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  1. I was wondering this for a bit, but how many of you are trained any kind of martial arts?

    As for me, I was taught how to box by my grandfather a few years before he died. A year and a half ago, I signed up for Karate classes and I am currently an orange belt on my third tip.
  2. I have a background in Karate and boxing, did Vale-Tudo for 2 years, Brazilian jujitsu for 4.
  3. I've done Judo, Karate, BJJ, Iaido and Kendo. Kendo was my favorite by far, I really miss doing it.
  4. Karate, purple belt. It's been a very very long time and to be honest, I doubt I'd be able to perform now as well as I did back then.
  5. Black belt in Tae Kwon Do. First Dan.
  6. When @Razilin gets here he'll casually mention his two or three dozen martial arts he's mastered.

    As for myself, I am formally trained in Tae Kwon Do and Brazilian Ju Jitsu.

    Informally, I've dabbled in Kendo, Krav Maga and some other bits and pieces I picked up from various martial arts friends.
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  7. "almost black belt" in tae kwon do. I have no idea if it's useful or not.
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  8. Boxing, Muay Thai, and a little bit of Brazilian Jiu Jutsu.

    Took a few Fencing lessons. Messed around with Kenjutsu on my own.

  9. Unfortunately, it's not. lololo.
  10. Black belt in Tae Kwon Do. First Dan. I cheated. I got to Junior black and they promoted me when I hit 16. Teehee.

    I did a little Muay Thai in year 1, but it gave way to the superior sport called DOTA.
  11. Shit, there's probably a lot of people on this site that kick more ass than I do.
  12. Boxing 5 years
    Krav Maga 1 year
    Taekwondo 10 years
    Mma 2 year
    Muay thai 1 year
    Saber 1 year
    Foil 3 year
    Epee 3 year
    Kendo 3 year
    Kickboxing 5 years
  13. I'm doing my brown belt grading for kickboxing in about a week's time. I'm probably going to need another month's worth of running to get my stamina up to scratch, but hell, I'm going to go for it.
    Otherwise, all I can offer is a sick verbal beatdown.
  14. I still have my original first degree black belt. Never wanted to wear any other one. Need no damn stripes. Worked hard for that first one and it's beat up to hell.

    Same thing with the original dobok. I used to have a heavyweight dobok for formal occasions but I only ever trained in my original attire. Beat up to hell it was

  15. Jesus man.
  16. I consider myself more of a stand up striker than anything

    Certainly not a specialist
  17. Saber superior
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  18. Amen
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  20. My Dad's a blackbelt in Ju-Jitsu.
    Like he used to be on the Canadian Ju-Jitsu team even.

    So naturally I tried my hand in it as a kid.
    From home Dad said I had reached the skills of about an Orange Belt.
    But I only made it to yellow stripe in official classes, since being a little kid I didn't get the concept of "Sparring isn't a real fight".
    Making me have to get pulled out because the other kids were getting scared of me.
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