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  1. [​IMG]

    Spotify playlist (Because why the f*** not?):


    How perfect it was...

    The plan came together like a finely tuned orchestra. Finding the first spell, then the next, then the next. Now everything was perfectly in place. Best of all none of those heroes, not an Avenger, not an X-Men, Spider-Man, not even that pesky brother. Would even know how to stop me, let alone... exist long enough to do so.

    The spell to give my body its youth back was first. Now possessing the body of my 17 year old self, but my still perfected adult mind. I could focus on my next spell, my greatest spell. With it, any able body over the adult age of 18 is doomed to no longer walk the Earth. No one would be able to save the world from itself. The youth, stupid and pathetic as it is. Will corrupt and fall pray to my will and voice. Sure, they are some young heroes out there, but what would they be able to do?

    What I've created is perfection. What I've created is Hell on Earth.

    A Hell that shall be beautiful to behold.

    Team right now:

    Theodore 'Teddy' Altman - Hulkling – Drewvonawesome

    Billy Kaplan – Wiccan – Drewvonawesome

    Molly Hayes – Princess Powerful/Bruiser – Alice Falling

    Tommy Shepherd – Speed – Alice Falling

    Megan Gwynn - Pixie - Natty

    Ben Reilly - American Spider - Hillan

    Laura Kinney - X-23 - Ravenbelle

    Rules for joining:

    1. All characters in the RP are going to be canon Young Marvel characters, either they're from Young Avengers, Runaways, or a student with the X-Men.

    2. Re-imaging the character is allowed, but with some restraint to make sure they don't end up as something completely different from the original unless that will make them playable (see: my Franklin Richards). There is a section of the character sheet that will let you explain what and why you changed something with the character.

    3. If you want to take an already established Marvel character and have them be presented as younger that is allowed. But part of this is to have a Marvel RP that isn't just another Avengers group as in Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, so on and so forth... Marvel has a great selection of young heroes to pick from, so you can be creative.
    - Profile sheet -

    Full name:


    Age: (Under 18, otherwise you know... will vanish and all that...)



    Changes to character from canon?: (What, if anything, have you changed from the original canon character?)

    Extra Notes: (Anything that isn't covered that is important about the character)

    Full name: Dorrek VIII/Theodore 'Teddy' Altman

    Alias: Hulkling

    Age: 17


    Normal: [​IMG]

    “Hulked Out”: [​IMG]

    Backstory: In the far out reaches of space two civilizations have relentless forged war on one another. The cerebral but heartless Kree empire, and the crazed, bloodthirsty Skrulls. Its a war that has waged for so long that hatred for the other species is practically ingrained into each and every Kree and Skrull who begin their lives. However, for a few years one of the Kree military's best warriors, and princess to the ruler of the Skrulls, held a deeply secretive but passionate love affair.

    The two met as often as they could manage, often in the dead of night in a remote location. They were able to pull it off for years until finally the princess became pregnant. She tried to hide it as long as possible. But soon the Skrull empire, and the Kree nation, both discovered the affair and its result. Fearing for their collective safety both the princess and warrior arranged to vanish into the night, promising one another they'd be reunited someday. At least they could only hope too.

    The princess in her small craft arrived on Earth soon after, where with the help of US government officials in top secret rankings she was able to give birth to Dorrek VIII. The child who possessed the great power of the Kree, and the shape-shifting abilities of Skrulls. Agreeing to help out the princess changed her name to Samantha Altman, and her newborn son to Theodore. Soon she lived a double life, posing as a stay at home single mother who had inheritance money to live on. Plus was one of SHIELD's top experts on Skrulls and other alien species. Providing keen insight into their behavior, and other inside knowledge.

