Marvel Uprising I: Dark Reign

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Thomas got up a little bit after being thrown, he laughed quietly as Venom continued to fight. He stood up and quickly moved behind Venom.

As Venom attacked Solais Thomas charged at him again, this time without trying to bring attention to himself. As he reached venom he punched and unleashed the energy he had absorbed from Venom throwing him. The punch landed squarely on Venom's spine.

"Okay, I got you that time." he said as he followed up with a jab at Venom's mouth.
The moment the punch connected, time seemed to slow to a crawl as the symbiote suddenly lurched forward with the impact. Black ichor rippled and flecked outward from its spine, small bits splattering on the concrete. The creature's face seemed to distort as the gunk thinned along its spine, almost revealing a humanoid figure rather than the monsterous beast it had been mere moments ago.

The symbiote reeled back again as Thomas' second blow struck its jaw. Cracks formed in the ground as it stomped down roughly to regain its footing. It was now standing close to the edge of the platform, the tracks glinting dimly below.

Letting out a feral hiss, the symbiote crouched, readying itself for another attack. . .although now, it seemed slightly pensive. Perhaps it had underestimated its unfamiliar foes. . .
A fight for every occasion...

Nick Fury circled the battle, keeping paces as people were slammed around; as the two symbiotes battled it out, and as the members of his little party figured things out on their own. He was sure that the boy with the symbiote, Trevor, knew his own weakness, had experienced a high pitched noise and felt the rippling pain. And he knew the only way to cut this battle short.

The colonel held out both what looked like a grenade and his side arm. The grenade might hurt everybody's ears for an hour or two, but to Contrition and Venom, it would temporarily split them from their symbiotes. The gun? Well... He had said that rules were changing...

"Everyone, MOVE." He howled as he pulled the timer pin and threw it towards the battle.
Well, that went well.

Solais dropped her sword, there wouldn't be much in the way of time to clean it off now. Besides, there was an easier way for her to finish the guy...

Following fury's instructions worked for the moment, though, and she got the webbing off of her and stayed clear of Venom and his new friend, mr. grenade.
Trevor had already started to steer clear of Venom, but upon seeing the grenade fear flashed across his face. Not knowing what exactly it would do, he assumed it would at least cause an explosion. Probably a loud one at that and the sounds from just a few minutes ago had already caused enough pain to his Symbiote. Rushing to where he had entered from the abandoned subway tracks, diving away from the blast placed the young man out of sight just as the device went off. Separated from the rest of the group made him vulnerable in one sense but at least it gained more distance from the impending explosion.


Venom roared out in raging pain as sonic waves hit the suit much harder than the group's attacks. Fury's possession of the device was not all that surprising and yet here the Villain was being caught off guard. Unrelenting was the damage, the initial blast closer to the more sinister of the two Symbiotes as it ripped Gargan apart from what many would truly consider to be Venom. It caused a prolonged weakness in the Host being separated from the Symbiote as the black ichor writhed in utter agony on the ground. Now would be the time for those of the group to incapacitate both components of the Super-villain or do even worse.

Even if Trevor wanted to stop them, he was in no condition to do so right now.

Off in the shadows of an abandoned subway tunnel, a young man's body laid out motionless along the tracks. From their current position none of the team members could likely see where Trevor had ended up at all. Which was rather lucky given the current situation. Right now most of the fashionable clothing from before had gone missing. All that remained to keep him decent were a pair of boxers. Beside him on the ground writhed a pile of black and orange ichor. The goo moved in much the same amount of pain as Venom, though possibly reduced to a certain degree given that IT had been farther from the blast.

Fury would have to act fast in some way to deal with his rookie team along with the now partially subdued Venom, since Gargan would likely recover given the fact he was already super-human. Plus the sinister Symbiote had dealt with sonics much more in it's lifetime than this comparatively young creature. So how would Trevor be retrieved? Could the young man get up on his own?

