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  1. Captain America: Heroes
    Alright, I had an idea about making a Captain America story. This would mix continuities, with no set universe (AKA 616, Ults, MCU etc) In this RP, there are three people who wear the Captain America Mantle: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson. I'm also willing to have some other the other less well known "Captain America"s be included. Up to and including AU versions and replacements of Steve Rogers. (If you are unsure whom I'm talking about this link will enlighten you)

    The inspiration for this RP came mainly from this tumblr post (I take no credit for it).

    The basic storyline I'd like to cover is the trio are from alt. Universes and get thrown into a "New" Universe. They have to find out how to get back to their respective universes. To avoid easy fixes (EG Richard Reeds or Tony Stark or Victor Doom or America Chavez, etc), there will be no cross dimensional travelling characters allowed in the "New" universe.

    If a character like Tony Stark, Richard Reeds, etc do exist they will be a counterpart that doesn't have the ability to cross dimensions (but they theoretically could get there eventually).

    This RP will be detailed/advanced. I will require posting samples from all interested parties. For reciprocity's sake, my posting sample is linked below.

    Posting Sample:
    (Off Site- User: Blue Demon)

    Out of the three characters listed I can Play Steve Rogers or James Barnes. I cannot play Sam Wilson. There will also be no romance as a focus of the story. If you want your character to fall in love with a side character, that's your own prerogative. But I wont be playing any love interests.

    I will be accepting up to three people. (Making four total) Or a minimum of one (obviously).
    If you have any questions, go ahead and ask.​
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  2. Come on people. I don't bite. I swear!

    (If you're worried by my post count, don't be! I left this site a while ago, but now I'm back. I'm far, far more active on my other site. Which you can see in my off site link. I will not abandon this because it's something I really want to do!)
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