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  1. 1. Doubling, unless you're comfortable simply playing the role I ask of you.
    2. Communication, let me know -if possible- when you're going to be gone from the role play for a while.
    3. Dedication, I prefer my role plays to continue until the story has been completed.
    4. Eighteen or older, I write mature themes and don't want to be restricted.
    5. PM, I only role play through private message as I dislike threads.
    Below are the characters (one per role play) that I'd like for you to play, I'll happily play anyone in exchange if we're doubling. ^__^
    • Wade Wilson
    • Tony Stark
    • Scott Lang
    • Steve Rogers
    • Bruce Banner
    • Peter Quill
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  2. I'd be able to play any of the boys except wade Wilson. Send me a PM to chat more :)
  3. Added Peter Quill to the list. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.