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    Name: Aria Blair Couture
    Age: 29
    December 24, 1985
    Birth Place: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    Current Location: Manhattan, New York, New York
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Marital Status: Single
    Species: Human
    Ethnicity: Canadian, Norwegian
    Occupation: Cybernetician Specializing in Biomedical Engineering & Artificial Intelligence
    Education: M.A. in Engineering
    Dalhousie University
    Languages: French, English, German
    Religious Views: "If the news is accurate, then it looks like the Vikings were right."
    Political Views: "I try to deal with robots with some actual artificial intelligence, and not ones in suits."
    Family: Daniel Martin Couture - 65 - Father
    Heather Jennifer Couture - 58 - Mother
    Bailey & Boomer - 5ish - Spaniel Mix & French Bull Dog
    Polyphemus - 4 - Ocelot Margay

    Favourite Colour: Electric Blue
    Favourite Food: Bagel Bites
    "I'm a genius but even I can't think of a better way to make a pizza bite sized."
    Favourite Movie: I, Robot
    Favourite Book: The Lifecycle of Software Objects by Ted Chiang
    Favourite Quote: "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that." - HAL, 2001: A Space Odyssey
    Favourite Song: "Sing" - Ed Sheeran
    Theme Song: "Legacy" - Eminem

    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 129 lbs
    Hair Colour: Blonde
    Eye Colour: Blue
    Scars: She has a piece of pavement in her left knee from when she was fifteen and fell when running.
    Tattoos: On her left arm she has a version of "11011" which, in binary code, translates to the "Ø" symbol. In math, Ø is the symbol for diameter and continues to be her way of preferring to be straightforward about ways to solve a problem. The tattoos on her left and right are both really simple and don't need much explanation except for the Korean currency , and her angel wings are a mistake from when she was sixteen that she can't bring herself to remove or get tattooed over.
    Piercings: Ears, Belly Button
    Physical Description: The last thing that people think when they look at Aria is that she's an engineer with the brain to back up the body. Depending on which smile she decides to flash or how she decides to dress herself, Aria is either inhumanly adorable or drop dead flawless. Her tattoos are never noticed by anyone unless it's the one on her arm, and she mostly prefers it that way hence why they're small in inconspicuous places. She's what people would typically expect from a girl from California: light tan, blonde hair, blue eyes, thin body. Nobody could ever guess that she's from Canada except when she talks. Her Canadian accent isn't as strong as it used to be, but she still says "oo" in replace of the "ow" sound in words. It's the one thing that throws everyone off as everyone continually forgets that she's from Canada. She's been called "American" enough times to get actually angered whenever people say it.

    Personality: Aria is brilliant in more ways than just intellect. She's known for her own brand of casual sarcasm. While she might not go out of her way for a joke or a laugh, it rolls off the tongue and isn't really boisterous enough to cause enough people to take notice of it until they actually stop and think about it a minute. Whatever remarks she makes are slipped into conversation casually as to not draw attention to them unless you're paying actually listening to what she's saying. Most of the time she likes to dance around questions in regards to her upbringing and questions of her younger days. Honestly, nobody knows anything about her from her pre-college days because she has become an expert at changing the subject when she doesn't want to answer something. Being rude isn't in her nature anymore, as it comes with being Canadian and her maturation, and for those moments she's learned to instead feed the ego of someone else or discuss something else about her career that would either confuse someone into changing the subject. For the most part she uses her humour to her advantage. It keeps her from losing her cool whenever work is being difficult and from getting annoyed at the people who enter her life who are more ignorant than she's used to dealing with. Aria is as polite as any Canadian stereotype, but don't expect her to apologize for things that aren't her fault because she has better things to do with her time than that.
    Strengths: There are very few skills which she holds above her intelligence. Given her mostly background and the fact she went to a school district that provided a very poor education, Aria is very proud of how she's turned out. She doesn't usually brag about it because it might lead to people asking why she enjoys boasting, but there are moments when even she is surprised by and proud of herself. Applying her knowledge is one of the talents where she's most obviously brilliant. Theoretical was never interesting to her, not like applying. She loves the process of creating her ideas into intentions. Talking is one thing, doing is another. Doing is where Aria truly shines. She constantly loves to prove herself and prove that she's better than where she came from. Most people don't know that she has something to prove, but even if they don't know they realize that she's always proving something to herself she still has to do it. Aria doesn't keep doing her work for other people; she works for herself and hopes it helps other people.
    Weaknesses: Aria gets really twitchy, for lack of a better term, when it's quiet. It reminds her too much of the days in her childhood where the quiet meant she needed to be on edge so she didn't wake up her parents and get the shitty end of the stick for it. Whenever things get too quiet, Aria changes as a person. Her patience will rapidly deteriorate, she gets really jumpy, and she's snapped at people much harsher than she otherwise would. The quiet just does things to her, and she hates it. To offset this, Aria tries to keep music on or some kind of noise every time she's got some down time. The only other real downside that Aria's realized with herself was simply the fact that she doesn't get really close to people that easily. As far back as she can remember, she's never told anyone what her situation at home was like. None of her friends really know anything about her other than what can be confirmed by numerous sources on the Internet. She just doesn't want people to know and then judge her on that instead of what she's done.

    Likes: She loves the cold even though she doesn't get it in New York to the capacity she got it in Canada or in Germany. There isn't any temperature that drops below zero, and sometimes she doesn't even dress for the American winters because they're like Little League compared to the major leagues. She has a soft spot for all of her pets and even a few of her builds. Since she hasn't been back to Canada in a while, Aria really likes the little tastes of home that she can afford in America while she gets used to it. She is still trying to figure out whether or not she likes America. It's treated her alright so far, but with the way the government is going she might have to give in to her homesickness and go move back to her native country. But as far as things that are more tangible goes, Aria loves sci-fi movies (both good and super terrible) and doing puzzles and reading. As boring as it might seem to some, she doesn't really go out and do much because she's always been more of a solitary creature.
    Dislikes: Aria has issues with the New York traffic. People are in such a big hurry and she really hates that people can't stop and look around. More than the fact they're just in a hurry, they're also just such snobs who think they're better than everyone. Those superficial, cocky bastards get on her nerves. She can understand it if they worked for what they had, but she can't stand it when people look down on the little guy or the poor people just because they don't have the same money or the same opportunities that someone else had. It bothers her knowing she came from the bottom and achieved the level of success she did without anyone's else while fighting the knowledge that everyone could look down on her at any time until she met people who just didn't know who she was.
    Aspirations: Since she's already started to make leaps into her appropriate fields the way she wanted to, Aria has much more that she wants to do for herself. All she's wanted to do as of late is learn the files in relation to the Winter Soldier project. Bucky Barnes is a fascinating example that she needs to replicate, and honestly that's all she wants to do by the end of the year. Of course, she has other projects that she has to keep herself busy. Aria doesn't want to become obsessed even though she knows it is very, very likely that the H.Y.D.R.A. files will become a fun and complex problem that she would love to solve.
    Fears: Aria has a fear of being trapped, enclosed with no escape, or drowned. Basically, she's scared of her having to put her fate into someone else's hands and having it come back to bite her in the ass. She's been in small, dark spaces for hours and it's left an imprint on her that most people don't know. The dark isn't necessarily a fear, but it makes her really uncomfortable. She falls asleep with the television on or even "accidentally" leaves a light on just so she doesn't have to deal with the anxiety that the darkness provides. Failure is also a fear, failure and exposure. Aria hates feeling exposed, and she would hate it if people found out about her past and tried to use her as a success story; everyone who's anyone is a success story.

