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  1. is any one intrested in doing one just ask i have character i waned to try out and it does not have to be a marvel you can bea dc character if you like i only have a hero you can be villein or hero up to you
  2. here my chareater so you guys can make your finale digression


    Name: Mayday Parker
    Age: 16
    Super Hero : Spider Girl
    Powers: Super-human strength,web spinning, speed, endurance, flexible can
    cling walls, and when clinging to an object, can forcefully repel objects and
    Personality: Careing, strongwilled, smart-aleck, neutral, laid-back and hostile

    Bio/origens:Mayday Parker is the child of Peter and Mary Jane Parker. Peter
    lost a leg during the horrific final conflict with the Green Goblin. For years, they
    chose to keep their past from Mayday and hoped that she wouldn't develop
    powers of her own. May began developing versions of her father's Spider-powers and she takes up the super hero bissness and set out to become the best friendly neighborhood spidy super hero there ever was.\

    ok so shes no a ooc charater shes from the comic spider gril and yes there is one just look it up X3 but any who i put a lot of effort in this so yeah
  3. So no one wants to do one, well.... when you do
    just ask. I put time into her but I can wait
    (with my cookie XD )

  4. I have a DC character I would love try. It's a girl but I can make a dude to if you like. I think doing a DC/Marvel RP with you would be cool. If you want you PM me. We can disuse ideas to get started and if you want it to be a group we could come up with something together if you want.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.