    Teddy, as he liked to be called, never knew about his alien heritage or powers. For years he was just simply a kid growing up who had a love for superheroes and other geeky things like computers. In fact Teddy has made money on the side building computers for people of various needs. It was during middle school and into high school that Teddy found himself yearning to be accepted, as he wasn't bullied but never really had many friends either. It was through this that he ended up discovering his powers of shape-shifting and sheer strength. He was too scared to tell his mom about it. And couldn't find anyone who he could reside in. Until he ended up getting to know Greg Norris. Class president and captain of the Basketball team. A mutant himself in being able to slow time for small moments, which he admitted to Teddy as being his secret to success in basketball. The two got along as Greg routinely had Teddy use his shape-shifting powers to pull pranks and cons around the city as famous people. However Greg one night had Teddy use his powers at the old Avengers mansion to rob the place. Something Teddy couldn't do believing the grounds to be precious to do such a thing. Greg threatened Teddy to reveal his 'freak nature' to every one if he didn't do it, and Teddy threatened to do the same. Neither have ever talked to one another since.

    Shortly after Teddy met Billy, the two became fast friends as they found similarities in having powers, and a love for superheroes and other geeky things. When they both found out about one another's homosexuality, their relationship blossomed into something much more.

    Changes to character from canon?: Mother now works with SHIELD, Teddy is more PC gamer now, otherwise not a whole lot for him. The biggest thing is the Marvel universe's only Captain Marvel up until now has been Carol Danvers, who met Teddy's father when she got her powers. The man himself has never touched foot on Earth (yet).

    Extra Notes:
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  2. Full name:
    Molly Hayes​


    She prefers Princess Powerful and will highly insist on you calling her that- but much to her dismay people still call her Bruiser




    Credit goes to Everwho on Deviant Art

    Molly was born to two mutant parents, Gene and Alice Hayes. They were members of the Pride who actively participated in human sacrifices each year. After an initiative with the Pride each couple was supposed to have a child. But thanks to both of her parents being mutants it took longer for Molly to be, well, conceived. This made her the youngest child out of all Pride children. She was tested for the X gene at a very young age and the test came out negative. Her parents then became over protective and she lived a sheltered life.

    Molly became a part of the Runways after all of the Runaways, except for Molly and Karolina, witnessed their own parents sacrificing a human. Molly was rescued by the Runaways, which saddened her greatly to leave her parents behind. She never quite can wrap her mind around her parents being super villains and was the only child to actually feel sad about it.

    Molly quickly grew to love the Runaways and found herself learning how to control powers that she didn't know she had until the day they ran away. Molly has been attempted to be recruited several times to join Professor X's Mutant Academy, but is secretly afraid of leaving behind her friends. After all, she is only 12 years old by now. She's very young and very powerful, she gets scared easily.​

    Changes to character from canon?:

    I didn't really change anything. Except finding out she had the X gene the day she ran away instead of when she hit puberty. I like her the way she is. Though I am going to change one thing- Molly has Karolina's Medical Alert Bracelet, originally it was a bracelet meant to keep Karolina in a human like form and control her powers and was given to Molly as a departing gift. I am making it so Karolina got the bracelet enchanted to help Molly realize how much of her power she could use before she passed out and went to sleep. The bracelet blinks red when she's expended to much energy, therefore warning the team she could be out any minute.​

    Extra Notes: (Anything that isn't covered that is important about the character)

    Molly's powers consist of super human strength and invulnerability, to an extent. Molly's hands and eyes glow a bright pink color when she's using her powers. If she expends to much energy she goes to sleep.

    Molly sleeps with a plush Doop doll.

    She's extremely innocent and lived a very sheltered life. Don't expect her to take anything really seriously. She needs to be directed and sometimes protected since she's just a child. Even if she was older she would still be like a child, she's only been with the Runaways for almost a year now. She's still too innocent for her own good. She's not damaged by the world.

    Molly has an assortment of animal hats.

    Coming soon to a post near you....


  3. Pixie, magenta


    Full name:
    Megan Gwynn


    Megan was raised in the Welsh town of Abergylid for most of her childhood, until her father tragically died in a mining accident. She was forced to leave home and begin living with her grandparents. This was around the time that her mutant abilities began to manifest. At first it was just the pink hair but once the wings sprouted, Megan was instantly sent to Professor Xavier's School For The Gifted in America.