    Aria is nothing short of a success story wherein the protagonist comes from nothing and makes themself into something. Her parents weren't the richest of people. Her parents made just enough money every month to scrape by if they spent their welfare check only on the necessities. That should have made it easy, right? It wouldn't be luxurious, but it would have been easy. It wasn't easy, never was. The welfare check didn't cover things like a smoking habit, didn't account those things into the amount of money they were given each month. It also didn't account for liquor. Later on in her life, she would learn it also didn't account for drugs. Her parents both had jobs, but they were only part-time and paid next to nothing. On paper, they were doing much better than they really were. Some of Aria's first memories were of her parents yelling at each other and throwing things. Her parents weren't the only adults in their apartment building. The projects were filled with kids like her with parents like hers. She was never alone in spirit, but all of them were alone physically because they couldn't escape the reality of their surroundings. For the first five years of her life, until she went to school, Aria didn't go outside much and didn't smile or laugh much either.

    Her earliest fascination with technology started when she was six years old. School had been boring for her in class, but it gave her chances to go outside. It also gave her chances to be home alone without anyone there to bother her or yell at her or each other. Her habit after school would be to walk home and go turn on the TV show Transformers. It was the only program she could ever manage to have time for before one of her parents came home and the chaos started back up again. She spent a long time wondering about what it would be like to have a robot and if she had one it could be put on display and shown to people for money. They really needed money. There were only a couple months out of every school year that she could even see Transformers because there wouldn't be enough money to pay the cable company... or the power bill... and sometimes the water bill... and occasionally the rent. It was a very hard living, but Aria didn't complain too much. She could handle herself and make sure she was cared for appropriately whenever there was a bill that wasn't paid so they didn't have power or water. They never got evicted, though, because the government just took the rent money out of their checks.

    It was this unstable environment that made her teenage years hell. Thirteen was the transitional year wherein she made the metamorphosis from the quiet kid that went to school in clothes that were four years old to the kid whose life turned to shit. Her dad started disappearing for days at a time and coming home for only a couple of hours to yell at her or her mom before he left again. When he was home, it was obvious to anyone who saw him that he was either tweaking or jonesing. It was a tipping point that caused what little restraint Aria held to break. Getting evicted would have been easier on the family, but that never happened and they were too poor to live anywhere else. Her grades dropped tremendously, but she never got below a B on her tests. She would stop showing up to class in favour of ditching, and when she was fifteen she started committing petty crimes because they needed money and she thought the best way to do that was for her and her friends at the time to commit crimes from shop lifting to car theft to burglary. The first thing her friends tried to get her into was drug related, but that was always one area of crime that Aria refused to try; it ruined her life and the life of her family, and she wanted nothing to do with the ruining of others.

    That kept her busy at night, but during the day there happened to be a new pop culture creation that came out when she was fifteen: Bionicles. She never watched the show or paid attention to them, but she loved building them. Whatever money didn't go to her parents would go to those toys. So her days were spent sometimes going to school, but she killed time during the day by building things. The more money she brought home, the more their small apartment seemed like an actual home. She'd steal her dad's tools and take the television or the computer apart and only sometimes put it back together... sometimes she'd just leave things scattered about her room and hope nobody went in there; to stop that problem, Aria took to locking her door from the inside and leaving out her window every day and learned how to pick a lock. Her nights, on the other hand, were spent with her friends (and eventually just her boyfriend that was six years older than her) committing delinquent actions. She never did anything on her own until one night when she was kicked out. Her father hadn't liked the fact she'd taken apart their old TV and turned it into a little robot so he threw her out for six weeks. He didn't even leave home. The only reason she didn't freeze given that it was from December through January was because she'd taken her mom's lighter and the robot she'd gotten into trouble for building and made it so that the robot could keep her warm. Nobody ever knew that she'd been kicked out.

    Thankfully she didn't have to stay kicked out for any longer than the six weeks. It was only her third night back home when she was arrested (not like it was the first time) with her boyfriend for grand theft auto. She was seventeen and tried as an adult because it wasn't her first offense. After being sentenced to three years in jail, Aria realized that she couldn't pursue anything that she'd formerly wanted to. Her plan for life blew up in her face, and she didn't think it was able to be recovered. That was almost the case until she learned she could get her G.E.D. in jail and work towards her education again, even if it would be a little delayed. She could have been bailed out if her family wasn't broke. Her by then ex-boyfriend had been bailed out, but he decided to break up with her after one time he visited her and there was no way she could afford it on her own. Lucky for her, she toned down her behaviour a lot in the two years she was there and was let out for good behaviour. It was a felony that could be expunged from her record, but she needed to make sure she kept all her ducks in a row. At twenty years old she decided to move away from her part of Canada. She didn't want to be in the toxic environment anymore and went to Dalhousie on both a scholarship and financial aide and two thousand dollars she had stashed in various places throughout her room. It was everything she had, and she moved.

    Dalhousie was where she really figured herself out. Robotics and engineering proved to be her calling as she'd often thought about when she was a kid, but that's also when she found that she liked animals. She'd never had a pet before, and she'd never gone over to a friend's house, so she had no experience with domesticated animals. The puppy room on campus opened her eyes to a lot of things, and she learned animals provided the sense of companionship that she went without her entire life. Within six years, she had completed her Bachelor's and her Master's degree. She'd already proven to be successful in her fields and that she had progressive ideas for a better future. The success, however, truly started to come when she got an email one day from an old professor of hers informing her that she had a job in Germany he recommended her for that would start in eight months so she'd better start learning the language just in case they didn't speak English. There was a team at a university in Germany working on developing a bionic eye that could possibly restore sight to the blind, and her professor had recommended her to the Germans when they had another opening on their team. In those eight months, Aria dedicated herself solely to learning German, becoming fluent enough to have a basic conversation. She would become fluent in German the two years that she lived there.

    In Germany, she and the team of Germans she was working with came incredibly close to what their goal was. Technology hadn't come far enough for them to restore vision perfectly, but they were managing to get closer to restoring pixels that would be better than nothing. Before they practiced on humans, they had animal trials. Their first successful case was a one-eyed cat they found that she got to name Polyphemus. They gave him the bionic eye and left him under Aria's care to examine and observe him for a month after the surgery to test how the animal was recovering and how sight improved. During the course of that month, Aria learned how smart and adaptable Polyphemus was. She managed to teach him other things like opening doors and turning on the lights too. By the time her report was finished, she was needed back in the lab to help them up how many pixels they could project again. It only took her two months to get the eyes functioning at half the normal human level, about three times more powerful than any of the Germans thought they could manage. They did ten human trials before the announcement was made, and once it was Aria moved to America (New York actually) so she could be back in North America without having to go back to Canada. She hasn't been back since her record was expunged. Since her move, Aria's been working mainly in the labs of other people when they want something along the lines of a Cyborg or a robot with A.I. Her own work has consisted of developing various A.I.'s and using files recovered from H.Y.R.D.A. to replicate and otherwise alter cybernetic technology used on the subject Bucky Barnes.

