Marvel Cinematic-Altered Universe? ALL Marvel Characters Welcome.

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  1. So in my never-ending addiction of epic superhero advances, I was thinking that I would create an ever expansive version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that has been so successful and uncanny in caliber. Of course...the difference here is, the events doesn't necessarily have to be exact from the cinematic universe, only adapted. Want to take on the Winter Soldier and HYDRA as Cap? Do it how you want! When you assemble the Avengers against Loki do you want to include Wolverine or Spidey? Go for it! Of course the rp would follow the Phase order of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it will be based as real as possible on characters (Wolverine's solo complex refusing help etc.)

    Obviously the biggest change is that there are no dumb ass media rights here. ALL Marvel Characters are yours to choose from!!!

    ~My only condition is that out of respect for the Marvelverse if you wish to play a character already adapted on-screen, use their actors' face for a face claim ^_^

    So yeah, any takers? 0_0

  2. alright i'm in!
  3. when i do, may i have black panther and Hawkeye? when i do, this is hawkeye and black panther:
  4. You can have one or the other, then if we have less people than expected then you can double up :]
  5. damn, now i have to choose, i may have to sit on this...
  6. Okee doke!
  7. *Deep breath* Okay i'll choose T'challa
  8. May I please be Ruffalo's version of Bruce Banner?
  9. I`ll play Dr doom.
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Thread Status:
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