Marvel Comic Group RP anyone?

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  1. I know there already is one but they're not currently looking for members. I don't really know what all I'd want yet, but probably a smaller group, five-ish maybe, and we could plot out together if you want a basic plot to start. It would be cool if anyone wanted a chatplay of it, but if there's more interest in paragraph form I'd definitely do that. Right now I'm basically just seeing if anyone even would be interested, and then we can figure out the details from there. So please answer this or private message me if this sounds fun to you. Thanks!
  2. Would it be a Canon RP or would you use OCs, set in the Marvel Verse? Also, Cinematic or Comics, and which one?
  3. um comics and i have a charater in mind x3
  4. Which just brings up which Comics verse? there's a lot of them.
  5. ill show you her she i from a comic here


    Name: Mayday Parker
    Age: 16
    Super Hero : Spider Girl
    Powers: Super-human strength,web spinning, speed, endurance, flexible can
    cling walls, and when clinging to an object, can forcefully repel objects and
    Personality: Careing, strongwilled, smart-aleck, neutral, laid-back and hostile

    Bio/origens:Mayday Parker is the child of Peter and Mary Jane Parker. Peter
    lost a leg during the horrific final conflict with the Green Goblin. For years, they
    chose to keep their past from Mayday and hoped that she wouldn't develop
    powers of her own. May began developing versions of her father's Spider-powers and she takes up the super hero bissness and set out to become the best friendly neighborhood spidy super hero there ever was.\

    ok so shes no a ooc charater shes from the comic spider gril and yes there is one just look it up X3 but any who i put a lot of effort in this so yeah
  6. You misunderstand my question. There's a lot of Comics verses. Such as Ultimates or the Marvel Mangaverse. I'm asking which one it's from.

    Also, to be constructive on the bio: I see a lot of typos. Such as, it's "Origin".
  7. oh... my bad i think ultimates
  8. I also kind of figured it was a question for the OP to answer.
  9. Sorry this took me so long to answer. I was suppose to get emails when people responded and for some reason I didn't so I didn't know anyone did. I would allow OCs if they were well done I think, but I would prefer comic characters. I know the most about Earth 616, but if people really wanted to do other verses I think I'd allow it. I'm pretty easy going when it comes to that stuff, and I'd like to create our own plot rather than using a comic one specifically, so that leaves a bit more wiggle room. Any other questions?
  10. I know who spider girl is; that was in response to one of digiexperts questions.
  11. ohhh ^w^ my bad i sould have looked into it more sorry
  12. That's okay. Hopefully we can get some more people to state interest and then I'll start giving out more details and we can start some real plotting.
  13. Well, since you're allowing Original characters, I'm in.
  14. Okay, well we need some more people interested before we can go any further. So I'm going to wait a little longer. And if you think you can recruit anyone, please try.
  15. While we wait for more people, I'm going to create a character sheet to be filled out so that we all know the important information about each other's characters. It'll have all the basics on it, I'm not totally positive on what yet, but just be ready to fill that out. If there's too many people interested, that may be my basis for acceptance/rejection.
  16. Is this still open?
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