    I'm too lazy to rewrite her entire history to change it to the verse, but basically she teaches physics, algebra II, and robotics at the academy so she can get a lab to continue her work and teach other people.

    Name: James "Logan" Howlett
    Age: 124
    May 1,1889
    Appears early to mid thirties

    Birth Place: Alberta, Canada
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Species: Human Mutant
    Ethnicity: Canadian
    Occupation: Member of the X-Men; Teacher at Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
    Education: Tutored as a child
    Religious Views: "You really think there's a guy with a beard sitting up in the sky watching over us all?"
    Political Views: It's all the same.
    Family: Thomas Logan - Deceased - Biological Father
    John Howlett Sr. - Deceased - "Father"
    Elizabeth Howlett - Deceased - Mother
    John Howlett Jr. - Deceased - Half-Brother
    Dog Logan - 128 - Half-Brother
    Logan remembers none of these people.

    Favourite Color: Navy
    Favourite Food: Beer
    Favourite Movie: Roadhouse
    Favourite Book: "Got better things to do than read a book."
    Favourite Quote: When cops tell him to, "Put the knives down!"
    Favourite Song: "Highway to Hell" - AC/DC
    Theme Song: "Animal I Have Become" - Three Days Grace

    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 300 lbs
    195 lbs without the adamantium.
    The adamantium adds a lot of weight.

    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Blue
    Scars: He always heals.
    Tattoos: None
    Abilities: Wolverine possesses the ability to regenerate damaged or destroyed areas of his cellular structure at a rate far greater than that of an ordinary human. The speed his healing factor works at varies in direct proportion with the severity of the damage he suffers. Wolverine’s natural healing also affords him virtual immunity to poisons and most drugs, as well as an enhanced resistance to diseases; it is nearly impossible for him to become intoxicated from drinking alcohol. He also has a limited immunity to the fatigue poisons generated by bodily activity, and hence he has greater endurance than an ordinary human. His agility and reflexes are similarly enhanced. Wolverine’s healing factor provides him with an extended lifespan by slowing the effects of the aging process. Although over a century old, Wolverine is as healthy and physically fit as a man in his prime. Wolverine also possesses superhuman acute senses, making him capable of seeing things at a maximum distance greater than a normal human’s. His hearing is enhanced in a similar way, and he is able to recognize people and objects by scent, even if that person or object is hidden. Wolverine can use these enhanced senses to track any creature with an impressive degree of success. His skeleton includes six retractable one-foot long bone claws, three in each arm, that are housed beneath the skin and muscle of his forearms. He can, at will, release these slightly curved claws through his skin beneath the knuckles on each hand. The skin between the knuckles tears and bleeds, but the blood loss is quickly halted by his healing factor. Wolverine can unsheathe any number of his claws at once, although he must keep his wrists straight at the moment his claws shoot from his forearms into his hands. When unsheathed, the claws are fully within his hands, Wolverine can still bend his wrists. The claws are naturally sharp and tougher than that of normal human bone structure, allowing Wolverine to cut through most types of flesh and natural materials; however, ever since the Weapon X project, they are not in fact bone anymore but adamantium and indestructible. Despite the extent of his healing factor, Wolverine is not immortal. If the injuries are extensive enough, especially if they result in the loss of vital organs, large amounts of blood, and/or loss of physical form, such as having flesh burned away by fire or acid, Wolverine can die. On a mortal, human, level, Wolverine is an exceptional hand-to-hand combatant, having mastered virtually every fighting style on Earth. He is also a trained expert in multiple types of weapons, vehicles, computer systems, explosives, and assassination techniques. Wolverine is fluent in many languages, including Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Cheyenne, Lakota, and Spanish; he has some knowledge of French, Thai, and Vietnamese.
    Physical Description: Wolverine does bear some resemblance to the animal in his appearance. He has animal-like canine teeth and an unusual hairstyle, mutton chops included, that keep him fairly distinguished. He's fairly muscular since he's spent his time in wars and in fights, not that he remembers being in wars, and from the active normal lifestyle had once led. The most noticeable feature about him, however, isn't anything that someone can see right off the bat. He happens to have an adamantium skeleton that adds an extra hundred pounds to his weight than would normally be there, and he has claws that were once bone stored in his forearms. He has three claws in each arm that are each one foot in length. He can control them all individually and can control how far they come out, or if they press just against the surface of the skin of his knuckles in a fight, something he's done numerous times just to ensure that he wins.

    Personality: Logan is angry at the world and happy with being solitary to avoid it. The loss of the majority of his memories made him very bitter to be around, and only in more recent years has he decided to try to change that by being more social, even if by "more social" he means being an ass and being crude. He's very much against the idea of getting close and interacting with people, having learned about past instances where he put people in danger and killed people by being him, which leads him to keep his solitary lifestyle even though he is around people all the time and continues to teach students at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Logan has no filter between his brain and his mouth, nor does he want one, so if he thinks you're a dick, you are definitely going to know about it. The only feelings and thoughts that seem to actually be thought and not said are serious emotional sentiments, not that they're very common anyway. He's actually very low key when he's left to his own devices, but everyone that's ever met him will testify otherwise.
    Strengths: There's plenty of negative things to say about Wolverine, plenty. The one positive thing that people can almost always agree on is his determination. If you give him a job that needs to be done, no matter what it is, Logan will get that job done. He doesn't need to be told what to do or nagged about it; give him a job and a location and that job will be done. End of story. He doesn't care about the odds of him actually getting it done, having done quite a few near impossible things in his lifetime; Logan will give it all of his effort in order to ensure that what was asked of him gets accomplished.
    Weaknesses: He's definitely called Wolverine for a reason in that he is very much so animalistic in his ways for solving problems and attitude. Logan is very impulsive and has no problem making that known. If something is happening and needs to be ended, he'll jump right in with his own solution, which is usually to attack until whatever it is that's going on has ended, and pay no mind to the others around him or the fact he's getting his ass kicked as long as he can accomplish his own goal. He prefers to attack first and think later, almost usually coming up with a cool plan that could have made his life easier after the fight is done.

    Likes: A decent supply of beer, cigars, and rock music, Logan finds himself to be a man of simple means. He doesn't need the fancy shit that everyone else around him seems to require to survive, something that's definitely shown if you compare him to anyone else at the school. He is also one who enjoys a good fight, proving time and time again to rush into them with his impulsiveness. Any excuse he has to drink or fight is good in his book, which is one of the reasons that he continues to stay with the X-Men even though he can very easily be off on better things.
    Dislikes: Logan is constantly angered by the fact he doesn't know most of his memories. It's a constant source of frustration that he doesn't know anything about himself, something that plagues him only in the form of nightmares that clue him into bits and pieces. He knows he's old based on nightmares of older wars in history. He dislikes bad beer second of all because frankly if someone can't make a good beer they're not good for anything. He and Scott are almost always at odds, but at this point in their relationship as far as working together goes it's turned into more of a comfort and routine rather than any actual malice, but Logan still doesn't completely get along with the guy... He likes his taste in motorcycles though.
    Aspirations: Wolverine doesn't really have a lot of goals left. After so many years of being alive, although he doesn't know just how many, he is running out of things to live for. His current goals consist of rediscovering his past and reminding Scott every day that he doesn't like him. There is no game plan beyond that, however, because he just doesn't know what to do with himself anymore. He's been a wanderer for years before the X-Men recruited him, and he had almost no goals back then. Nothing has changed between then and now other than having a place to stay, so his goals haven't changed a whole lot over time.
    Fears: Well because he's the Wolverine, Logan doesn't have very many fears. He, for all intents and purposes, can't die so that fear is out. He can withstand extensive amounts of pain and come out on the end of it okay; however, he does have an issue with women and their clothing. Specifically, women in a lot of clothing. Because there is nothing more scary than a woman in a lot of clothing when there's woman in a lot of clothing who doesn't want to remove it. Also little kids... Honestly, little kids are scary with all the energy they have, but it isn't like he's around them very often to have that actually be a fear.

