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  1. Okay. So I have an idea for a plot. And yes, it will be Canon x OC. And this will be doubling. But anyways, this is set before Age of Ultron. We (our OCs) are selected to join the Avengers team. Our characters would be started to be trained by an Avenger individually(depending on who you want your character to be trained by). During the training, our characters would get close to which ever person we are being trained by, and falling for them as well.

    Basically,that is what I have so far. And as far as how to RP pairing goes, you can choose either MxM, FxF, or MxF, although I prefer MxM, but I'm fine with anything. Anyways, if you're interested, feel free to leave me a PM or you can comment here.
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  2. I had to make some edits, but if you had a different plot than mine. Like, something that is better, then feel free to share.
  3. Look.. I want to try this. I can play any character that you want me to play. Just comment here or let me a PM. :)
  4. I'm very interested in your idea ^_^ I will RP with you.
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  5. Alright. PM me and we can go over some things. :)