Marvel's Captain America: Civil War - Trailer 2

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  1. Ok, those last TEN SECONDS!
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  2. 2:15

    my heart stopped

    loved the flat/sheepish tone he had - very appropraite
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  3. Oh god, the urge to just type nothing but YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES for the next half-hour is overwhelming.
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  4. Spidey!!!

    Am I the only one who's not understanding the point? They want to control the superheroes to keep them from destroying things, and instead they all fight and destroy even more? Comic book logic! What are you going to do?
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  5. This is why the entire Civil War comic was stupid, actually

    fyi, historic moment:

    Civil War the movie marks the first cross-corporation usage of a superhero
  6. Doesn't matter to me. I'm still going to go see it, although I'm not nearly as amped up about it as i am about Guardians of the Galaxy 2.
  7. The trailer looks amazing, though it would've been nice to see Sam Wilson a bit more in some of the scenes this time. It's great the Spiderman is finally introduced!

    I'm honestly looking forward to all of the interactions and character development- specifically Natasha, Bucky, and Wanda. ​
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  8. I'm spotting at least three new hero's here.

    Black Panther, Spiderman, And whoever that Armoured Skull dude was.
    Could be argued that those against the control are being reckless criminals and endangering everyone.
    So even if fighting them is more destructive at the moment it prevents a lot of other rogue cases down the line.

  9. [​IMG]
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Basically, it's an issue of freedom vs. security and that the population is demanding superheroes be accountable for their actions and abilities. To use an analogy, a police officer needs to be trained in how to do their job and how to use a weapon, so why are these superpowered individuals tolerated going around with no accountability, training, or oversight? The only thing keeping them from being a super villain is who they decide to punch that day.

    In the comics, a group of b-list superheroes on a reality show try to take on villains way out of their league for ratings and end up blowing up a neighbourhood of 600 people including a school, and that was the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak.

    Iron Man supports the Super Hero Registration Act, which would have all heroes register their identities with the government. Captain America opposes it and goes rogue, and it divides the community in two. It's also worth nothing this all came out after Bush passed the whole Patriot Act and there was a real world argument we still have to this day about liberty vs. security.
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  12. 2:15 (But also the entire trailer, really)

    I have but one word to say...
    ... Yes.
  13. This, all this.

    I'm a fan of the storyline, and while it was sloppily executed, I found the sum of its parts to be really cool. It set in motion some really, really awesome follow up shit, The Avengers Initiative, the slow return of Norman Osborn as a real threat, etc.

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  14. I have a feeling I'm really going to like this version of Spider-Man.

    One thing I wanted to touch on earlier as well was the comments about controlling the superheroes because they're destroying shit and will end up destroying more shit is it was actually a big point in the Civil War comics that Captain America's crew tried their best to avoid damaging property and getting civilians involved, acting more like a clandestine strike force than an irresponsible smashing brigade. The big climatic battle where both sides are squaring off against each other in the middle of New York actually causes Captain America to order his side to stand down when he realizes that the people in New York are terrified of them, and they lost sight of what they were fighting for because they're destroying the city to try and uphold their ideals. I thought it was a pretty effective scene, even though the rest of the comic have some hit and miss moments.
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  15. Am I the only one who's annoyed with all the damn changes they've done with Spiderman? I liked the first set of movies....then they started with Andrew Garfield. Now they've got some guy who looks like he's twelve playing him. Tobey Maguire did a good job, then they ruined it for me with Andrew Garfield's crap....
  16. Believe it or not, they're actually trying to be more true to the character. Spider-Man's like a 16 year old kid, so the casting choice reflects that.

    As for the previous two actors, I actually kind of preferred Andrew Garfield over Tobey Maguire, although I think Spider-Man 2 was probably the best of all of them.
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  17. Aside from the fact that I actually preferred Maguire, I agree with all of this.
  18. I wonder if they'll implement the whole overarching story arc that was happening during CW. You know the one. It would be entertaining.
  19. I'm always confused by the comic cannon and the movie cannon. I always assumed that Spiderman was a senior in high school when his uncle died. I never read the comics. (I was always into novels instead of comics. If they had made any of the comics int a book I would have probably read them all by now. :P)

    I'm just not a huge fan of change in general, but I can understand wanting to stick a bit closer to the comics.
  20. Finally
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