    Again because I'm too lazy to change canon, just swap anything X-Men for military and anything about Xavier's school to Tracey's (literally just a random last name) Mutant Training Academy. He'll still teach history & combat.

    Starter: Sorry in advance if it's a little sub-par because I'm not fantastic at starters :3

    Aria was pretty sure she needed a vacation even though school hadn't even officially started yet for more than a day. She took on too much work if she was also going to be working on her side project too. At least she had plenty of time to work on The Winter Soldier Project. It would also give her something to do during the times it was slow during school. The entire reason she took this job was so she could get a decent pay for doing work with people of all ages and finally get to pass on knowledge to create more smart people. She knew that some of the people in the school weren't exactly human like she was and thought it was a nice gesture that this place was able to offer them an education. She smiled to herself, wishing she'd had something like that when she was younger if only to make it just a little easier on her. Oh well, she'd survived it, right? That was all that mattered. She'd come out on top and had yet to leave that spot ever since. Hard work paid off. Aria was proof, and her eventually getting her PhD would prove that too.

    Her classroom was about as set-up as she could have it given the fact she had to teach different subjects in the same place. It wasn't too bad if she had to say so herself. But that didn't mean she wasn't nervous. She had absolutely no idea what the students would be like, not to mention she herself was still really young. She had a list of names for all the classes throughout the day, but a name didn't mean anything without a face to put it to. At least my memory is good, she thought to herself as she sat at her desk, waiting for the class to arrive and then the bell to ring. The knot in her stomach would go away after the first day, but she had never had to impart knowledge that she had onto people who knew nothing or maybe just basics. The only times she'd had to teach other people had been colleagues or fellow students, ones who knew what she was talking about already and she just had to rephrase or get as complicated and specific as humanly possible. Still... she had faith in herself.

    ((You can pick the class of Aria's. I made it super vague for whatever would work best.))

    Logan knew exactly what he was teaching and was actually impatient to get started. The sooner it all started, the sooner it ended. He had been asked personally to teach here and only took the offer because he had nothing better to do. It was a place to stay, something to do, and even some place to live. Contact with other people would probably be a good thing too. He got a little morbid if he went too long being alone, even if he was always alone to begin with. At least being surrounded by people all the time meant he would need to interact with them on some level. His classes amused him too. History and combat. Well, he was definitely an appropriate choice for both of them. Not only had he been through a lot of combat both professionally and hand-to-hand, but he also lived through more history than anyone else he had ever come across. He supposed that made him the perfect teacher for both of them, first hand accounts and experiences and the like.

    He taught combat first in the day and always ended it with history, probably for the best. Logan was always more surly in the mornings because he hated getting up early. Actually, he hated doing anything he was told to as opposed to the things he wanted to do. It was a weird trait for him to have given how perfect a soldier he was... He supposed it came with the love to fight. He shook his head as he stood outside, a grassy outdoor area sectioned off just for him and his class, right outside the buildings so certain classrooms could still see. He hated doing that self-analyzation bullshit. "Hurry up! Don't have all day!" he shouted to a couple of kids he saw taking their sweet time to get to him. Logan's bite was just as bad as his bark, but that didn't mean he was in the mood to act upon a reputation he would no doubt receive. He always got a reputation... it was hardly ever wrong.
  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Andrea 'Andy' Morgan
    Age: 26
    Birth Place: Madrid, Spain
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual [Male preference.]
    Marital Status: Single
    Species: Human Mutant
    Ethnicity: Spanish/American
    Occupation: Tracey's Student/
    [Past Army Soldier. 4 years in service.]
    Education: College graduate
    Languages: Spanish, English
    Religious Views: Agnostic
    Political Views: "I could care less, I think."
    Father - David Morgan
    Mother - Sofia Morgan [Deceased.]
    Twin sisters - Grace and Mia Morgan


    Favourite Colour: Yellow
    Favourite Food: Fried Milk
    Favourite Movie: Die Hard 4.0
    Favourite Book: N/A
    Favourite Quote: "Yippy-Kiyay motherfucker!" - John McClaine
    Favourite Song: Music sounds better with You - Stardust
    Theme Song: Last man Standing - People in Planes


    Height: 5ft5
    Hair Colour: Brown
    Eye Colour: Dark Brown
    Scars: She has two running up the back of her thigh where she got it caught on barbed wire when climbing over it. She also has smaller ones on her knuckles and wrists from various fist fights.
    Tattoos: On her right forearm, she has her mothers name tattooed up in thin letters and her birth date under it. On her left shoulder she has 'Yo Soy' tattooed, which translates to 'I am'
    Piercings: ears twice
    Physical Description: Andy thinks she looks Spanish, her accent has pretty much slid away. Some words can sound Spanish when she talks, it mostly comes out when she's shouting angrily. She's mostly found smiling and had dimples in her cheeks.


    Andy is different and she knows it. Everybody is mostly found rolling their eyes around her. She's arrogant, opinionated, loud and constantly making jokes. She likes to think she's pretty good at what she does, but sees room for improvement constantly. Andy is a hard-worker, but not an over achiever. What people first notice about her is her bad jokes and loud laugh. Her mutant powers aren't something she likes talking about. She'd rather tell people, she's a quick learner rather than a mutant. With others, she just wants to make them laugh and is nearly never taken seriously unless she's explicitly angry.
    However, when angry, she can become snappy and rather rude. If you disagree with her on something she feels strongly on, she'll let you know about it. It could be said she's a little obnoxious and irritating to people who prefer the quiet. She is a little overpowering and loves competition, even if there isn't anything to be overly competitive over. She's gotten into many fist fights and trouble for her loud attitude.
    "Life is a competition! Natural selection!"
    Photographic reflexes. She can master anything she watches once. This means she can do any martial art/combat movement perfectly only after watching it. The skill set cannot be forgotten, however, it puts a massive pressure on her body and mind. She can only do what her body is capable of [Anything physical.] Therefore she cannot remember anything higher than her intelligence/physical level. It is possible for her to copy some super human abilities, but it creates huge amounts of pressure and she cannot copy them for long, unlike the non-superhuman skillsets. Currently, Andy can use many weapons skillfully and is mastering martial arts. She also is mastering basketball - her favourite sport. She also has heightened reflexes, but it isn't superhuman. She's above average intelligence, but far from genius. Her interests lie more in the combat side of life rather than science, since she's no good at it.
    Action movies
    Working out
    Hip-Hop music
    Relaxing music
    Attractive people
    Hot Coffee
    Indecisive people
    Being without food
    Romantic Comedy's
    Quiet people
    Being alone for too long
    Loud cars
    Being left alone for too long
    Small spaces underground
    "Graves give me the creeps."