What would the other team members do if they realized the truth behind his powers?
"Hell" Thomas muttered to himself, diving away from the grenade and covered his ears. As grenade detonated Thomas's ears started ringing. Stumbling to his feat he shook his head a few times and then looks over at where Gargan was laying. Stumbling over he grabbed Gargan's shirt and dragged him up.

"Nighty Night." He told him, it looked like he said something back, but Thomas didn't hear it over the ringing. He then punched him a few times in the face, making sure he was out before letting go and letting himself fall beside him. Thomas sat there and waited for his hearing to come back.
The explosion ripped through the area, sending a thick cloud of dust into the air, pelting any out in the open with small bits of flung debris. The shock reverberated through the girl, shaking her to the core, rattling through her very bones from the tips of her fingers to her toes. A cover of thick pinions had protected her from the dust and pebble shrapnel. She quickly tugged the bandana around her throat up to cover her mouth as she took action, slipping into the cloud toward where she had last seen the young man. It took her a moment of squinting around before she caught sight of something pale down by the tracks, poking out of the shadows. She leaned forward, peering around a pillar, the young man's barely clothed figure coming into view.

She moved to stand next to him, her eyes glued to the writhing mass of black and eerie orange. A faint lump formed in her throat which she swallowed down quickly. Tearing her eyes away from the ichor she moved to kneel next to the young man. Reaching out she grasped his shoulders and shook him slightly.

"Hey." She called out, "HEY." A hand moved out to cup his chin, which she gave a slight shake. She knew he was stunned but not internally damaged. How she knew that much about Symbiote carriers though, was a mystery. Her fingers touched to one of his eyes, fingers forcing it open as she continued to speak to him. She wondered if he would think a real angel was speaking to him, what with the wings and all. That was if he was even remotely conscious.

"I'm going to pick you up." She stated calmly, as though to a child. Something in her voice seemed to change as well, her voice getting smoother and slightly deeper, a peculiar accent playing through it. "We need to get out of here quickly – before Venom wakes up." Her gaze shifted to the wriggling mass of Contrition. "As for your little friend there…he'll just have to either hold on or keep up. It's up to him."

With a quick breath and a faint grumble, she pulled Trevor off the ground with ease. Although she was somewhat shorter than Trevor and much thinner—almost on the side of dainty, if you could call it that, she was much stronger than her appearance let on. She allowed his feet to drag a bit, at least one of his feet dragging through the sludge of Contrition. The girl didn't know if this would help the Symbiote at all to keep track of its host, but she was willing to try. There was no way in Hell she was going to try to pick that THING up!

It was after that, that Angel hefted Trevor into her arms like a new bride, completely emasculating him. At least if he had known about it, anyway. She picked up the pace, eager to get back to the main group in case Venom had decided to wake up. Just before the girl emerged from the thick dust, she paused. Slowly, she placed Trevor's feet on the ground and put one of his arms around her shoulders while she wrapped her arms tightly around his upper body, making it look at the very least, he was still able to hobble along.

Perhaps somewhere in her mind, she thought that if Fury saw how quickly Trevor was knocked out, he would reject him from the group. Something that Angel…didn't really find herself wanting…for various reasons. They were going to be up against Osborne after all. There would be no time for weakness.

Soon, they were back with the rest. "Shouldn't we be, like, fleeing right now?" the young woman asked somewhat loudly, over the ringing in her ears.
"No. This is a war we're fighting. This isn't the status quo beat up the bad guy send him to the raft type shit here. I walk through that dust and put a bullet through Mac Gorgan's brain. There is not even a hint of good in this man, and like the nazis I've murdered before, and although they only play a small part in this-via Hydra-He is still the same kind of evil scum they are. That's right. Are."

