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Marvel/DC Universe Pairings (MxF)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Poison_Siren, Dec 11, 2014.

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  1. Hello everyone! Thanks for checking out my request thread! Lately I've been watching Marvel/DC films and shows, and I was just wondering if anybody is interested in doing a superhero role play with me? :) Please feel free to post here or send me a private message. :D​

    X-Men (films)
    ~Cyclops x Jean Grey
    ~Cyclops x OC*
    ~Wolverine x Mystique
    ~Wolverine x OC
    ~Xavier x Mystique
    ~Xavier x OC
    ~Magneto x Mystique
    ~Magneto x OC*

    X-Men (Evolution)
    ~Cyclops x Jean Grey
    ~Cyclops x OC*
    ~Wolverine x Storm
    ~Wolverine x OC*
    ~Gambit x Rogue
    ~Gambit x OC*

    X-Men (90's)
    ~Cyclops x Jean Grey*
    ~Cyclops x OC*
    ~Gambit x Rogue
    ~Gambit x OC*

    Batman (Nolan films)
    ~Batman x Catwoman
    ~Batman x Rachel
    ~Batman x OC
    ~Scarecrow x Catwoman
    ~Scarecrow x OC*

    Batman (Michael Keaton)
    ~Batman x Catwoman
    ~Batman x OC

    Batman (Val Kilmer)
    ~Batman x Dr. Meridian
    ~Batman x OC*
    ~Robin x OC

    Superman (Christopher Reeve)
    ~Superman x Lois Lane
    ~Superman x OC*

    Superman (Brandon Routh)
    ~Superman x Lois Lane
    ~Superman x OC*
    ~Richard White x OC*

    ~Clark Kent x Lana Lane
    ~Clark Kent x Chloe Sullivan
    ~Clark Kent x OC*

    Wonder Woman (Linda Carter)
    ~Steve Trevor x Wonder Woman

    ~Superman x Wonder Woman (Maybe)

    ~Batman x Mystique
    ~Superman x Jean Grey
    ~Wolverine x Wonder Woman
    ~Wolverine x Catwoman
  2. Oh man I grew up watching the 90's X-men and X-Men Evolution , actually I use to RP as Gambit a lot and read the comics. For nostalgia sakes I'll do something Gambit and OC related.
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  3. Great! We can do either one, I have no preference. :) Want me go ahead and PM you so we can brainstorm?
  4. Yeah sounds great!
  5. I would love to do X-man gambit x oc and is it ok if im Oc?
  6. Well, if I play Gambit for you, you'll have to double, if that's alright?
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