    Name: Antony 'Tony' Stark
    Age: 29
    Birth Place: Long Island, New York
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Marital Status: Single
    Species: Human
    Ethnicity: American
    Occupation: Tracey's Student
    Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Two masters degrees in Physics and Engineering.
    Languages: English
    Religious Views: N/A
    Political Views: "Me for president."
    Father - Howard Stark
    Mother - Maria Stark
    [Both Deceased]


    Favourite Food: "Alcohol counts."
    Favourite Song: Shoot to Thrill - AC/DC
    Theme Song: Iron Man - Black Sabbath


    Height: 6ft
    Weight: 225 lbs
    Hair Colour: Black
    Eye Colour: Blue
    Scars: Shrapnel in his chest
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: None
    Physical Description: Tony has an image as a billionaire playboy; He fits it to a T. He dresses in custom-tailored suits, wears designer sunglasses anything that can make him look more cocky. And has the build of someone who goes through moderate exercise. Brown eyes, black hair. Neat goatee.


    Personality: Tony tends to be somewhat immature and flippant most of the time, a rather typical "eccentric genius" who gets away with most of what he does simply by virtue of being rich and famous. He also displays a near childish mentality at times, watching cartoons and choosing to mostly eat fast food and sweets. However, despite the scatter-brained manner in which he treats his daily life, Tony will often reveal this persona to be a bit of a ruse, switching it off to speak in a serious manner more befitting someone of his stature. While fun-loving and with a tendency to get bored, Tony is fully capable of getting serious and behaving in a proper and polite way, but usually chooses not to. However, Tony is also prone to deep depressive episodes, and referrals to himself indicate a level of self-hatred that simmers just barely beneath the surface. Tony also finds it difficult to trust others, not for a lack of faith in them, but for fear of giving them a reason to hate him, which leads to him tending to keep things hidden when perhaps it is not for the best.
    Strengths/Weaknesses: Tony's body had been enhanced by the modified techno-organic virus, Extremis, but it is currently inaccessible and inoperable. Tony has a genius level intellect that allows him to invent a wide range of sophisticated devices, specializing in advanced weapons and armor. He possesses a keen business mind.
    The most obvious weakness Tony is the fact that he has shrapnel trapped in his chest; due to its placement, it is both inoperable and would normally be fatal were it not for the electromagnetic in his chest, powered by a miniature arc reactor. If removed, he has only hours to best. There's also the fact that removal is, in itself, a somewhat risky procedure.
    Likes: Gambling
    Thrill seeking
    Stylish Clothing
    Problem Solving
    Dislike: Not getting noticed
    Being alone
    Expressing emotions
    Brief History: Tony was fascinated with building and controlling machines. At the age of 15 Tony entered the undergraduate electrical engineering program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and graduated with two master’s degrees by age 19. Tony went to work for Stark Industries, but showed more interest in living a reckless playboy lifestyle than using his engineering skills. At the age of 21, Tony inherited Stark Enterprises when his parents were killed in a car accident secretly orchestrated by rival corporation Republic Oil (later ROXXON).

  3. Tracey's seemed like a good plan for Andy. After four years of doing nothing useful with her life, she needed to get out from her routine and do some good. She walked up the steps of the large building, noting the people around her. Her expression wasn't positive, this was like high school all over again. But at least people around here were like her, they say. She was 26 and ended up back in school again, with others like her. Maybe here she could find something she has never experienced, something new for her body and mind. Her eyes followed some interesting looking people, squinting slightly as she watched. Her hair was pulled loosely into a ponytail and she wasn't dressed in any style; just a white tank top and khaki pants.

    Then a loud voice disturbed her. She looked over to a grassy area before looking around. That was the class she was meant to be in. Andy ran over and hopped over the fence. As she got onto the grass, she looked up to a tall, intimidating height of a man. A man she knew. Logan! Andy walked quickly up to him and grinned, "Logan? Shit!" Andy hadn't seen him since she left the army. People were getting too suspicious over her perfect shots and she was getting too close to getting a dishonorable discharge for all the fighting. But Logan was probably the only guy she didn't make an enemy out of, even though he was almost as rude as she was. She stood in front of him and chuckled, "Please for the love of God don't be my teacher. I made so sure you weren't going to outrank me." She referenced their time back in service, giving him a friendly arm punch, hitting his bicep with her fist, hoping he hadn't forgotten her.


    Going back to school was something Tony was not going to enjoy. Why go through the same shit all over again he did when he was a teen? When he got the letter, Tony almost immediately chucked it. But after some consideration, Tony thought maybe he should at least see what it was like. Apparently Tracey's was for 'the mutant and the gifted.' That was what made him reconsider. Maybe going to a school full of geniuses and mutants like himself would make him feel more at home. On the other hand, there was the chance they would be even better at what he does. Tony thought about this as he strutted into the hallways, looking as good as he could. Hair combed back, beard trimmed, suited up and sunglasses on.

    Compared to the people he was around, Tony looked the best. But also, the oldest looking. He found his class and strutted in, taking off his sunglasses as he looked around. Nobody here looked like they were meant to be in the Advanced Robotics class. But whatever, Tony shrugged and found himself a seat at the front of the class. Tony shrugged off his navy blazer and hung it at the back of his chair before looking up to who must be his teacher. He cocked an eyebrow, she looked far too young to be teaching him, right? "Wait, you're the teacher?" Tony asked, looking around the classroom to see if he was correct.​
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  4. Logan was contemplating if he could get away with smoking a cigar while he taught. Maybe later on, but not now, was what he ultimately decided when someone's voice broke his thoughts. Well that sounded familiar. He didn't think there was anything familiar about this place, not anything or anyone. So when he turned to see Andy the surprise briefly registered on his otherwise neutral face. It was hard to surprise him. He'd lived long enough that everything was redone and nothing was new anymore. Even movies were a little predictable. If he wanted to be surprised, it would always be by something simple. "Sorry, Kid," he chuckled, nodding at the rest of the students. Some were adults, but others were just teenagers who had everything to learn. "You're stuck listening to me." He never minded not being someone's superior in the military. It was hard to say "I've fought in literally every war America has started" to get your appropriate rank.

    He actually gave a little smile when she punched him. He could feel the metal skeleton reverberate too. That was weird. "Looks like I know who the smartest kid in the class is gonna be," he said, looking at her and then following the groups to see and take stock of what he was dealing with. "I think I'll probably have you help me teach some of the time since you'll know most of this already." Now the true test would be to see how much he still had it. It had been a long time since he'd fought anyone, but that didn't mean anything. "This'll probably be the first time I have to fight and not be in a war while I have my metal claws. Line up with 'em so I can teach. I'll be around after."


    Aria was a little surprised at the couple of people who were within her age range, but most of the kids in the class were exactly that: kids. She wasn't surprised about that except maybe for their age and the caliber of her class. Once it looked like people were almost there, she got up and leaned back against the whiteboard, waiting for the last few people. She recognized Tony Stark upon entering if only because he was considered a genius; that and everyone who could pay attention to anything in the outside world knew about Stark Industries. "Well if I'm not then you're in the wrong classroom, Mr. Stark," she replied, a smile still on her face. She expected remarks more about the fact she was a woman than her age if any comments were to be made and had gotten used to both hearing and refuting them a long time ago.

