balls were crushed into a fine powder, suddenly ground underneath the twisting of his cloth-clad foot. Hrum leaned on the leg that stepped on the bullets, and he stared out into the distance, his teeth bared, lips drawn back in a silent growl.


And all but fainted, the machinery on his implant wheezing and trying to regulate his circulatory system with what little Fluid was left. He collapsed backwards into the seat, eyes glazed as he reached for the extra bottles hanging off his belt.
The very moment she had her passengers, Reggie reached over to pull the material hood of the car down. That way, no raining debris, dirt and rubble would make contact with them. Getting messy was never a concern of hers. Mainly, she wanted to keep Sparkles protected and free of filth, if possible.

"You know, Roland, we've been over this," she started to say to the Winter Knight after stepping on the gas pedal. "Just call me Reggie."

She didn't like close comrades, friends or family addressing her by her last name. There was no reason for it. She had a first name for a reason, and a nickname to go along with it. Even if she was someone of high importance, like a Queen, she couldn't see herself wanting to be called Begmann. 'People can call me by my last name when I'm married!'

This was a less important thought, though. She needed to steer them to safety.

"Shall I drive us way the hell out of town?" she asked, glancing at the rear view mirror so she could see backseat passengers. A look of concern masked her face. "What's going on with Hrum? He's not looking well."

Reggie didn't know too much about the boy accompanying them. She remembered learning something about his blood, though. It was something entirely different. What interested her most, though, was his arm. It was a fascinating piece of work she wished she could investigate without seeming creepy...

"Miss Regina, stay focused," Gizmo reminded her in a blunt voice.

"Yessir," Reggie muttered to her grouchy, robotic friend and put all her attention on her driving. The naggy cat had a point, though. Compassion couldn't be her primary focus right now, of all times.
[dash=pink]The kingdom's border was about a good day's ride away from where their current position was. It would be useful to have had taken the air-ships or perhaps some form of wheeled contraption, but his father insisted they ride by horse. Winiefred sighed as he dismounted his white stallion and began to stretch a bit. The armor was chaffing his legs as he frowned and tried to re position himself. The general and his men watched Winiefred a moment and rolled their eyes a bit. They honestly thought Winiefred was simply a joke. There was just something off about him.

There was a small tremor in the ground as they stood there resting a short bit. All eyes turned toward the Kingdom of Odoaker as they saw the smoke and fire rising into the skies. The true depth of this attack was now apparent. "please, your Highness, mount your horse. We must ride forth!" the general said sternly. Winiefred was no fool as he sighed and quickly re-mounted his white stallion, urging him forward with great haste. The rest of the company followed behind Winiefred. I do hope that the Princess is in good hands He thought to himself as he rode.

It seemed to be near sundown when he noticed another mounted figure ahead. He rode a great horse and the man was obviously an important knight of some form. They waved their flag ahead of them to show they came in peace. From the looks of it, it seemed to be a group of nights from the Odoaker Kingdom. "It's one of them!" The general exclaimed as they approached, "One of the four knights of the Kingdom!"

Winiefred remembered hearing stories of these knights when he was younger. Each knight was representative of one of the four seasons, and held similar abilities to each season. He wondered which knight this was. Things could have been bad for Winiefred if his trusty steed, which he had for some reason named Buttercup, didnt' know his master well. As his eyes fell upon Gin, Winiefred's heart simply stopped dead in his chest. Butterflies rose in his stomach, and he thought the entire world had zoomed in simply upon the angelic face of Gin, the knight of Spring. His breath caught and it was only the jerking of Buttercup to a halt that brought Winiefred back to reality.

With his happy moment interrupted, he paused and simply stared at the knight, who stared back at him. Winiefred was speechless. The general nearby looked at Winiefred a moment and waved his hand before the Prince. Shaking his head he addressed Gin, "We come from the Kingdom of Kikkomon to assist you in any way possible. Prince Winiefred has accompanied us for the journey" he smacked Winiefred on the shoulder to jolt him back to reality. Winiefred shook his head a moment and then smiled.

"Yes, I am Prince Winiefred of the Kikkomon Kingdom, but you can just call me Fred." He grinned and extended his hand toward Gin, expecting him to kiss it or something. He honestly wasn't sure and wouldn't care. The mere thought of Gin's lips touching some part of his own body made his heart simply race! He opened his mouth to speak but the general pipped in.