He hefted his side arm and checked his rounds. "I'm aware of what this has done to Contrition-from now on code names ONLY- and I know that he is down for the count. For those of you that don't know, he is a symbiote. Now, unless someone else wants to do the honors, I have to take care of Gargan and the Venom symbiote."Steadily he walked toward the downed combatant, aiming his gun toward his head. The cold of the barrel rest squarely on the man-Mac Gargan, Scorpion, Venom, whatever-, and as he looked around he noticed that the venom symbiote was no longer there. "Shit... Someone quickly scoop up Contrition's symbiote, we need to set this place ablaze." Col. Nick Fury squeezed the trigger of his pistol and watched mercilessly as his adversary's brain matter covered the floor below.
Trevor was completely out of it after the sonic grenade went off just moments earlier. It had nothing to do with how the sound affected his still very human ears at all. Rather it had to do with the sheer shock of forceful separation from Contrition. Never before had they actually seperated from each other since the night the two had bonded together. Especially not after the night the young man's parents died, leaving the two as the only real ally in all of New York City.

". . . ."

Murasaki slipped into consciousness briefly when Angel briefly opened his eye, only for it to glass over again moments later. Dreams of winged women filled his head along with demonic fanged monsters. Limp in her arms, no sign of being able to stand on his own came from the youth who had managed to survive a toe-to-toe battle against what could be considered the grandfather of his powers. After all the Life Foundation Symbiotes had really been clones of Venom, so what did that make their spawn stand to Venom in relation?

". . .Ugh. . ."

On the ground, the black and orange ichor wriggled at the touch of it's original host body. In a way it seemed to shock the still rather infantile creature out of the agony which still echoed from that sonic grenade. Regardless of that harsh experience of pain, it weakly shot out a lone tendril that latched onto Trevor's body with a not quite so stealthy slurp noise. Pulling itself slowly toward Trevor as Angel stopped to adjust the young man, it became quite obviously that the sentient creature had no intentions of willingly bonding with a new host. Loyalty or at least possessiveness seemed a trait that the creature had learned in less than a year of existence.

While Fury spoke to the group, Contrition had managed to make it all the way to Trevor's unconscious body without any interruption. IT could hear everything Nick said whereas the Host likely understood nothing due to ringing ears mixed with an unconscious state. No more time than what was possible ended up wasted as the two became once again. Merging with the other once again, IT vanished into the body without a single word or action beyond what was necessary. Likely, no one would see IT again for some time as the alien recovered inside the host's body away from prying eyes.

But that still left him in just a pair of boxers.
Somewhere within the abandoned subway tunnel the smell of o-zone appeared. If someone were there, they would say the air felt heavy along with the o-zone. The air itself became distorted as a ball of light phased in. As the ball of light slowly grew arcs of energy shot out striking anything that it touched. At this point the ball grew bigger and energy seemed to flow out of it as if running water from a hose. It was a hole that seemed to have rip space and time as two masses were shot out of it and hit the floor. Just as the hole seem to get bigger it buckled and collapsed on itself.

One of the mass started to move it was pushed over by the other. Alexander open his eyes and stood up, "Ugh, son of a...." he stated as he held his head with his right hand. His hazel eyes look down at the lump of flesh to the right of him. I was half of a hideous looking monster, "foul beast." he stoke with a hint of annoyance. He ran his fingers through his spiky red hair as he looked himself over. No cuts or broken bones, just covered in monster blood and some weird space time ooze.

Wiping off as much of the mess that was on his battle uniform then stood up. He looked around, there wasn't mush light in the area but enough to see that he was alone. Alexander then reached into his jacket and pulled out a book with a white cover, sky blue pages and gold trim, "You OK Index?" suddenly the book flew out of his hand and spun around flinging the ooze off of herself, "Great, just great, other then just getting violated by monster saliva I'm just fine." said in a voice of a little girl.
Nobody could have known where the Venom symbiote had hid. There was no noise in its death, and therefore they could not track what had happened to it. -Narrator

Col. Fury looked at his rough recruits. They had attempted to fight Venom - and nobody had died. "Well... If someone would continue to drag this young man around, we need to find that goddamn symbiote. Given the power level of all of you, I don't recommend that you split up. This isn't Scooby Doo."
Angel's lips pressed into a thin line as she briefly glanced at the unconscious guy hanging off her shoulder. "Well...I guess I can...keep an eye on him."