    Megan relished during her first few weeks at the school, with her being donned the code-name Pixie quite quickly due to her now fairy-like appearance. Whilst also continuing her natural studies at Xavier's, Pixie was also trained to hone her abilities. Essentially she was taught how to fly, as well as control her other abilities such as being able to produce a ’faerie dust‘ which produces hallucinations for even strong willed targets. Basic combat training was also taught, although this was something Pixie wasn't particularly interested in, with her spending most of her free time socializing with her fellow classmates and friends.

    Pixie's first mission occurred when she, as well as several other students at the school were mysteriously sucked into Limbo. Here the group were separated, with the more experienced and powerful of the group being captured by Belasco's forces, while Pixie and the others were stranded in what appeared to be the middle of nowhere. They were soon attacked by a horde of demons, before being saved by Magik, who at this time was under the guise of Darkchilde. She offered to help them escape Limbo, recognising Pixie's pure soul which offered them enough power to defeat Belasco. Pixie agreed, allowing Magik to begin forging a soul sword from her soul. The process was interrupted by another demon attack, resulting in the creation of a soul dagger instead which was still linked to Pixie's soul. Quickly, Magik taught Pixie how to perform a teleportation spell, which helped the group escape the demons, with them arriving in Belasco's fortress. Here the group managed to rescue their friends, with Pixie stabbing Belasco in the process.

    After escaping from Limbo and arriving back at the school, Pixie discovered that she now had some magical abilities due to the process, with her now able to sense magic, as well as continue to use the Soul Dagger and perform the teleportation spell. She soon became a great asset to the older students and X-men, with her becoming one of the groups teleporters, transporting them in and out of missions.

    However during one incident against the Purifiers, her teleportation spell seemed to lurch when she cast it, with her and the group appearing scattered around Washington, where they had been prior. Realizing something may be wrong with her powers, she made contact with Doctor Strange in New York, who agreed to help her control and learn the magical arts.

    Changes to character from canon?:
    I haven't made many changes from canon, with maybe the most notable one being that her father wasn't Mastermind. Other than this she is essentially nearly canon, with her also going on an adventure to Limbo like in the comics. I'm also planning to make her use more magic however, with her maybe learning more than just the teleportation spell (this magic would be limited though and nowhere near the level of Wiccan or Doctor Strange).

    Extra Notes:
    Pixie won't be wearing a proper costume for most of the time, with her tending to just wear normal clothes when around the team. She is also a social media nut, spending most of her time on her phone texting or on twitter/instagram.
    Her whole list of abilities include:

    • Wings allowing flight
    • Pixie dust which can cause hallucinations
    • Soul Dagger which can disrupt magical effects, as well as attacking a target spiritually.
    • Limited magic, with her able to teleport herself as well as groups when using the spell "Sihal novarum chinothi"
  4. ((Would it be okay if I joined as well? It sounds really awesome XD))
  5. Go right ahead Sesia, who did you have in mind at the moment?

    Full name: Billy Kaplan

    Alias: Wiccan

    Age: 16

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Backstory: Around 18 years ago, The Avengers had a powerful member in Wanda Maximoff, codenamed The Scarlet Witch. The estranged daughter of Magneto and twin sister of speedster Quicksilver. Wanda was an incredibly powerful magic user. However her yearning for children with her love, the robot Vision, led her to use her magic to create two sons. When they were killed in an attack however two years later. Wanda ended up losing her grip on reality and her powers. There isn't many reports public on the incident spoken only of at SHIELD as “M-Day”. Needless to say however Wanda has since not been seen or heard from by anyone. Her brother Quicksilver has spent years searching for her but without any luck.

    Around this same time, March 9th, at 8:12 pm in a Manhattan hospital. Billy Kaplan was born to Rebecca and Jeff Kaplan, a jewish couple who also had two sons already. From the start Billy was enamored by the superheroes that frequented New York City. He would always go to the museums and memorials dedicated to them, and his most prized possession is a replica Captain America shield his parents got Steve Rodgers, the real Captain America, to sign.