"These are grave times if Odoaker is being attacked. King Manhand has evacuated the city but soldiers still remain to guard the palace. Is the Princess with you? She may be able to seek refuge at Castle Tsosour." Winiefred sighed and tapped the general on the shoulder, "May I speak?" he asked. The general blinekd and stepped back with a bow, "Of course your Highness, forgive me"

"Accepted. Now then...your men seem to have been through a lot, as have yourself. It is late and the ride back is a good days worth or more by horseback. Let us camp and tend to your needs and we shall talk?" he suggested with a kindly grin.
View attachment 3591Gin continued to stare at the decimated Kingdom of Odoaker. It was hard to have the dedicated pride that was required of a Knight at all times, especially after seeing your home destroyed. In the distance, from all directions, he could also see groups of people running like frightened sheep. Once proud and strong, now reduced to fleeing refugees. However, Gin did not let his heart drop too deeply into despair. Now was a time for a new quest and new beginnings.

Through the smoking ruins, Gin saw a group of soldiers approaching. They got near and Gin instantly recognized them as men of Kikkomon. Gin respected them as allies and thus waved his arm high in the air.

"One of the four Knights of the Kingdom!" Said the leader of the group, and who Gin assumed to be the general.

"That I am. Gin is my name, the Knight of Spring, however as you can see my duty as a Knight is in question."

He sighed, with his eyes still fixed on the Kingdom which stood smoking in the distance.

"We fought the best we could, but my mnt were not prepared. I am in a state of turmoil over this recent loss. At this time, all i would ask of your men, so as not to risk their lives, is to help those innocent townsfolk that are running"

Gin finished pointing down at the fleeing masses.

Gin noticed another face that stood out, ridding side by side with the general. He must be a prince, the way he held himself was different than the others, more delicate and defined. Gin saw the look of fascination and longing on his face and walked Fluffy close to him. He reached out an arm and clasped the young Princes shoulder. From the look on his face, Gin felt it safe to gather that he was in complete awe. Obviously stunned to be in the presents of a famous Knight, no doubt.

"Yes, I am Prince Winiefred of the Kikkomon Kingdom, but you can just call me Fred."

"Well, met lad."

Said Gin rubbing his shoulder briskly
"Fear not, my young prince. Hope is not lost. As long as I breath there will always be good left in the world."
He smiled at him as Fluffy nuzzled the white steed of the Prince.

The princess! Again a fire of hope was ignited inside of Gin as the general spoke of their one true hope, Princess Sparkle.

"Aye, the princess is for the time safe. Let us camp for now, then decide the best action for us all to take."
[DASH=purple]W'Saylia Vyolith ran steadily and fast, sword clutched tightly in one steady hand. While running, she berated herself for not being at her Master's side at such a time. She should have never gone off to do her personal training by herself. Now was a time of peril and chaos and to not be ready was a fatal mistake. How could she become a knight at this rate? She still bore the apprentice mark on her armor and she wished to have it replaced with that of a knight's. Being slow and unprepared was not the step one should take for that to happen.

All around W'Saylia was destruction. Craters were carved into the earth as if giant hands had plowed them. Bodies of dead soldiers were littered like debris on the ground. But she moved forward, dead set on finding one of the Knights, preferably her master, the Knight of Winter. The air was filled with the sounds of shouting and the bombs that went off in the distance. She felt her hand clutch tighter onto her sword. Now was not the moment to be distracted. She had to find her master or any of the other Knights.

Up ahead, she saw figures, on horses. Closing the gap of land between them, she was pleased to see it was Gin, Knight of Spring. Her legs pushed her body faster as she raced like the wind towards him. Upon reaching him, she knelt on the ground. One knee pointed upwards and her back leg with her knee touching the earth. She drove the tip of her sword into the rocky terrain and bowed her head.

"Sir, Knight of Spring, I have come. I apologize for my absence. I..."
She paused, looking for the right words. "...was doing some personal training. It was foolish, not being at the ready." She turned her head towards the other men. "And my apologies to you fair men for interrupting anything."

After bowing and apologizing, she stood back up, her sword at the ready. "I was wondering, Sir Gin, might you know where my master is?"[/DASH]
[BG="black"]Hrodland [/BG]
[BG="black"]Date: The Fifth of Trillena. Time: 4:06 PM

Hrodland brushed his pony tail aside when Reggie spoke about "getting the hell out of town." He never cared for that sort of language. It would seem rather odd that an old school knight and a tomboy mechanic would be such close friends, but such things didn't seem to concern either of them too much.