And good lord. She sure hoped it wasn't Scooby Doo...but it did make her wonder who would be playing who...

"Time to get going then, Shaggy." she muttered lowly as she shifted Trevor around, putting him into a piggyback-like fashion on her back, his limp arms around her shoulders. Her wings pressed in on him as they tucked close to her body, giving him a bit of a cushion while making sure he wouldn't take a tumble if there was a sudden shock. Hopefully he wasn't allergic to feathers or anything. The young woman muttered again to him, "Sneeze in my hair and I'll piledrive you..."

"Wouldn't it be a good idea to move toward a area? Being closed in like this - with something like that slithering around..." she left the rest unsaid.

She took a moment to glance around then to see where the rest of the 'recruits' were at.
Trevor remained far from battle ready, although some form of consciousness had been regained. Enough for him to stand unsteadily on both feet while hanging off of Angel's shoulder. Had he been conscious completely, would he have known what to think of this event? Such an attractive girl man-handling him like this could have made the young Catholic blush a bit. But at least he was being co-operative, even letting her move him up to her back. Except he was in no shape to resist in the first place. . . even after being rejoined with his Symbiote.

Murasaki needed to eat food soon, or receive some type of energy that Contrition could burn to speed up his recovery. IT was not old enough yet to recover from sound as quickly as Venom likely could. But deep inside Contrition was doing what it could to recover from the vicious sound attack and regain the strength to protect IT's host. While the host was unconscious though. . . IT was wide awake. Angel's actions were not lost on the Symbiote which had been told about such things as angels and God by the religious host.

Just after the young woman muttered to him, a soft incoherent mumble escaped his lips into her ear. Vowels and consonants were pointless to try deciphering. Only the emotion behind it came through somewhat clearly. Some form of happiness or at least pleasure. But why? And was it Trevor saying something in his 'sleep' or perhaps the Symbiote trying to experimentally speak through him?


Further away from the group, slithering through darkness with all the dexterity of a wounded serpent was a certain black Symbiote looking for some way to survive. Without a host body the creature was severely reduced in power. Now it had been used to having a not-quite human person as a host, but Gargan had been killed. Murdered. Executed. But then again how often had Venom endangered the innocent or tried to take a life?

Speaking of endangering the innocent. . . it suddenly sensed a being with a strange presence in the tunnel. After years the infamous creature had learned to distinguish the presence of others. Likely some permutation of Parker's Spider-Sense that it had leeched off and built a defense against after years of being bonded to the true Webslinger.

Creeping along through the shadows, Venom inched closer and closer to the prospective host. . .
Alexander smiled, "Well, you'll live, worse things had tried to eat you." He stated. Index floated into his face, "Thats only because I can Fly." She said in a playful manner.

She then flew ahead of him into a darker area and stop as she smack right into something "Ouch, that hurt." was said in a girls voice. The young man sighed, "What now Index?" he asked. "I Seem to ran into something, and it hit my most sensitive part. He then raised his hand then snap his fingers and a large ball of light appeared over his hand. A little surprised on how big it shouldn't be he then lowered the magic output and it reduced to a small ball that lit the area round him by ten feet. In other words, a magic light bulb. "Well that was odd, a simple spell shouldn't have done that, maybe course the Sither here is so rich?", He thought. Index taped the the top of his head sending him back to reality. He then saw the Subway car. "Hmm, It looks like a rail car, and one that hasn't been use in some time.", "It appeared where in a Rail Tunnel." He stated. Index turned to him, "I agree."

The red head then turn to his right and started to walk down the subway, "Lets find a way out." Index said nothing and flew into his free hand. Alex chuckled, "Lazy." Index giggled, "Well shouldn't a master treat his servents well?" she teased and made another girlish giggle. Alexander blushed a little.

