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Hello! I take it that if you're here, I've caught your interest. That's wonderful, but before I get to the idea I want to lay down a few rules.

1 - Be literate. I'm a bit of a grammar Nazi, so please understand grammar and sentence structure. You don't have to write like a best selling author, but please know what you're doing. Also, be capable of posting a decently sized paragraph per post, at the minimum. I can post anywhere from one to five paragraphs in an average reply, depending on what's happening in the role play and what my partner gives me.

2 - Be somewhat aggressive in style. I want someone who will come up with ideas and plot twists with me. You don't have to run the role play, but I want another mind to bounce ideas off of and one that will give me ideas in return. I only have an inkling of a plot here - just an original character that I'm dying to use and a love for Matt Murdock, really - so we'll have to work together to make a plot.

3 - Understand that I have a life. I'm a full time college student, so I may post multiple times one day, then not reply until several days later. I will try to warn you if I think that I'll be gone for a long period of time, but understand that my life is hectic and that the things happening outside of my computer are more important to me.

4 - Have a solid grasp of the character. You will be playing Matt, so please be able to play him in character! You have no idea how it hurts me in my soul when I start a fandom role play and my partner plays a canon character in a way that is entirely off.

I believe that that's all, so let's talk plot! Like I said, I don't really have one at the moment, just an idea for an original character who intrigues me deeply. She's a deaf telepath - a foil to Matt, in a way. He's blind and sees more than most of us, and she's deaf and hears more than most. All my ideas at the moment are cliche and cheesy, but I'm mulling over them in the hopes of creating something brilliant. Hopefully my partner will be able to help with this.

If you're interested, PM me! I'm really wanting to do this, and hope that someone else out there wants to as well. :)
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