Maschinen Märchen (Steampunk)

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Surrealism, Surreal Horror (Think Tim Burton), Steampunk, Sci-Fi Fantasy, Spaghetti Westerns, Mercenaries, Dieselpunk, Cyberpunk, Historical fantasies


After the fighting had calmed and new borders were established, the Kingdom of Odoaker was entering its birth. The great Knight Mordecai was now the King. His fellow knights were entrusted to a political position in the new age. The original Knights of Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer were welcomed into the lands they had defended.

A long period of peace had been established by King Mordecai. The same lineages continue to present. All the Knights can trace their ancestry to this ancient time. However, now after a couple generations, a prophecy stated that one of the Knights of the Seasons would set his eyes on the lands once governed by Mordecai.


Against the backdrop of a powerful military force, the Federation of Dio plans to invade their neighboring countries, including the Kingdom of Odoaker. They plan to place Letum Highrule, the Knight of Summer, as its ruler. As a man with overwhelming charisma, he receives strong support from the army. However, as the head knight this puts him at odds with the current Knights.

The current head of state is a young girl that calls herself, “Princess Sparkles.” She lives in the mountainous capital; therefore there was no way of getting large amounts of armed men in to rescue her from capture.


Before a final decision was declared, the second most powerful Knight of Seasons came forth. He was young man with the power to control and channel intense winter storms. The Knight of Winter has taken the Princess under his wing.


Now the Knight of Winter is faced with a nearly unstoppable force. Calling upon the aid of the remaining knights and finding the Heir of Maschinen is all that he can do.
Re: Maschinen Märchen

Setting:Maschinen takes place on the planet Gamsicant. During the Earth Renewal Project, starships took humanity to new worlds. Many generations have pasted since that time, so almost all of the knowledge of Earth is lost. The people of Gamsicant have come to rely on "Shahla", an ancient civilization's technology with a wide array of capabilities from airships to small blades. The Dio and Odoaker use "Shahla" to enhance their elemental powers abilities in combat.

Plot: You are a member of the Knight of Winter's team. Your goal is to keep the Princess safe and from capture from the Dio, whom have their own plans for the girl. The Princess has the power to awaken the fabled Maschinen. Your quest involves traveling around in search of the fabled being as well. It is the only way to defeat the Dio.

RP Style: Fantasy set on another world. The basic feel of the RP is along the lines of Full Metal Alchemist, Last Exile, Howl's Moving Castle, etc.

Game Masters: Rory and that One Knight of Oktoberfest.

Number of Players Allowed: Five (Not counting GMs)

Number of Characters: One to Two, please PM if you want more than two. Amends will be put into consideration.

Posts per week: Please aim for one or two.

Genre: Sci Fi Fantasy, Adventure, Quest, War, Machines, Steampunk

Rating:Older Teen, 16+. There will be violence, some adult themes, and crude humor.

Ask my Maid Mandy! But seriously though, you have any questions or there is anything I have left out, just go ahead and ask me (in this thread or PM)

Well, if you've gotten through my entire badly-lain plot and you still want to RP, here's the sheet.

Character Name:
Job/Role: (You don't have to play just as the Knights.)
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
General History:

Character Name: Gin Torigama

Looks about 25, although speculations put him somewhere in his 40s.


Spring Knight

General Appearance:
View attachment 3486

Current Goal/Purpose:
To escort, protect and if necessary, lay down his life for Princess Sparkle. Second to that, and just as important, lead the quest to find the ancient weapon, Maschinen.

General Personality:
Stern and forthright, compassionate and fierce. His general demeanor is very goal orientated, he feels that as a Knight he has a job to do and he takes that very seriously...sometimes to the point of being a bore to others around him.

General History:
Born in the Kingdom of Odoaker and raised within its walls prior to the rule of King Mordecai. Gin was raised by a poor farmer, but was quickly schooled in values that led him to become a great knight. He showed exemplary skills in swords play and quickly developed a love for weapons, and a sense of pride for country that gave him the foundation to become a valued servant to the crown. 

