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  1. Posted this in the Fandoms Search Forum but was told to put it here because I want 18+ partners only xP

    please be somewhat literate, I don't need super long posts or anything I just.. I have been having some trouble with people posting responses that don't even make sense.
    Be patient cause sometimes it does take me awhile to post, though it's ok if you ask nicely for me to post ^^

    Pairings (bolded is the person I want to play):
    Phil x Clint (really really really want to do this one)
    Bruce x Clint
    Loki x Clint
    Bucky x Natasha
    Agent Ward x Agent Fitz (Season 1 only haven't watched season 2 yet)
    Spiderman x OC/Deadpool
    Thor x Loki
    Steve x Bucky (have several of these going already so it has to be a good plot)
    Steve x Tony

    Really in the mood for Omegaverse so if we could incorporate that, I would be one happy boy ^^
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  2. gonna add some plot ideas soon
  3. I'm keen for Bucky x Natasha! ^-^
  4. oh sweet! shoot me a pm and we can discuss the plot and such
  5. Still searching
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