"You know, I never really looked into all of the strange contraptions that make up Hrum. My guess would be that he over worked himself with trying to flee."

"STOP TALKING!!!!" Princess Sparkles yelled, "I WANT TO LEAVE... NOW!"


Reggie was now booking it. The car was dodging debries left and right. It seemed that the enemy airships were busy focused on trying to subdue the castle at this point in time. The design of the machine was almost spring-like and cartoonish. However, no matter how odd the design, it was getting its job done. More bombs fell from the heavens, some barely missing the buggie.

"MOVE IT, MOVE IT!" The Princess yelled again. "That is not good behavior" Hrodland said. "I DON'T CARE! IT'S YOUR BLOODY JOB TO KEEP ME SAFE AND THIS IS NOT SAFE!!!!"
"Shut up."

Hrum had pulled himself over the seat to look backwards, staring straight into the Princess' eyes. He had already affixed a new bottle of Fluid to his life support and his dessicated body revived itself. The pumps in his shoulder chittered and clicked, smoothly regulating the flow into his body, small hisses coming from logic gears thrown back and forth, driven at the micron-millimeter scale by steam action. All of these things went unseen beneath his cloak , and certainly went unheard beneath the thundering carpet bombing occurring in the distance, the deep bass resonating through the ground and vibrating in the chest.

He stared at the princess, his pupils accutely focused, tendrils of frost growing outward into his iris. A thin layer of ice was growing across his cornea, and he blinked once, sending flakes out of his eyes. With each breath a small blast of frost came out of the corners of his mouth, not unlike some huge muskox in the winter.

Without a word he flipped himself over the seat and stared ahead, his pupils once again fading to dull blue-grey. The machine, his prosthetic, was not perfect, and sometimes his eyes would freeze from the inside, the gelatin inside chilled into a hard, translucent mass.

"Humid." This was directed at no one in particular, and he closed his eyes for the foreseeable future.
View attachment 3626What started off as several small fires throughout the Kingdom had now escalated into a roaring blaze. From the hill, where The Knight of Spring was now standing, it looked like one big red ember. Black smoke rose in steady waves, blocking out the clouds and quickly setting sun, which in turn, cast a dull crimson shade over the sky. It really did look like the apocalypse, and to the masses that lost their lives, it was.

Gin had dismounted and was loosening the straps on Fluffy's saddle, she neighed thankfully and bobbed her head approvingly. As his title proclaimed, the Knight of spring had deep compassion for all things living and growing, including a particular fondness towards animals. He treated Fluffy as a friend, and in all honesty, he cared for her as much or more than all the humans he knew.

View attachment 3625As Gin prepared to take the reins and bit from Fluffy's mouth, he noticed someone approaching. It was W’Saylia Vyolith. Gin knew her, only slightly, as a loyal apprentice to his friend and fellow Seasonal knight, Hrodland. He smiled at her, and despite all the chaos, it was kind and genuine. Under normal circumstances there may have been repercussion for her absence during battle, but Gin was not one to hand down punishment after such a tremendous defeat.

"There is no need for apology, this has been a day of tragic loss for us all. While there are some things we can be held accountable for in our lives, let today not be one of them. Be thankful, we are here, alive and breathing while so many lay dead in our once beloved kingdom."

Gin was known for rambling, at times. He often went into long, winded speeches to address the simplest of issues. However, today he cut it short.

"We will journey together, to meet with the Knight of Winter in the mourning, or perhaps sooner. Like yourself, it is also my goal to reach him and Princess Sparkle. My only hope is that they remained unscathed during the invasion."

Some of the soldiers from Kikkomon were already starting fires and cooking meat. Others had broken into rations of mead or other strong drink. Gin was not a drinking man himself, but he did not condone it, especially in such a dire situation.

"I think our best plan of action is to rest for the time being, for the quest that lies ahead will be long and perilous. Please, make yourself comfortable"

[DASH=purple]W'Saylia bowed her head slightly, grateful for his kindness. Hearing his plans to meet up with Hrodland, she nodded with slight vigor. She said nothing, but her body language strongly hinted that she greatly agreed. "I will travel with you." Though if one looked closely, they would see her hand tighten ever so little on the handle of her sword, Sacred Snow, at the mention of Hrodland and the Princess. She knew they were most likely in a tight situation and could not bear to think what would happen if he and the Princess were harmed. I will fight for them, like any knight should. But then she cleared her mind; to dwell on such things was not productive. She must move forward and focus on the now.

"You have my thanks, Sir Gin. I will fight by your side."

