Marvel, DC , Pokemon and other fandoms plots and Pairings

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  1. Hello, bg Marvel and DC fan, been wanting to do a 1x1 for awhile here are some pairns we can try
    Batman Beyond X Spider Girl(Marvel X DC)
    Manchester Black X Jean Grey (Marvel X DC)
    Question(DC) X Black Widow(marvel)
    Wolverine(Marvel) X Scandal Savage(DC)
    Wolverine(marvel) X Cheeta(DC)
    Lex Luthor(DC) X Mystique(Marvel)
    Superboy(DC) X Valkeryie(Marvel)
    Thor(Marvel) X Wonder Woman
    Lex Luthor(DC) X Lady Viper(marvel)
    Superman(DC) x Storm(Marvel)
    Supergirl x Gohan(DBZ X DC)
    Marvel Oc X DC Oc
    Marvel OC X Marvel OC
    DC oc X DC oc
    DBZ OC X MArvel OC
    DC oc x DBZ oc
    Pokemon trainers

    Two friends are pokemon trainers, and are going on their journey together but they are rivals. They also deal with a new vilainous team called Team Solaris, which want control of all the lgendaries.(The trainers are 18, in the middle of their journey, and we start with three pokemon)

    His brother was the pokemon league champion. He had a budew, which was his brother's main pokemon offspring. He watched his brother batle some strange new trainer. She looked strong and she was.She was the first person to beat his brother in a long time. That day he vowed to find her and beat her. when he leaves on his journey he meets a girl, who turns out to be the sister of the woman who beat his brother(or the girl he meets is the person who beat his brother)

    After Mayday's father is kidnapped, and the only clue is Gotham City she heads to the famed city. Theyre she meets the Batman. After a fight, they learn they are on the same side, and goto find who kidnapped their father. Having the help of a old foe they try and find out who kidnapped May's father

    A guy enters the world martial art tournament. He doesnt remeber his past but has amazing skill and power. he meets a powerful woman who sayss he is a sayain. They end up being the fnalist and have a draw. He decided to ask her if she wants to train with him. She agrees because for some reason this guy doesnt have a energy reading unlike other fighters she met. Also a power galactic Tyrant is heading to earth in search of the dragon balls. And a old sayain comes back from the past
  2. I'm up for the two friends that are pokemon trainers. Shoot me a pm if you wanna RP.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.