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  1. Just putting out a feeler post, let me know if you're interested and if you have any ideas/suggestions etc.


    Following Civil War, the Avengers were in utter shambles, heroes hung up with boots for good. Some vanished entirely, others made use of their powers on a small scale to be productive members of their communities, but one thing was certain, a team of world-saving heroes no longer existed on Earth.

    Although the heroes were gone, villains weren't. Threats from space, terrorist groups on Earth, rogue maniacs, there was no shortage of shifty individuals or gangs but there was a shortage of heroes to keep them in line. When a new threat arises, a new team of Avengers assemble, each member with their own motivations and ideals. One thing is certain though, worlds will collide and everything is at stake.

    For this RP I'm looking for a few good RP-ers who will play characters from the marvel universe. The specifics of the plot (e.g. which group/enemy is the big threat to the team) will be fleshed out if this gets more interest, the lineup will consist of 5 Avengers (poss 6). I'd rather keep the number of players rather limited (but you can double up characters) because huge groups tend to have higher drop out rates I think. The limitations are few and far between so here's what you can be/do/have/imagine in this world.

    1. ANYONE can join the Avengers. Loki, Thor, Spiderman, you name it, villains have a chance to be redeemed, so, if you can justify their reason for joining/becoming good, go for it. (anyone in the MU, no OC's and no DC-comics etc.) You don't have to worry about a character never appearing in the Avengers timeline before, nows his/her chance as long as he/she exists in the Marvel Universe -comics, tv, movies etc-.

    2. ANYONE can oppose the newly assembled Avengers when they appear on the scene, which means you can play a villain, and if several characters are villains, they can team up too.

    3. You don't have to pick a side immediately, I would like to have a core team newly/partially assembled from the start of the IC phase, but your character can defect to the villains side, or leave the Avengers, or new characters can join the line-up (within reason, I don't want to see 27 Avengers in one line-up, and if you join/leave don't expect to switch sides again two posts later. When you pick your side, it isn't permanent, but it's not a light-switch to flick on and off so choose wisely!!!)

    4. You can be a hero and not be an Avenger, you can be a villain and not be part of a big villain gang, its a grey area, but your alignment good/evil is important. Even if you aren't affiliated with the Avengers or a particular villain/gang, good-guys will fight bad-guys and vice-versa, therefore, even if you are flying solo, you need to pick a moral alignment (even if you aren't picking to join a team!) Neutral is also an option of course, but try not to stay too uninvolved in conflicts as its hard to develop a character who doesn't interact with either side of the conflict!

    5. THERE IS A GREY AREA!!! What if Cap joins the baddies and Falcon is leading the Avengers? These two aren't enemies, so when Cap and his gang fights the Avengers, Falcon might not choose to hurt Cap, but rather, try convince him to join the Avengers. Its not all black and white, your characters can have side objectives. Maybe there is a minor villain on the side who has a beef with your character. Try not to get tooooo overly tied in with the Avengers, I'd like to spread out the team so that they can interact across the universe we create (plus its hard to interact with too many characters in the one "zone" of interaction). Avenging doesn't have to be your primary goal even if you are an Avenger, you just have to be aligned with the Avengers and show up when the leader declares "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE". E.g. Black Widow is fighting Amora the Enchantress (because they had a bitch fight way back when and now the score needs to be settled) while the other Avengers have teamed up to fight Ant Man and Hyperion.

    6. I'll go into specific rules etc later on, because with such a tricky universe, it is of course very important to make sure no ones super OP etc etc and everyone is happy!! I will outline specific constraints later if this makes it to an OOC/application stage, all CS's will be reviewed by me to ensure everything's all above board and we're played with the same deck!!!

    P.s. I will play the Winter Soldier, all other characters are up for grabs.
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  2. No one interested in a Marvel RP? SRSLY GAIZZZ ... still searching, 1x1's also interested, would love to hear ideas and stuff, come drop a comment!!!
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