Instead of resting, though, she found a little space a bit away from everyone else and unsheathed her sword. She began practicing a series of parries and blows, her blade whistling through the air. It seemed to cut the very wind itself as the red fiery glow from the blaze glinted and glistened on her sword like water. Every blow she made was followed by another as she nimbly and quickly fought an invisible foe. I must make myself better. She thought fiercely, her limbs moving in a frantic pace. Only then will I become a true knight.

Finally after some time, W'Saylia halted. Sweat was not visible on her body, but her breathing was a bit heavy. She sat slowly on the ground with her legs crossed. Her sword was pushed back into its place, on her hip by her side. She gazed out into the distance, watching the black smoke be pulled into the sky.[/DASH]


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[dash=pink]Winiefred's men went quickly to work assisting the fleeing civilians as needed. Tents and other supplies were gathered and set up in order to treat and give the people a place to rest. Kikkomon would give them refuge and send them along to the safe hold where the rest of the Kikkomon kingdom was awaiting as well. The King would not turn away aid to those in need. Winiefred was busy helping his knights out in what way he could. For once he seemed to have a determined and serious demeanor. However, his glance kept sliding toward the Knight of Spring, scanning over his armored figured with a hidden longing that only he seemed to understand and know.

A soft sigh escaped his lips as he sat upon Buttercup and overlooked things. The city below was burning with a red blaze. It was a sad sight to see and Winiefred wanted to simply turn and go back, but he would remain strong! Riding back toward the camp, his men were starting to set up their camp, the civilians resting. Winiefred dismounted Buttercup and walked him along, searching for Gin. As he wandered, he noticed Gin speaking with a young female knight. His heart instantly dropped and he felt a slight pang of perhaps jealously swell within his stomach as a frown spread across his lips. He shook his head though to clear his thoughts. This was silly of him. There was a fine young woman before him! Winiefred get a hold of yourself! He thought to himself.

Letting Buttercup free to graze, he began to walk over, but the girl seemed to have walked away. Winiefred blinked but smiled as he approached Gin, "Your men are valiant as you are yourself. Though the circumstances seem grim, have faith that this will pass and we shall be victorious together." He patted Gin on the back a moment, "My men have helped get as many civilians out as we could. Until the blaze dies and the ships can be driven back or vacate, I'm afriad whomever is left will have to fend for themselves" he frowned a bit, "We will continue to do what we can for your people though" he took hold of Gin's hand and gave it a squeeze. To others it might seem odd (and really it sort of was) but to Gin it would just seem like comradery, "who was the lovely woman you were speaking to earlier?" he asked Gin before leaving. Upon retrieving her name, he turned and left for a short walk to clear his mind.

As he walked he happened upon the young female engaging in some sword training. He waited for her to finish before approaching, "It is a sad day when comrades turn against one another. Perhaps one of the deepest betrayals" he smiled charmingly, "please do not be startled, forgive me. I was just on a walk and happened to see you. My name is Prince Winiefred of the Kikkomon Kingdom. We've come to assist your kingdom in any way possible" he bowed and took hold of W'Saylia's hand giving it a light kiss, "You must be the lovely W'Saylia?" [/dash]
[BG="black"]Hrodland [/BG]
[BG="black"]Date: The Fifth of Trillena. Time: 4:14 PM
"How dare you order me to 'shut up!' You're an assistant to Hrodland. You cannot tell a noblewoman to shut u---" The princess felt a slander hand cover her mouth.

"There will be time to argue later. Now is not the time or place." Hrodland said. "Speaking of time, I do not think we should waste time following all the side streets to retreat to wherever we are going," Gizmo said to Reggie, "While they were bombed out, the main street ways would offer the quickest means of escape."

"Silly cat." Hrodland said, "We're not going to take the streets. We're taking the sewer systems out." The princess blinked, "The sewers?!!?" Hrodland then raised his index finger up to Reggie. "Take a sharp left. But do be careful. I don't trust these over designed horseless carriages." Reggie chuckled, "Oh, please Roland. Since when have you ever know for my machines to fail me?" Hrodland was going to speak but then Reggie grunted, "That was a rhetorical statement Roland."

Reggie then took the sharp right, everyone but her then held on for dear life as the machine was now heading down an incline into a shallow river way. With a rouge landing, the multi-wheeled car was now treading over water.

"Hahah!" Reggie laughed, "I told you my machines never fail me." Hrodland then chuckled.