Character Name: Käthe Valeria Berg aka Princess Sparkles

Gender: Female

Job/Role: Princess of Odoaker

Age: 12

General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose: She is the girl that’s being rescued from the advancing armies led by the Dio. Her true power lies with the fact that she is the Heir of Maschinen. How she differs from normal humans is currently unknown.

General Personality: Princess Sparkles is an example of a princess that is brave and headstrong instead of relying on someone to protect. Who says tomboys can't be girly? Who says girly girls can't be tomboys? She likes to play with the boys, but also like wearing tiaras and fancy dresses. Kathe is highly opinionated and has a sharp mouth, so much so that some claim she solely exists to annoy people.

General History: Little is known about her direct ancestry, other than she is the distant granddaughter of the fabled King Mordecai. With the passing of her mother before the start of the Dio invasion, Kathe is the only remaining descendant of the Mordecai linage. She is the acting ruler of the nation, even at such a young age. She uses the Knights, if there are any issues her advisors cannot give her answers to. If she were to be killed, this would greatly upset the balance of powers between the Knights of the Seasons.

Character Name:
Regina "Reggie" Begmann




General Appearance:
A thin framed woman who stands at 5' 7". Her curly brown hair flows to her sides and often times has little braids in it. There is a peach tint to her pale flesh. When she smiles, her lips seem to shine because of the sparkling pink gloss she wears. For clothes, she likes to stick to simple fashions. Usually, her attire is leather pants, tall boots and a form fitting shirt, always with multiple pockets she makes use of. Reggie always wears a tool belt around her waist so her tools are at a more convenient reach. She's always seen with a pair of goggles on her head, too. When she travels, she always takes her jet pack with her so traveling is faster.

Current Goal/Purpose:
Reggie has a goal to make her inventions well known in the world so she can not only make money, but make peoples' lives easier. For now, she has a duty to protect Princess Sparkles. She volunteered to tag along because she wants to see this fabled weapon and is plenty capable of bodyguarding, especially with the help of Gadget, her mechanical feline companion.

General Personality:
Ever hopeful and a big dreamer. Although her crazy ambitions usually get her laughed at, she takes no offense to it because she's highly positive she'll prove them all wrong. Reggie cannot stand people who are boring, self centered or pathetically miserable. If they spend their efforts trying to push her away, she'll retort with insults. Generally, if you stay on her good side, you can count on Reggie to be your friend for life. She always looks out for her comrades.

General History:
Reggie never was interested in tea time, house wife life or gardening like her mother and father tried to force on her. She spent most of her time in her room alone, studying mechanics from books she'd get from the library. Using her grandfather's abandoned tools and garage, she began to create useful machines. Some of them made life easier, others were just for fun. People who admired her work were willing to pay good amounts of money for her creations. To her surprise, art collectors just wanted her masterpieces for displays! They were some of the happiest days of her life.

When she grew older, she opened her own shop in that very garage, where she continued to perfect her inventions and take requests from customers. Admittedly, some of them ended in disasters. More than once, her machines would explode once activated, but that never stopped her from trying.

Despite the doubt of her friends and family, Reggie still aimed to be one the greatest, well known inventors in history. She wanted to be remembered from good deeds and creativity. Fortunately, she did stand out from the crowd, which is what got her hired to assist the princess. That aside, other inventors just couldn't be bothered...

With her helpful inventions, her intelligent robot named Gadget and her restored motorbike, she is ready to take on the challenge of escorting Sparkles.
Hi there,

Are there any restrictions on character type and abilities? I have an old bio for an ice elementalist I could copy and paste and have it fit in nicely. Are there any roles you are specifically looking for?

It's pretty much open to most character types that you'd encounter in steampunk or fantasy. Our only restriction is that the character should be human and have limited powers since we'll have all the time we need to develop the core characters of the team as time progresses.

For now if you could either PM myself or October the character sheet, we can give you a better idea of what we have in mind (or you can post the original sheet here). As for roles we are looking for, a non-Knight character might be a good way to go.
Here you go.

