Marvel-DC Crossover Roleplay?

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  1. I'm still thinking about how to go about this.

    For the DC side of things, I'll be taking more inspiration from the New 52 animations(Son of Batman, Justice League vs Teen Titans, etc)

    For the Marvel side of things, I'll be taking a fair deal of inspiration from... well... I haven't decided. Probably 616, an extent of cinematic universe...

    Basically, I'm reimagining the two universes in a shared universe, Earth-32032. I'm wondering which part of the timelines we should pick up from.

    I'm considering something a little more 'Junior'. Maybe the Teen Titans and the Young Avengers(this continuity's Young Avengers are actually Young Avengers, as opposed to being named after the Avengers). Where they, through leaps of faith, bump into each other and stuff. I don't know.

    Any suggestions?
  2. So the thought is that these two universes simply exist as one? So it has the avengers and justice league within?
    I've always loved RP's like this. The only thing that I'm weary of is using the 'junior' teams. As.. well I'm not nearly as fluent in them as the more classic teams. But if I do get a chance to rp in this, I would love to play one of the X-Men. Even a junior-ish version of someone?
  3. Yeah, the Avengers and Justice League exist as seperate organizations in this world.

    Think of it as more of Teen Titans/Young Justice as opposed to THE NEXT GENERATION.

    I'll figure out how to put X-men into all this. Too many factions spoil the soup, but I guess one more wouldn't hurt...
  4. Well maybe not even X-Men as an organization. Like.. members of the X-Men, rather. Like.. a young Colossus or something. Does that make sense? Not the X-Men as a group, but people from it. I only said X-Men cause that was my bread and butter growin up heh
  5. Alright, my mind is clear and I've decided on three possibilities

    1. Everyday gigs with the Teen Titans and Young Avengers. Civil War has not occured yet.

    2. Civil War era where the Justice League too will split up and take sides.

    3. Post Civil War era, likely ten years after. However, it will cross in with the events that lead to The Dark Knight Returns.

    I'll state some conditions if you wish to play canon characters, e.g. who's the current Robin and such.

  6. The first two ideas sound pretty interesting, though the third does as well. Would the Young Avengers and Teen titans know of each other or would it just be some akin to each superhero having their respective city to take care of?​
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