"Just keep driving!" The Princess yelled. "Hrmph. Where are we going anyways?"

Hrodland then turned around and faced the Princess and Gizmo again, while Hrum remained in the far back. "Oh. How rude of me! We will be traveling to the Kikkomon Kingdom. We established a peace with them many years ago. It will be the home of our Kingdom in Exile for the time being. No worries little one, you will be safe inside a nice warm bed tonight."

He then faced forward again, "Reggie, you may wish to drop the wheels. The rest of this trip will be done by water."

"Oh, fufuffu, Roland. I planned a head of time. For this "toy" as you called it has a lot of surprises in store." Reggie then said.


[BG="black"]Location:Unknown, Time Unknown

It is said that beyond the tallest mountains far to the east lies a land that few have ever seen. After travelling past these places, it lies in an underground tomb created by the Kin. The Maschinen.... It continues to send out fragments of its soul to attack any treasure hunter foolish enough to seek it out. The Maschinen is said to be equal in power to the gods and tantamount to possessing the world. It is believed not a single person living or dead hasseen its true form. In order to interact with it, as the myth goes, one must find a key.

I have been travelling for many months now and my body aches with hunger. Cold winds continually blow over head. I can feel my breath turn to ice with each step I take.... But I must force myself to continue.

There are...There are rumors that a great conflict was breaking out against the Dio and several smaller kingdoms. I fear that if this mission doesn't go as planned, that the outcome of the war will fall into the hands of those aggressive demons known as the Holy Senate!

This is my goal. In order to save my kingdom, I must travel and find this key mentioned in the stories...

I...I...Just hope that the Knight of Spring, Gin, is actually going to fall through with the plan...He is the last hope of the kingdom, should it fall...

[BG="black"]Letum Highrule [/BG]
[BG="black"]Date: The Fifth of Trillena. Time: 4:55 PM

"I want to know the amount of damage done." A man with deep voice said while he sat in a large wooden chair. "Quickly, quickly. I don't have all day." Several soldiers and officers ran back and forth calling into various communication tubes that allowed the airship to remain in contact with the observation crew.

"Sir!" One of the Ensigns said as he picked up the sight of a flare, "The observation crew says that most of the kingdom has been hit hard. Fires are spreading left and right. Damages will probably be high."

The deep voiced man then sighed, "Tell the Dio to stop the bombings. They did more than enough." The man then peered down at the small glass of wine that was resting on a table next to his chair. "Heh." He chuckled to himself.

This was an easier victory than Letum had assumed. It seemed that none of the Knights had put up a fight. Surely with their abilities, they could have easily taken down several of the airships. What was their motivation for not defending the castle?

"Have we made any contact with any of the Knights?" Letum then asked. The ensign then shook his head no.

"Well now, that is indeed very interesting." Letum chuckled to himself, "Very interesting indeed."
[DASH=purple]W'Saylia studied the giant black clouds that started to fill the sky. It seemed hard to believe such a thriving nation would soon be bombed like this, leaving destruction and death in its path. W'Saylia let out a long, slow breath from her nostrils. Today would be a challenge and a tough one. She would need to sharpen her skills and be ready. Her nerves were tingling just the tiniest bit. She had been in action before, plenty of times. But this time seemed to be the top of mountain. This time would be the biggest fight she had ever battled, and she needed to battle hard.

She noticed the Prince was making his way towards her. Standing up in respect, she bowed waist-up to him. She said nothing, but the air of respect around her talked for her.

"It is a sad day when comrades turn against one another. Perhaps one of the deepest betrayals" The Prince said to her. She listened and nodded, almost in a forlorn fashion. She agreed with him to the bitter point. It was one of the deepest betrayals a soldier, knight, or anyone in general could experience. The Prince then smiled warmly, which slightly puzzled W'Saylia. , "please do not be startled, forgive me. I was just on a walk and happened to see you. My name is Prince Winiefred of the Kikkomon Kingdom. We've come to assist your kingdom in any way possible" Winiefred then bowed, which confused W'Saylia again as she thought royalty bowed to none. He then took her hand and lightly planted his lips upon it, suprising W'Saylia further. "You must be the lovely W'Saylia?" She took this as a sign of respect from royalty and was flattered. A smile was not on her face, but if one studied with a close eye, they would see her eyes glittering and a hint of pink in her cheeks.

"Prince Winiefred, it is a pleasure to meet you.
I am indeed the one known as W'Saylia. W'Saylia Vyolith. I am flattered by your kindness."