The skeleton is there, but modifications are possible. I'm mostly thinking of introducing a lameness in his left arm, hidden, that is mostly due to a machine that pumps fluid, IV-style, into his upper arm. Clockwork and all that. Powers can be limited, backstory tweaked. The character I have in mind is, in a sentence, 'haughty but loyal.'

Excuse the various grammatical oddities.
He looks fine to me, 'haughty but loyal' will be a nice addition to the team! Tweak the history a little so it fits within our story and you'll be good to go.
You can probably get away with using a group like the Northern Elementalists or however you wish to name them for this storyline. The ability to control the element via energy fits well into this world's sense of "magic," so no need to alter that too much or at all.

Obviously just change the Earth locals in the bio and you're good to go.
Okay. I had some inspiration on the way home from work so I'll have a skeleton up shortly.

Edit: I begin; for me avatars are everything, and if I can't find a good one I won't publish the character.

Here ... to, serve


"Hrum Vor"; Male; Technomage; 14? 15? 16?

Hrum gives off an aura of great volume - while of average height, he seems to simply fill space in a physical sense. Quite logically, this is due to the type of clothing he wears: robes and baggy pants that seem to flow on their own, gently fluttering in the absence of any wind, pushed from the inside as if by compressed air. The clothing is weighty, and appears to be the type that would sag like a thick piece of leather on the shoulders of the wearer. His lips are pale, sometimes blue: he appears to suffer from light shivering no matter the ambient temperature.


"Goal? Are, you saying I ... have, ulterior, motives?"

"I am ... here only to render a service, requested."


"Ha! What are you, some sort of learned mind man? Where is your reclining chair, voodoo man?"

"I wonder what being warm feels like ... "


Hrum hails from a (North? South?) tribe that has long raised the ancient technology to an inherited art. Their wonder is based upon the Working Fluid, a dull grey-blue, watery liquid that is extracted from an ancient machine, coaxed to life with techniques performed from rote, long devoid of any meaning. This Fluid has an extremely high vapour pressure - if it is allowed to coat a surface and evaporate, it can drop the temperature to the point at which the material becomes brittle and easily shattered.

Replacing one's blood with this fluid is a complex procedure and permanently shutters the victim into a half-dead state, animated by the force of his will and machinery. Traditionally, the left arm is chosen as the sacrifice. A bottle of the Fluid, hermetically sealed in a flexible bottle, is attached to a machine embracing the person's shoulder. The machine is like an octopus, with tubes fastened onto the upper and forearm. The carotid artery is slit and the bottle forcibly depressed, exsanguinating the honoree until a gout of frost erupts from the wound, immediately sealing it in a sheath of ice.

The technomage has already learnt how to control the flow of blood in his vessels, to open and close valves, and is even able to secrete blood from his pores. This will come in handy.

The machine on his shoulder becomes his new heart. It powers itself by constantly bleeding off some of the Fluid - the pressure it generates as it vaporizes drives an analytic engine of gears and pistons that keep the Fluid circulating in his veins. His heart no longer functions, and he only consumes food, with difficulty, to keep himself from going brain dead. The eyes acquire a vapid, empty look as the pupils and iris become one, a dull grey colour. The Fluid sometimes deadens his functions; he lapses into a stupor, with a trickle of spit running down his cheek. At times it gives him great animation, like a thousand needles over the body, driving him mercilessly until he is burnt out.

