Marvel's DAREDEVIL Teaser Trailer! (Netflix)

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  1. WIth how well CW has been handling Arrow and Flash, I hope Marvel pull this off well.
  2. i like the practical costume changes and the tone of the trailer
  3. Do you think it'll be better than the first attempt at the movie?
  4. I'm super-stoked for this. According to interviews, they went straight to the source material for a lot of imagery and atmosphere. There isn't alot of made up stuff, and the first/initial costume he uses is going to be based on some of his older stories that tell his origin.

    They've also confirmed that the costume evolves over the course of the series, and that they cannot tell us how, or why.


    Daredevil has got to be one of the coolest comic heroes ever. Every story arc he's ever been in has been dark and grimey, and poor ol' Hornhead has never had a break. I recommend reading anything Daredevil with Frank Miller's name attached to it.
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  5. Omg! The girl who plays Jessica is in it! I'll watch just to see her. <3
  6. Absolutely. Netflix is helming this, but I'm not sure if a lot of people realize that:

    The same people making the Marvel movies are same people behind making the Netflix series, and that it all takes place in the exact same universe!!

    That's right, the Daredevil/Luke Cake/Jessica Jones/Iron Fist Netflix shows are going for darker tones and street-level stories, very episodic tales as well, but they run concurrent to what's going on in the Marvel movies. Perhaps the Chitauri stuff (the events of The Avengers) put these folks into action, and following the events of Avengers 2, we'll find out why these four will team up to, eventually, form...






    The Defenders!

    (Along with Dr. Strange, Ms. Marvel, Ant-Man, and Black Panther).

    Awwwwww yiss.
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  7. Fuck the defenders

    Call me when MCU gets spider man

    And moon Knight

    And after Dr strange comes out

    And Luke cage

    Basically call me when daredevil makes the Marvel Knights! !
  8. Anybody else kinda wish they'd slow down the flood of super hero stuff before they really start scraping the barrel and sacrifice quality for quantity?

    Just me? Okay.
  9. You don't have to watch everything related to Superhero stuff, you can ignore some to focus on others.
  10. When Iron Man 3, Agents of SHIELD, Thor 2, Gotham, Man of Steel, and a shitload of other stuff is beyond mediocre because they're trying to ride on the successes of earlier movies/ franchises, you might need to slow it the hell down. When you're starting to pull up C list heroes like Antman and are seriously considering reviving Howard the Duck, you've officially launches yourself into delusional despot territory.
  11. How does Marvel expect me to get hyped for a daredevil series without the timeless chords of Evanescence carrying it along?

    I have no real clue why they cast that IRA terrorist from Boardwalk Empire, but he's hot in a limey sort of way and I have no other actual criteria for daredevil. I'll watch it.
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  12. you only scrape the bottom of the barrel when you sign-on the New Warriors

  13. Well the plan from the Start of The Marvel Cinematic Universe to set things up for The Avengers, so Agents of SHIELD is possibly the only one that comes to my knowledge as jumping on the hype wagon, so really those other movies are really meant as companion pieces?. I'm not paying attention to DC at all, so I don't really care about that(When it comes to movies and Gotham.)

    To be fair, Ant-Man is one of the true members of The Avengers, so it kinda makes sense he'd make an appearance right now. Howard being revived? to my knowledge he was just used as a Easter Egg in Guardians.

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  15. Hopefully he'll be joining soooooooon.

    Moon Knight is fuckin rad.
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  16. Antman is a integral part of Avengers and he has been a MASSIVE part of alot of Marvels past storylines the past decade. He isn't so much a C-list as B+ who just doesn't have as much traction becouse of his gimmick. Also, he was a wifebeater.
  17. Whoopdeedoo. Must be wonderful to have story lines written with very specific scenarios that cater to his very limited and shitty powers. :P

    The wife beating thing is also a no no.
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