    However it wasn't that Billy had a problem being different from people around him, it was the fact that people had a problem with Billy being different. Bullied frequently for his nerdy behavior and jewish background. Billy often came home with bandage or some other thing on him and hurting. It only got worse when Billy began to realize he was gay, once word of that got out, he was doomed for even worse punishment. It was after a particularly nasty beating that Billy found himself going to where the old Avengers Mansion now lays in wreckage. It was always a strange safe haven for him of sorts, but that night his mind filled with thoughts... thoughts of suicide. It was then he met a familiar face, The Scarlet Witch. After nerding out for a moment, Wanda proceeded to talk with Billy about what had happened to him. Consoling him and using her magic to heal all his wounds. Billy felt so much better, but when he was about to thank her, and ask her why she was there, she had vanished. He didn't find out until later she was still considered missing by the general public.

    The next day in school Billy once again found himself cornered and helpless by the school bullies when he felt something... different inside him. His eyes and hands glowed blue as suddenly something happened. Billy still doesn't know what, but when he came back too the bullies were all hurt and had burns on them. The school never was able to pin the incident on Billy being to blame. As now the bullies were too scared of him to even accuse him of such a thing.

    Being scared of what he was, Billy tried to hide and control his new found magical power. Eventually though the superhero fanboy side takes over, and Billy has his costume designed and ready... now he just needs to figure out a right time to be a superhero.

    Changes to character from canon?: Nothing a whole lot has been changed. The biggest is the timeline when Wanda goes cuckoo, and when Billy and Tommy are born. Its not a huge thing in the scope of things, but it does add a much more bigger sense of mystery to her showing up to console him.

    Extra Notes:
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  6. yay danke ^_^
    I was thinking, maybe Kitty Pride(Shadowcat), if that would be okay?
  7. Yeah that's a-ok.
  8. [​IMG]

    Full name:

    Project SM - #146
    Ben Reilly

    Captain Clone

    Scarlet Spider
    -Soon to be-
    Captain America
    American Spider

    17 (Technically 2)

    Micro is being made atm.

    181 CM, 76 KG, Buff built, he's approximately got a body mass 25% higher than the real Spider Man. Besides that, he looks like Peter Parker, but with dyed blonde hair and green contacts.

    Ben is created from a sample of the New Yorkian Superhero, Spider-Man. The Webslinging Menace. However, Ben was created from old DNA-Samples of the Webhead, meaning when he was created in a test-tube, he was created without any super powers, but the physique of Peter at his first year of High School, before he was ever bitten by the spider. However, things didn't end there. No, the scientists who created Ben knew that Spider-Man's DNA was one in a million. He had a X-gene that the radioactive spider had modified, and jump-started.

    They decided to do the same. But they wouldn't use a Spider to do it, no, they used something much, much older. Something people all over the world had been wanting to put into proper use for the better part of a century. They used the super soldier serum on the clone. Much to their liking, it took on Ben. He showed test results off the charts, being able to perform just as well as Captain America supposedly could. Then, he was trained in martial arts, tactics and science, he was taught how to take out the Spider Man, and he was taught how he would take over as a Spider Man. He was brainwashed, and he would be a super-soldier assassin.

    He would ambush Spider Man in New York, armed with diverse weapons, even with a custom made Web Shooter that he himself had built. He was outmatched by the webslinger whom had five years on him, biologically, but a whole life-time of experience. Ben was captured, and upon demasking him, and finding his own, albeit younger, face, Peter was freaked out, to say the least. S.H.I.E.L.D was called in to deal with the look-a-like, and through extensive debriefing, torture, training, and telepathic communication thanks to Mr.Xavier, Ben was cleared off his programming. He would be made a Agent Of Shield, taking over for Peter when he opted out of the program, much due to the presence of the clone, undoubtedly.

    He currently runs under the moniker of "Scarlet Spider" using his own built Web Shooters and S.H.I.E.L.D built suit that allows him to mimic Spider-Sense and Wall Crawling, by using Echo-Sonar and gravity-boots.

    Changes to character from canon?:

    Well, what's really not changed about him. He's created by a evil organization to kill Spider Man, he was reformed, and turned into a good guy. And, oh, yeah, he's got Captain America's powers, not Peter Parkers, good stuff. Effectively making him a better, and less Russian Bucky Barnes.