    She did decide that she should probably write her name on the board at the very least. Most people weren't going to remember things if they heard them and she knew that much. So she turned around and wrote on the board in big, neat cursive:
    Ms. Aria Couture
    Engineering MA
    PhD in Progress: Biomedical Engineering
    If anyone needed to know anything else about her qualifications she would be more than happy to explain them, but she felt that listing her degree and the degree that would follow it would be enough until she explained what she'd done for a living prior to teaching at Tracey's. "Does that answer your question, Mr. Stark?" she asked once she turned back around.

    ((Sorry I didn't get on this right away. I was playing Dragon Age: Inquisition. Also lemme know if you want me to skip through Logan's class or actually try to have him teach stuff. Same with Aria's.)
  5. "You're kidding." Andy chuckled, putting her hands on her hips and looking about. The image of Logan being a teacher was an odd one, but it seemed like that was his job now. Which was fair enough, at least he hadn't been bumming around like herself. "I better be. I'll be happy to be teachers pet." Andy laughed, joking about as he walked inside. Of course she was going to be the best. Unless some of these people were made of rock, or metal, then she'd have no issue. "But yeah man, good to see you again." She smiled genuinely and walked up to the rest of the class. there was about 15 others. Most of them looked like they were combat fighters. There were not many females, which made Andy frown a little. But that's what she has always expected.

    As she looked around, Andy stretched out a little, making some quick judgments. The only person in this room she'd hesitate to fight was Logan. Because, you can't learn to become metal. The thought made her snort in amusement as she dropped her backpack down, stretching out her shoulders as she waited for Logan to begin his teaching.


    At least she knew him. Well, Tony assumed everybody did. The stares and occasional whispers also confirmed his assumption. It must be a weird sight; Mr. Stark back at school. Being taught by somebody much younger and less qualified than him. Tony clicked his tongue, making quick judgments. The woman, or Aria, seemed pretty confident though, so Tony just shrugged, "Loud and clear miss." He nodded, a sarcastic undertone to his voice.

    Tony smirked a little as he leaned back in his chair, watching Aria. She was pretty, how could a brain like his fit in such a pretty head? Tony huffed an amused chuckle before noticing everybody else was getting out pens and papers. They all were just teens though, they looked like they fitted in the robotics class though. Nerds, he thought. From where he was, everybody was younger, and worse dressed than he was. Tony craned his neck to check out who seemed to be his classmates before slumping back into his chair. He rolled up his white sleeves to his elbows neatly before looking back at the board. This class would be simple. He assumed.​
  6. Logan looked at the others who were looking at Andy like she was crazy for stretching out already. He ordered everyone to stretch out and run a lap because "you're too tense". During which time, he did take out a cigar and light it up. He was going to teach his way and that meant he would smoke. He would be nice and not drink at least. By the time everyone was back to him, he'd counted them all up and saw that everyone was there that day. That saved him the time of learning names for now. Good. Logan had no idea how he would be as a teacher and didn't really care either. This was probably just a temp gig anyway until people found someone better. Nobody liked keeping him around anyway. Who could blame them?

    "I'm Logan. You'll call me Logan. I'm gonna teach you how to kick the crap out of someone. Before you learn to kill someone else, you gotta know how not to get killed. That means self-defense." He blew out a ring of smoke from the cigar and went back to holding it in his hand. "Every other day'll be strength training. Being bigger doesn't mean you win every time, but it sure as shit helps. I dunno what you can do yet, so pair up and start fightin' so I can figure it out. I'll walk around... see what you guys can actually manage... Now!"


    "First thing's first I should probably introduce myself beyond ten words written on a board," she said, briefly running through the events and achievements in her life to decide which ones were worth sharing. Nothing from her childhood, she knew that. Probably only the things she'd done within the last few years if she was being honest. "I was born in Canada and am fluent in French, English, and German. During my years in Germany, I was the primary member of a team of scientists who designed the bionic eye that can restore sight to the blind. I'm currently involved in two different government projects and created three different AIs when I was in college. That being said, any lectures I give will be put up online and I live on campus just as the rest of you so it shouldn't be too hard to find me should you need me."

    Aria would probably use Stark's intelligence to her advantage if she could when it came to teaching the others. If anything she could always try to involve him in what she was working on should she want to offer him a challenge and give her a break. It was a thought she could possibly entertain if it all went well. She then turned around and decided to jump right in. She started with the basis, that being actuators and drive systems for now. Actuators are one of the key components contained in a robotic system. A robot has many degrees of freedom, each of which is a servoed joint generating desired motion. It was something they all needed to know and would take a good few weeks to thoroughly explain to most people. She even drew a few diagrams to help those who didn't already know how to build the things.​
  7. As the bell went, Andy let out a loud breath. Her face was shiny with sweat and she was panting loudly. That was the best. It's not everyday she get's to challenge people and beat them at their own game. Because she knew their game too well. She chuckled as the guy she was just fighting shook her hand and smiled, Andy shook it and placed her hand back on her hip, getting air. She wasn't going to lie, some of these kids really were amazing. Some of them had styles she hadn't ever seen before and they put up a fight for her. But Andy liked to think she was no match for them. Even though she did probably a little more offence than defense, despite the class being about defense.

    "So do you teach combat to everyone or are we special?" Andy hopped over to grab her back before walking over to Logan, getting her breath back much easily. She learnt new techniques that were going to be very useful. "Because I only have lessons about combat... Unless you count those dumb History and control lessons..." She scoffed, not knowing he was teaching one of the compulsory lessons. The control lessons were going to be the worst. She already knew how to control herself, why bother?


    When Aria began talking about herself, Tony rolled his eyes slightly. It was impressive to him how much she had achieved, especially at her age. He nodded, looking up to catch her eye for a second. As the class began, Tony stretched out with a yawn. Boring. This was everything he knew and could recite in his sleep. Maybe these lessons he could concentrate on something else.

    The bell went and Tony opened his eyes. For the last ten minutes or so, Tony's eyes must of shut themselves and turned off his brain. The kids quickly packed up their bags and chatted amongst themselves. "So do we begin building things or am I stuck in elementary classes for the rest of the year?" Tony sounded sarcastic, even though there was a friendly intention. The class was full of mostly kids, Tony may as find somebody to converse with if he's staying here. "Because it sounds like I'm going to have a long term otherwise.." Tony stretched out as he spoke, leaning back as he went to put on his blazer. ​
  8. Logan was fairly impressed with what he saw from the kids; they were all kids to him because he was over a hundred years old. People were going to get whipped into shape by the end of the year. Knowing how to fight was all that would be saving people, that and remembering where they came from. A lot could be learned from living history. That's how he knew it was all just the same thing, over and over and over again. He supposed that's what he was trying to change. He didn't hope for anything though, so he just stayed smoking his cigar and occasionally intervening when he saw partners start screwing up in ways that would get themselves killed. Non-fatal flaws could be fixed... They weren't as imperative. Bad habits were going to get people killed. "I have two combat classes, you're the advanced class... the ones I don't have to babysit." He finished the cigar and stamped it down onto the ground with a sigh.

