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  1. Hello, everyone! I'm currently involved in an amazing Marvel universe roleplay, and we're currently looking for more people to spread our love to! We'd love to have new members, whether you'd like to join as your favorite Marvel character or a character of your own!

    Here is the list of who all we already have(Though, I know a few people said they have so many characters they may be willing to give up one or two if you ask):
    Loki Laufeyson
    Helblindi Laufeyson
    Thor Odinson
    Tony Stark
    Clint Barton(Hawkeye)
    Natasha Romanov
    Darcy Lewis
    Peter Parker
    James 'Logan' Howlet(Wolverine)
    Odin Allfather
    Lady Sif
    Wade Wilson(Deadpool)
    Nick Fury
    Victor von Doom(Dr. Doom)
    Agent Venom
    Emma Frost
    James Buchanan Barnes(Bucky)
    [The rest are OC's]

    And the list of needed/available characters;
    All characters related to the X-Men(aside from Logan)
    Reed Richards
    Susan Storm
    Ben Grimm
    Johnny Storm
    Agent Phil Coulson
    Red Hulk
    the Runaways
    Professor Xavier
    Agent Maria Hill
    Peggy Carter
    Jane Foster
    Pepper Potts

    (Side notes; Any character not listed above that is still from the MARVEL universe are welcome, and all OC's are welcome! Also, I will be updating this list as needed!)
  2. I'd love to get a little more information and possibly join as an OC.
  3. I'd be interested to join. Where is this MARVELous roleplay? As Pepper Potts hasn't been taken, and I love playing as her, I would dearly like to participate as her.
    But, a bit more information on it would be great too, since this doesn't really say much about the plot, or where I can find the site where this RP is active, and so forth :)
  4. Awesome! I realize I didn't put much on the plot, but that was because I was fairly busy when I made this post. It'll be a little hard to explain it all, but, we've strayed quite a ways from the movie and comic plot. But, the site we use is . We have a thread on the group(our group is titled 'The Nine Realms') that we use to summarize the roleplay as we go along(though, it's near impossible to cover everything). I can copy paste our main summary on here, if you'd like.
  5. Also; we'd love having a Pepper Potts for us! :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.