Suddenly Index stopped giggling and Alex stop walking and ready himself, "You feel that?" She ask. The red head nodded, "Yeah, I sense corruption."
Like a nest of hungry serpents, the black mass of the disjointed Symbiote writhed through the darkness, twisting and weaving around support structures, crevices and other cobweb-ridden orifices of the old subway tunnel. Insects and fat rodents that couldn't waddle away fast enough were swept up in its furious path for sustenance and a new host. A miasma of anger radiated from the very pit of its being, eager to corrupt the next unwilling host it could swallow up.

The air crackled with energy and the Symbiote's thrashing fury came to a sudden halt. A rat caught in a tentacle wriggled and squeaked, struggling against the sticky hold. The air crackled again and the Symbiote slithered forward slowly, drawn toward the static in the air. The rodent caught in its grip was silenced with a crunch before being casually tossed aside as the ravenous ichor closed in on its new prey.

'Do you feel that?' a young female voice asked, echoing into the silence.

If it had lips to lick right now, it would have.

"Yeah, I sense corruption." an unidentified male voice replied.

Like honey it dripped in reverse into the air behind Alexander, darkness deeper than the shadows writhing upward, tendrils intertwining until a rough shape of a creature began to form. A maw opened, thinner ichor like saliva dripping from sharp teeth. With only the sound of the air being displaced, it lunged forward, its maw growing even wider as it closed in on the back of Alexander's neck.


Elsewhere, the girl bit her bottom lip behind the bandanna that shielded her mouth from the hanging dust as the other symbiote carrier mumbled into her ear. Whether she was trying not to laugh or fight back some other kind of reaction remained unsaid. She seemed to have no major problem with carting Trevor around though as she kept up with the rest of the group as they traveled. If anything, the main complaint she would have is that he was so much taller than she was and she had to take care not to accidentally knock him into a wall or anything.

While she carried him though, she let certain thoughts run through her mind. Namely, the information she had heard from a certain someone about Symbiote particulars. She really didn't have any idea how wiped out Trevor actually was, but she tried to think about what he might need...

Briefly, her eyes drifted downward as she focused on the feeling of her pack pressing into her side, the one which contained her HIT inhalers. Angel wondered if the mutation-enhancing drug would have any real effect on Contrition...

In terms of food though, she had half a candybar tucked into her pocket.
As Thomas's hearing came back he heard Fury's comment on only using code names. He jumped up before giving his reply, "Code name? Haven't come up with one, just call me whatever you feel like then." He then heard Alexander and Index, "Anyone want to come with me to fetch those people? We don't want Venom catching them and coming back."

Thomas then jumped down onto the tracks, walking towards the voices. stopping at the edge of the platform, waiting for someone else.
Alexander felt the corruption suddenly rush behind him with killing intent, "DASH!" He spoke and zoomed to the left with such force he nearly hit the wall. He was able to evade Vemon's attack how ever was still trying to adjust to large amount of sither around him. Index saw Vemon and flipped out, "EEEK!! Tentacles, hide me before it tentacle rapes me!!!" She flew behind Alexander. One could only guess why a girl was scared of tentacles.

Alexander look at the black mass, "Calm down Index, can you tell me what it is?" he ask ready for its next move. Index was far from calm, the thing really did creep her out. Even so she studyed it, "It appeared to be some kind of living suit." Alex raised a brow, "Living? Like my father's Susanoo?" he ask. "Kinda, but this thing has a mind of its own, don't bother talking to it, more then likely its mind is just as corrupted." She stated.

The red head ginned, "Even corruption can be purified, I just got to make sure to use a spell that wont kill it." he stated. Sure it wont be easy to do mend such a beast. Lord knows how long the black mass has been that way. Ether way, he wanted it even if that means trapping it.

Alex lend his hand out then made a fist, "May the demon within be cast out...." A golden lantern appeared hanging form his extend hand with a flame inside. "....Gabrial's Lantern!" Suddenly the flame within the lantern grew and the light emitted from it was so bright that it could be seen from the subway tunnel entrance. Alexander forgot to adjust the spell's output.