    Extra Notes:

    He and Peter Parker are giving each other the cold web.
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  9. Full name:
    Thomas - Tommy - Shepherd​





    Thomas was born to Frank and Mary Shepherd on March 9th, around 8:12 PM. Born with strange white hair and odd developing powers he was destined for... Trouble.​

    Thomas was that one kid in school who never knew the answers and slept through class, he caused trouble and picked fights. He doesn't care about people or your feelings. He is a jokester with seemingly no heart. And this attitude caused him to one day "accidently" vaporize his school! He was sent to yet another, yes another, juvenile detention hall. This time though, it was more uptight. They realized Tommy was more than just a normal boy. He didn't stay at a normal facility, he was staying basically at some kind of lab. He was experimented on and the pain of experimentation kind of gave him feelings for humans!

    It was one day a women, Scarlet Witch, appeared in Tommy's holding cell and freed him from this prison like place. He didn't quite know who she was at the time but he felt like he did. And before he could ask her any questions, she was gone. He has since then wondered more about this mysterious women.

    Since he was experimented on he realized the evil of humankind and he now has a little bit of a heart. At least enough of a heart to become a superhero if he is needed.​

    Changes to character from canon?:
    Instead of the Young Avengers breaking him out of a juvenile hall, I had Scarlet Witch break him out. (Scarlet Witch has an odd timeline here, but we are just going with it!) And that obviously means he hasn't run into any Young Avengers at this point in time. He's a mysterious nomad kind of guy! And that's the kind of take I'm going with.​

    Extra Notes:
    I was going to list his powers, but instead you can read them here:
    Show Spoiler
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  11. Alright making a change at the line of scrimmage on my end of things in the RP... change coming... as soon as I decide if I switch out Franklin Richards for Hulkling or not....
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  12. Alright switching out Franklin Richards with Teddy Altman...
  13. I was wondering If I could make an HOLE New origanl character >.> Because I got plans.... very big plans *evil smile*

    JUST Kidding.... or am I???


    Full name: Ilan

    Alias: lady

    Age: 16

    Backstory: WIP

    Changes to character from canon?: Original character nothing changed >.> unless taking some ideas off lady loki....

    Extra Notes: WIP

    Full name: Thena

    Alias: Hammer Goddess

    Age: 17

    Backstory: WIP

    Changes to character from canon?: I'll Have him- I mean her ideas up soon >.>

    Extra Notes: WIP
  14. Hm, I might go ahead and veto the first one since we have Loki already established. Thena would be fine but the alias needs tweaking.... Regardless though this is canon only. Re-imagined canon allowed, but canon in nature only.

    If you want I'd be happy to talk about all that with you over skype or something.
  15. I wish I still Had skype now XD but no it was removed. so Pm is fine....
  16. [​IMG]

    Name: Laura Kinney
    Alias: X-23
    Age: 16 years old
    Laura is 5'2 but probably still growing. She has shoulder-blade length dark hair and usually cold hazel eyes. They can look greenish in sunlight. She has a healthy, athletic build and is usually seen wearing combat boots and lots of black.