    He smirked, however, when she said she was damning history class. "I'll remember that attitude when I see you in the class." People might hate it or find it boring, but all the bad feelings he harboured were for the simple fact that he would continue living. He had no reason to keep living, but he would anyway because he had nothing else to do. Logan had thought about it before but decided that he lacked the constitution. "I'll remember you called my life stupid while I outlive all'a ya." It was a bitter thought to some, but Logan was so used to it by now that he almost didn't recognize the fact that some people weren't used to everyone they loved dying in front of them... numerous times.


    Aria could see that those who weren't Tony Stark were having a few problems paying attention or keeping up. It was a crash course in things that she went to college to learn, but her education had been a rocky one at that. They were getting it all compiled and organized for them. Even as class ended, she could tell they were still a little bit confused, albeit a little more able to grasp things. A few students took pictures of her email address (although she thought it might just be her) on the way out of the classroom, presumably because they would need to see it later. It wasn't much of a surprise that Tony was still there. "Yes, Mr. Stark, you have plenty of time to build things. This is only day one and for people who aren't us, they've barely heard of some of the things I talked about."

    She rolled her eyes a little bit and took a couple of pictures of the notes she'd written to save herself the time later. Her next class wasn't anywhere near as advanced. She thought it was funny that she was teaching biology when she'd only taken three years of it. The real world experience must count for something. "I have a feeling that with your personality it's going to be a long term anyway; that's what happens when you go back to school in your twenties and thirties. But if you get bored I can probably see if I can't provide a real world application for you to keep your mind occupied." Surprisingly enough, her outside world jobs did not stop simply because she'd taken up some teaching position. If anything it made her more desirable because her time was shared now.​
  9. "Oh you know what I meant Grandpa." She laughed, making a joke. In fact she didn't know that was what else he was teaching, and felt a bit bad for mocking it. But Logan was fairly relaxed around her and it didn't feel mean when she poked fun at him. "Well, I've got that lesson after lunch so, bore me to death then." She chuckled as she walked back onto the grass outside the classroom. "Reminds me.." She turned around, adjusting the bag on her back, "What'dya do for lunch? We have a lot of catchin' up to do." She said with a nod. It had been years since they had seen each other and with all the fun she'd poke at him, Andy did care for Logan.

    "I'll catch you up!" She hopped back over the fence and walked over to her next lesson. It wasn't much besides the explanation of the school, introductions and all the shit Andy hated. They already had a class, why bother introducing yourself now? It was like elementary school. Andy sat with an expression of boredom on her face. Her eyes ran over to the clock, an hour or so before lunch. Great.


    As Aria talked, Tony was busy adjusting his tie before his next lesson. He made sure he looked pretty good before peering over to her notes. then down to his empty sheet of paper. As he noticed how little he was going to get out of his time back at school. "Well my mind could use occupying." Tony sighed, raising his eyebrows a little. Come to think of it, right now he wasn't doing much with his mind, at all. And Aria seemed to think she was on his level. From what Tony had seen, or had mostly seen, she was probably right.

    "Whatever it is, if it excuses me from this class than you got a deal." Tony huffed, walking to the door. Whatever class he had next, he could use some excusing from too. "If you're in the same room I'll find you for lunch - I want to know what you plan to occupy my mind his." He gave her a cheeky grin before disappearing out of the door. Seconds later, he popped his head back in, "And please, just call me Tony."​
  10. Logan smirked and said, "I'm old enough to be your great grandpa but I'll still kick your ass." There was no way in hell his age was going to ever be a disadvantage to him. His age was a powerful thin and he didn't look it either. People told him that he looked thirty, which was a weird compliment for people to tell him but he shrugged it off at this point. "I eat on the roof. Get to have my beer that way." Nobody was ever on the roof or even could figure out how to get to it unless they somehow knew beforehand. He knew she was resourceful enough to figure it out herself, and all he did was nod her off when she left. There was another class to teach, one that would be a lot more trying for him than that.

    His next class was funny with how useless they all were. He spent his time yelling at them and pulling the occasional student to the front of the class to scare them into fighting correctly. Someone tried to back talk him once... Logan grabbed them by the collar and his claws came out. Needless to say, that scared that particular student into submission. "Class dismissed," he said, about five minutes before the bell rang. They were confused but obviously didn't ask any questions. Logan just wanted to get his beer and get his sandwich and get upstairs to get away from everyone. Logan didn't spend time with people; they weren't worth it. So instead he was on the roof eating his lunch on the roof with the six-pack.


    Aria chuckled to herself and just shook her head. She was going to have a serious headache on her hands if she dealt with too much of Tony Stark. Apparently he would be taking up her lunch too, which wasn't saying much because she didn't know anyone on the grounds and didn't have anywhere to go. She merely nodded when he told her to call him Tony. We'll see, she thought absently as she went back to preparing for her next class, the last one before lunch. It probably wasn't a good idea to have biology right before lunch given possible dissections and things, but beggars couldn't be choosers.

    Biology actually went well. It was an easier subject to teach than Advanced Robotics. Everything was more basic and she herself was learning things again. It was an easier environment, one that she got to enjoy a little more. The students were also finally an appropriate age so there wasn't that extra pressure to sound like she knew exactly what she was talking about all the time. Once the bell rang, she said, "I'll see you tomorrow. Try to start learning what makes up animal cells and plant cells. We'll have a test on it in three weeks." Everyone filed out and Aria left everything on the board as she went to her computer where she could finally just relax. She pulled up an Ed Sheeran station on Pandora and sighed as she leaned back into her chair for a moment.​
  11. The class was taking an insanely long time. It was more like a lecture than anything. It was an older woman at the front, giving a long ass introduction to the 'world of mutants'. Her voice was enough to put Andy to sleep. She was only 15 minutes in and she just, had enough. Just like old times, Andy thought. "Excuse me? Can I go to the bathroom?" Andy asked, interrupting the woman mid-speech. Once she said yes, Andy grabbed her backpack and was out of there. This was why her high-school grades sucked; Andy couldn't deal with lectures.

    There was no intention of her coming back, so Andy decided to explore a little. She got out of the corridors and to the outside, peering about the collections of buildings. After about 40 minutes of wasting time, buying food early and peering into classes, Andy went back to the building she was first in. Andy was midway through a bag of chips when she spotted somebody familiar on the roof. It made her grin. Well, since this was a mutant school, Andy may as well put it to good use. She broke into a light jog and pounced onto the brick wall, using what parkour methods she had learnt to climb up. Using all her strength, Andy appeared next to Logan, "Hey Gramps, hows it going?" She grinned, sitting down next to him with a loud huff.


    After sitting in on an insanely boring lecture about astrophysics, Tony was back out into the corridor after an hour. They had just told him everything he had already known. Seriously, what was the point of him being here? It gave him more motivation to see what Aria had meant by occupying him. Because the classes sure as hell weren't doing anything but reminding him of things he already knew. Tony made his way to a busy canteen and cringed as he made his way through the collection of teens. He didn't even fit in here either. He quickly bought a bowl of pasta and got out of there quickly.