Tradition merits his loyalty to his empire. A loyalty ... only superseded by loyalty to his own kin.​

Please let me know if this is a bit on the morbid side or otherwise out of tune with the feel you intended to grasp for the RP.​
Character Name: Prince Winiefred aka Prince Fred
Gender: Fe/male (no one is really sure but we're assuming male for the time being)
Job/Role: Prince of the kingdom of Kikkomon
Age: 20
General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose: As prince of the kingdom of Kikkomon, it is his duty to carry out his princely duties! In other words, learn how to run his country, find a princess and marry her, raise a slew of heirs etc etc blah blah blah. Really he wants to find his true love, and woo all he can in the process. He's a rather simple goal oriented guy.
General Personality: A bit of an odd ball. He's what you might call an equal opportunity sort of guy. A bit ambiguous, you never know quite what to expect from him. Often times it may seem like he thinks life is just a joke, but really he does try to be serious when appropriate (and can be if he really tries). He's sort of just an enigma and you never really seem to know what's on his mind (doubtful that he really does either...)
General History: Prince Winiefred was born to the Kingdom of Kikkomon, a neighboring kingdom of Odoaker. Odoaker and Kikkomon have been long time allies and friends. Winiefred actually has a sister, but little is known about her as she's kept quietly/safely away. As next in line for the throne, it is his job to uphold the family lineage and learn of his future duties as king.

Character Name: Count Hrodland Adalbert

Gender: Male

Job/Role: Knight of the Winter

Age: 29

General Appearance: A thin but muscular man, rumors state that he is of Kin ancestry. Hrodland wears his hair in a braid on one side that represents his loyalty to the crown and to his princess. He wears a cape over his armor many times. The Knight often is seen with his eyes closed, as if in deep thought.

Current Goal/Purpose: To escort, protect and if necessary, lay down his life for Princess Sparkle. Hrodland is less concerned with finding the Maschinen than his counterpart is. He wears the Gauntlets of the Biting Frost, which are a pair of solid titanium gauntlets, shaped like open wolves mouth. Incredibly heavy, takes immense strength to hold, even more to wield correctly. These are what allows him to control the chilling winds and can they can create jagged icicles by stomping his feet, yelling, any show of power.

General Personality: A complete loyalist the Winter Knight has never faltered in his commitment to the throne. He believes that the will of the princess is right and everything that defies her should be put down. Hrodland is a free spirit, always has been and always will be. This is not to suggest that he doesn't take his role as a Knight seriously; however, he has a history of being eccentric when not engaged in serious discussions. He is very loving and brotherly, is kind to a fault, to the Princess. It is a well known fact that he is easily manipulated at times since the Princess knows she can get away with things around him. Over all, he deeply cares for his fellow Knights and wishes no harm come to them but he does not accept warriors who betray their nation in pursuit of their own agendas.

General History: He was a Knight since the reign of the Princess’ mother. He was one of the few who remained loyal to his Queen until she passed away. Hrodland worked his way up to being an Imperial Guard who kept watch over Princess Sparkles out of pure admiration for her mother. While it was against the rules, Hrodland simply wished to be close the Princess’ mother and see her true expressions. He found that even as the one knight who spent the most time around her, she never seemed happy. The Winter Knight is the one whom hired Reggie to help escort the Princess around since he believes that machines will help in the aid of keeping the girl safe.
Okay, looks like we have enough players to start. Let's do this then!
See you on the inside.
Since there are a few of you that haven't RPed with me before, my RPs are always done in "chapters" within the same thread, so that it has an episodic feel to it. Chapters vary in length but are generally around 15 to 20 posts long. The first posts and ending posts generally are "fancy" looking. You'll see what I mean when the first post is up!
Alright. Looks like all parties have met up. I will post sometime later since I had a busy day today with doing some local Steampunk events.

We could end the current episode soon or we could continue it a little longer, either would be fine with me. If you'd like to add suggestions please do so since I like having people's imput and ideas put into RPs besides for my own narrative stylings.
I'd like to join, if there's still spots open for one more person.
Yes there is.

We are a little more than ten posts. So in summary, the Kingdom of Odoaker is under attack by enemy airships and is loosing since it has no naval fleet of its own. The Princess has been rescued by the Knight of Winter and Reggie, tagging with them is Hraum. The Knight of Spring, Gin, has just joined up with Prince Fred. From there, we'll probably meet up by the end of this scene. Hope this helps.
This chapter seems to have wrapped up nicely. Perhaps your next segment can involve an "on the run" thing as the winter knight attempts to escape to the relative safety of his kingdom.