    To start with Laura's story, it is best to start with her mother, Sarah Kinney. A scientist working for the latest incarnation of Weapon X, she was tasked with creating a clone of their arguably most powerful invention - Wolverine. This time, however, they wanted him controllable. Seeking to take the project in a new direction, the project's director, Doctor Martin Sutter, recruited renowned mutant geneticist Doctor Sarah Kinney and tasked her with creating a clone. The cloning process failed, over and over again, until Sarah noticed one thing happening when the clone was attempted - the Y chromosomes were interacting poorly with the process. When that chromosome was removed entirely from the process, it succeeded. That marked her 23rd try. But they needed a human to carry the cloned fetus. Sarah Kinney volunteered, and carried X-23 to term.Without the Y chromosome, however, the new clone was born a female, named with the designation of 'X-23'. Her early life was far, far different than most. She was treated as an animal. By the time she could talk, she was bombarded with languages and schooling, and from the time she could walk, taught how to fight. Most of her martial arts training was under a man known only as 'Sensei'. When she wasn't being trained, exercised, or fed, she was kept in a featureless metal room, and those around her were ordered not to interact with her.
    That wasn't to say people didn't bend the rules somewhat. Sarah, having a bit of conflicting motherly feelings for the girl, would often sneak in and read bedtime stories to the girl, and X-23's Sensei taught, and spoke to her only in Japanese, and would generally, through language alone, treat her like a human being instead of the cold, impersonal language he was ordered to use.The Company did not approve. But their disapproval would wait for later. Once X-23 was around eight years of age, in fact, they grew impatient of waiting for their 'new weapon'. So Doctor Zander Rice had X-23 subjected to radiation poisoning in order to accelerate the activation of her mutant gene to see if she did follow in her 'father's' footsteps. Sarah viciously disapproved, but it was done anyway.
    Luckily for X-23 and Sarah, Laura survived the process, following along with her genetic donor's powerset to gain regeneration, and claws. The feminine aspect to her genetic manipulation made for an odd setting of claws, however - one in each foot, and only two in each hand. All the while, Weapon X was developing a 'trigger scent' to infuriate the girl, using associative psychological techniques to let the scent spark a rage in her.The first trial of it was on her Sensei. Having known that he was disobeying their orders to treat her like a thing, they had her kill him, then brought in a new trainer/handler. Kimura. An invincible woman, she could not be cut by Laura's claws. Her training continued.When she was far too young for such things, about 12 years old, they started sending her upon missions. Her first was the assassination of a high-profile politician. Greg Johnson. That was just the start. Sending her on increasingly higher and higher risk missions, members of the project started seeing the ability to use X-23 for their own monetary gain. Rice manipulated her the most. Subjecting her to the adamantium process at the age of eleven. He wanted to torment and torture the young girl, and when Sarah realized that Rice was starting to use the trigger scent to send X-23 to kill his higher-ups so that he could take charge of the project, she panicked.
    Rice even abandoned X-23 on a particularly dangerous mission, but she survived against overwhelming odds and managed to return to Weapon X. Ultimately, Rice persuaded Sutter to hand over control of the program to him, then secretly ordered X-23 to kill Sutter and his family. Later, Rice revealed to Sarah Kinney a chamber with dozens of incubation pods containing female clones before he fired her. Before fleeing the facility with X-23, Kinney gave her one last mission - destroy the pods and kill Rice. She succeeded, but Rice was able to exact revenge on Kinney from beyond the grave. X-23 discovered, too late, that the trigger scent had been used on Sarah - she was the next target. Flying into a rage, she murdered her mother figure. Another little piece of her died. Searching Sarah's body, she discovered a letter to her that gave her a name. Laura.

    These days, Laura lives on the streets, sleeping on roofs, eating from trashcans, sometimes stealing clothes if she doesn't find spare change to wash them at a laundromat. She isn't particularly bitter about this life, since she seems to find a higher concentration of mutants living in New York, but it gets lonely, there are still a lot of things about social interaction that she's unfamiliar with and the nightmares can get overwhelming at times. When she comes across trouble, like a violent argument or a robbery, little crimes like that, she effectively stops the bad guys. Not because she thinks she's a hero, but because maybe saving a few lives might one day maybe make up for all the lives she took.​


    Changes to character from canon?:
    I have obviously changed her age, toyed around with certain strengths and weaknesses, tweaked the timeline of what age she did what while in the Facility, Weapon X, that raised and created her and have decided she has yet to decide to go after Wolverine. Though she now knows of his existence, she does not wish to go after him because she doesn't think she's ready and she doesn't know of the X-men. I have also changed a bit of her outlook on life, thus the little hero antics around the city.