    It took him some time walking back to his first class. By the time he got back into the building, he had eaten half of the food. "Hello again." Tony opened the door to Aria's classroom, walking in like it was his home. He sat down at the desk he was first in and put his feet up on it, swinging back on his chair as he shoveled his face full of pasta. After swallowing the last bite, he put the plate down and smiled, small drops of sauce on the corner of his lips, "Now, tell me how you're going to get me out of this because I sure as hell am not gaining anything useful." He sighed.​
  12. Logan used one of his claws to open his beers. He should bring a radio up there next time. Why he'd only just gotten that idea was a mystery to him. It didn't take long for him to hear footsteps that he could only assume was Andy. It would be foolish to assume anything else. "Shouldn't you be in class?" he asked her. The familiar nickname of Gramps didn't bother him. He was one hundred and twenty-four and nothing really bothered him anyway. It was a gift that kept on giving. He could pretend everything bothered him, but in reality nothing would bother him. "Teachin' idiots how to keep themselves from getting killed before I go talk about how other idiots proceeded to get themselves killed. Pretty standard day." He chugged down one of his beers and crushed the can before opening another.

    "Didn't have the patience to learn anythin'?" he asked. There were plenty of other reasons she might have gotten there so early, but he knew her enough to guess that she probably did some leaving early to get where there as quickly as she did. It didn't take a genius to know that kids hated class anyway, and Andy wasn't really a kid. She was only a kid when compared to him; everyone was.


    Aria was eating leftover pasta from her dinner the night before. She didn't have a sense of urgency or even a care in the world as she ignored the real work she could be doing in favour of sitting there. It was an easy day for her as far as she cared. She had to get settled and figure out who was who. Her government contracts were all able to be pushed back until the new year. That meant the school sadly had to take priority. It wasn't what she went into the field of science to do, but at least she got to find a balance. The biggest surprise was how many female students she had in her robotics classes. It was really encouraging. The world needed more female scientists. While Aria didn't mind being in a male dominated place - something she reflected on as Tony came back into her classroom without much ado - it was nice to see women branching out.

    "Hello to you," she replied, noting how he just waltzed in and made himself at home. She wasn't even at home yet. Her home was barely a home. Well, the home she had here. Aria had a residence in Canada and another one in New York, but this was where she would be staying. "Considering you and I are easily five years and forty IQ points above everyone else, everything interesting has to come second to by the book. But y'know, there's always a few top secret government projects floating around unbeknownst to said people that can keep the smarter ones busy. I've got three right now."
  13. When Logan crushed the can, Andy rolled her eyes and went into her bag, trying to find something to eat. Once she found another packet of chips, she opened them and began to eat loudly, crossing her legs and looking over the campus. "Nah." Andy really didn't bother with class, and she could tell she wasn't going to learn all that much from classes like them. But Andy needed to be in the school, she couldn't continue to drink around and spend the rest of her life in bars, "Can't deal with sitting in a class with teens. I went through that once." She snorted, Andy was the same in regular school too.

    "So." She spoke with her mouth full, "What have I missed? Been up to much since we finished in the military?" Andy looked over to Logan and smiled. It was nice to talk to somebody from back then, since she hadn't been in contact with anybody since she left. Andy hadn't really had contact with anybody since her military days, "Probably more than what I've done.." She said quietly.


    Tony smiled, he thought it was cute the way she spoke about them both being the same intelligence. He certainly didn't doubt her intelligence and could see she was very intelligent for her age, but Tony had a problem underestimating everybody who wasn't him. "Oh, I can do top secret." Tony smiled, lacing his hands in front of his stomach as he swung on the chair slightly.

    "Do I get a choice of the three or?" Tony chuckled. He didn't really take anything seriously unless it was explicitly vital he did so. He dusted himself down a little bit as he leaned back down, resting the seat down properly, "I'm pretty sure whatever you have in mind I can do more than just contribute. Tell me about it." He grinned. Top secret Government projects was exciting. ​
  14. ((Sorry this took me so long. Been a weird two weeks.))

    Logan was wondering how much of the six-pack he could get away with drinking. That was really his only priority for the rest of the hour until he had to go teach his history class. He didn't know how well it would go, but he'd literally lived through the last almost one hundred and fifty years. It was just going to be telling stories like kids did. "Wandered a lot. Didn't talk to anyone. Found a school, kinda like this one only... better. Fought bad guys and drank beer. Saved the world. Now I'm here." It was easily the most accurate and simple depiction of his life. Within the years before he'd found Charles Xavier, Logan stayed in the wilderness like the animal (the wolverine, perhaps) that he was. He only came into town for the bar or sometimes to get new batteries for a radio that he kept.

    "Why haven't you done anything?" She had a lot of potential as far as he was concerned. She was one of the most capable people that he knew. He was the most antisocial human/mutant in the history of antisocial humans/mutants and didn't have much potential to begin with. At least he didn't think so. He sighed and grabbed one of the beers he had and tossed it over to her. He knew she was old enough to drink and could handle one beer. Anyone who couldn't wasn't worth his time.


    Aria chuckled at how lightly he was taking the whole thing. He supposed it was to be expected given the fact this was Tony Stark of all people. "Well, you technically get a choice of two because I like one too much to give it away. So you can either help me design a new AI for the Pentagon so they can take the extra, less qualified personnel out of the equation, or you can help build robots for the army that have enough human intelligence to be able to save the lives of soldiers in a situation where we couldn't necessarily program it to act in a certain way. There's official paperwork for each, but that's the gist." She was going to keep the project about Bucky Barnes to herself. She smiled a little to herself as she thought of finally being able to work on that. It was the least pressing of all three assignments she'd been given.

    "As much as you love to showboat, your name wouldn't go on it since I don't really want to have my American citizenship taken away. Even if you guys don't have bagged milk or free healthcare I've come to like it here." That was another important thing that she would need to tell him beforehand. There were major consequences on the line for her if he let it slip to anyone he shouldn't that he had something top secret from her. Aria turned in her chair and crossed one leg over the other so she was facing him instead of at an angle.​
  15. The summary of Logan's life seemed accurate. And a lot like her own, except he hadn't done much world saving for a long time. She emptied the packet of chips into her mouth and placed the packet back into her bag. When the saw the can flying her way, Andy caught it without problem. She opened it up and sighed happily. Beer, a familiar scent. When she began drinking it, memories of when her and Logan did this back in the army came back. It made her smile. Her military life was not a bad one.

    "Hm? Because, you know what it's like. I almost got discharged from the military." Andy started, scowling into the distance as she downed the beer. Once she finished the can, she sighed and looked at him, "I'm fuckin' useless at holding onto a job. Or a life. Or anything really. That army was probably one of the only things I held onto." Her looked back at the view and sighed, "And you of course. I can't get rid of ya'." She decided to lighten up from feeling sorry for herself and looked back at him with a cheeky grin.


    Tony listened to both carefully. Ideally, he'd want to create his own AI. Because, well, he was probably better than anybody Aria was working with. Except, maybe her. Tony didn't doubt her intelligence, but simply bigged up his own. "So I'm building robots either way?" Tony clarified because chuckling at the last bit, "Well, I guess I can afford to have my name printed on one less thing." He said, egotistically. So she wasn't American? Tony guessed she was probably Canadian, or something of the sort. Then she mentioned the bagged milk. Definitely a Canadian.

    "Well I'm spoilt for choice." Tony stretched out his arms and went to wipe his mouth, removing the pasta sauce residue. "Now as much as I like putting people out of a job, I think I'd prefer saving others." Tony made light sarcasm as he looked around for a clock, wanting to check the time, "Do you have any ideas? Or are you still developing, because I'd like in on design." Tony shrugged, having a few ideas of his own.​
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