Note: "Gabriel's Lantern" is a level two light type spell. It is ment to kill demons that are possessing someone or purify the evil in ones' heart. Ether way, Alexander should get a reaction out of Venom.
Oh it got a reaction alright.

A dark, hearty laugh filled with malicious intent.

Right now Venom could not perform the grand feats it was capable of when bonded to a host. Not all of them anyway. This gave Alexander a slight tactical advantage if the thought ever occurred to him. But right now the Symbiote lunged through the blinding light, betting it could reach the spellcaster with tendrils which extended outward uninhibited by the spell in any way whatsoever. One advantage of not having a host was that right now there was no heart inside that pile of sentient black goo at all right now.

How ironically delicious.

"There is no DEMON here! ONLY VENOM!"

A fanged mouth spat out the words as one of the tentacles managed to latch onto SOMETHING.

The boy's book.

Yanking on the secured target in the blind belief it was a solid structure, Venom intended to get closer to Alexander and bond with the young boy. Sheer luck had made the tendrils latch onto the book instead of Alexander. Perhaps that made it blind luck. Regardless of that, one might have to wonder if the book had enough strength to stay in it's current position. Could the yank pull it right smack dab into the back of Alexander, thusknocking him down and making him an easier target as Venom got closer?

Now that the Symbiote knew the potential host could cast magic it raised several questions. Would that enhance the magic? Or would it stay the same? No memories existed of a host with mystical powers. Interesting proposition indeed. . .


Meanwhile. . . Trevor remained unmoving against Angel's back despite all the activity going on around him. Even the light of Alexander's spell did not move him in the slightest. His body was just so drained right now that it would take a serious jolt of energy to get him and Contrition going again. After all in this unconscious state he was sleeping off the effects of the sound and the separation.
"EEK!" was heard has Venom grabbed Index and was pulling her in. Being able to see through the blinding light since it was his spell and stopped it, "Dammit!" "That spell only works on humans or anything that has a soul." he thought.

Even thou Index was protected by magic he was still worried in what the suit was able to do. "EEK! Let go you sicking thing!" she yelled as she was being pulled in. Alexander's eyes widen "Thing?" he said. "Thats right the spell didn't work course he wasn't on a host nor has a soul." Alexander shouted, "Index, it doesn't have a Soul, Store it!" he ordered. Index is able to store someone or something that has a soul to the max of five mins. After that Index would loose control due to the power of ones' soul. If Venom had a host right now this would only be a temporary solution, however, the Symbiont was by itself, soulless.

Index not liking the idea of having something with tentacles inside her, but it was a plan that will work. "OK you perverted mass of black goo, you want inside of me then fine, but you won't like this!" she stated as she opened up to one of her blank pages and started to suck in the host less venom.
Angel found herself quelling a shiver as she felt the malice of Venom rear its ugly head again. She took a slow breath to fight back the fist of dread that was tightening around her heart. The fact that she could feel the 'Kick' wearing off didn't help anything either. It sure as hell wasn't the *best* time to start twitching. Sure as hell wasn't a good time to have a guy hanging off your back either.

The young woman moved to a wall out of the other's line of sight and quickly set Trevor down on the ground, sitting him up the best she could so that he wasn't slouching over. She crouched in front of him, a slight smirk curving her lips.

"Well, little boy..." the young woman muttered to the unconscious symbiote host as her hand moved to the small pack against her hip. "...time to make you a real man." With a swift, practiced motion, Angel's nimble fingers flicked back a zipper and slipped inside, withdrawing a pencil-length vial-like object. If anything, it looked exactly like an epinephrin pen used for allergic reactions...except for that the contents were much, much more potent.

Without another word and with bruising force, Angel roughly plunged the tip of the pen against Trevor's upper thigh, the object making a clicking noise as the plastic guard inside was broken and the needle pierced his skin, injecting the Kick-laced adrenaline into him with a sudden rush. She stood up then, straightening herself before nudging at his knee with the toe of her boot.

"Hey, time to get up."