    Extra Notes:
    1. Regeneration: Sharing in her "father's" ability, Laura has enhanced regeneration. It works fairly fast, with minor cuts clotting and closing up in seconds. More major cuts and flesh wounds heal in minutes, and things like broken bones mend themselves in about 10 minutes depending on the injuries.
    2. Disease Immunity: Due to her highly efficient immune system, X-23 is immune to all Earthly diseases and infections, but not large amounts of drugs or genetically created viruses.
    3. Superhuman Acute Senses: X-23 possesses incredibly enhanced senses that are comparable to those of certain animals. She is able to see at much farther distances, and with near perfect clarity, than an ordinary human. She retains this same level of clarity in almost complete darkness. Her sense of hearing is enhanced in a similar manner, allowing her to both hear sounds that ordinary human's can't and to hear sounds that ordinary humans can, but at much greater distances. X-23 is able to use her highly developed sense of smell to track targets by scent with an impressive degree of success, even if the scent has been eroded by natural factors, such as the weather.
    4. Superhuman Stamina: X-23's muscles produce a considerably less amount of fatigue toxins during physical activity than the muscles of an average human. She can exert herself at peak capacity for about 10 hours before fatigue begins to set in.
    5. Superhuman Agility and Reflexes: X-23's agility, reflexes, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of even the most accomplished human athlete.
    6. Enhanced Strength: Laura enjoys the blessing of enhanced strength. While not nearly as powerful as Wolverine, she is getting stronger and stronger as she grows older. This helps her to jump higher, run a fair bit faster, and lift far more weight than her build and gender would suggest. If she wanted to push the limits of her ability, she could bench press about 500 pounds - but would feel far more comfortable carrying and pushing about 350.
    7. Claws: A pair claws in each hand, and a one in each foot. The claws are about eight inches in length in her hands, and about six to seven inches in her feet, curved at one end, and retractable, going back into or out of her arms or feet as she needs them. They've been coated in Adamantium, something the rest of her skeleton hasn't been subjected to. Let's hope they never get a chance to finish the job.
    1. Broken bones can set in the wrong place. For example, if she has broken ribs that have been moved or jarred around, they will heal themselves too quickly and may end up crooked or in the wrong place. In that case, she would have to re-break them and set them appropriately so they can heal again. Her regenerative power can be overloaded, perhaps by being shot many, many times in a short period of time. When that happens, she loses consciousness, and drops into a fugue until her body stabilizes itself, and heals any major organ damage that occurs. The drawbacks to this power aren't too many, but she does tend to eat a heck of a lot more than your average person, particularly if this system was given a workout.
    2. She can be affected by some drugs, such as tranquilizers, if she is exposed to an extremely large dose.
    5. If her stamina is used to the max for more than 24 hours and she does not collapse out of exhaustion, her muscles will most likely be very sore by the time she sleeps and wakes again.

    8. Because of these razor-sharp claws, getting through metal detectors at airports and the like is a real pain, and each time they cut through her skin when she 'draws' them, it stings and draws a tiny bit of blood.

    9. Also, because of the adamantium in her hands and feet, she cannot swim very well at all. But she can sink. Not good.

    Induced Berserker Rage: She has also been subjected to conditioning in which a specific "trigger scent" has been used to send her into a berserker rage, killing anything in sight. This can be seen as a strength or a weakness, depending on what side of things you're on. Very few things short of knocking her out can snap her out of this state while the scent is around, so she can hardly control herself and is not conscious of her actions. As a result, she is usually bombarded by intense feelings of guilt after this rage wears off.

    • Can speak English French and Japanese, fluently. May be able to speak others, but with much less mastery.
    • X-23 is an expert tracker. Because of her enhanced sense of smell she can track almost anything and anyone, and has memorized many different scents.
    • Raised in captivity, due to her extensive training as a top-secret operative, X-23 has been trained to become a living weapon. She is highly trained in the use of long range weapons and explosives, and is an expert in assassination techniques.
    • She is excellent at hand to hand combatant, with intensive training in numerous armed and unarmed martial arts techniques.
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  18. so far? is there something i'm missing?

    unfortunately, i have no idea...sorry
  19. Well there is still the physical challenge, the questionnaire, the bikini contest, the steps of knowledge, the daily double, the hot dog eating competition, and of course the nudist colony jog...

    Okay truthfully I don't know why natty worded it like that you're totally in.
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  20. Oh sorry I don't know why i worded it like that! Was just trying to say that the team's roster looked good!
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