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    Here's the deal. A private organization is planning to establish a colony on Mars by 2023, and they'll start taking applications next year. One tiny catch: It's a one-way trip. If you're accepted, you'll spend the rest of your life on Earth's rust-red cousin.

    Mars One is attempting to secure sponsors and investors by making it a reality television show and have prospective astronauts selected by the public. Putting the first four astronauts on Mars alone is expected to cost approximately US$6 billion. They claim that the project's costs are minimised because it would be a one way trip. Returning humans from Mars would require far more time and resources.

    Their FAQ.

    Come on... Seriously? They said it will cost 6 Billion. No. Just no. The Apollo program costed 216 billion dollars (In todays money) spread over 10 years and wasn't nearly as complicated as going to Mars. Not to mention the health risk, the unknown dangers of long term radiation and low gravitational forces... This company has no experience AT ALL considering space missions. The research, planning and building costs will be much much more than 6 billion. It is just not reasonable.

    That being said, I have a feeling that is most likely going to be a ARG.....
  2. They've already simulated the results of this!

    Mission to Mars

    We already know what will happen people! D<
  3. This is some crazily over-optimistic shit right here.

    But I can't help but hope it works, because it's kind of awesome.
  4. What exactly would this settlement do? Basically be a place for people to go to get away from earth? O.o I mean, there would be no agriculture to speak of, probably no mining operations, and the people would be completely reliant on earth for supplies. what happens if the money runs out? This just has bad idea written all over it. I think it would be more worthwhile to make the entire planet habitable. That would be way more expensive, but we'd be able to get something back from it at some point at least.
  5. I would totally leave earth forever to live on Mars.
  6. I...

    This scares me..
  7. As would I brother. Shall we rock out on top of the pod as it plumets to the red planet?
  8. That is interesting, especially because as far as I know, scientists have yet to solve solar flares frying every computer that is outside a magnetic field like Earth's, not to mention that the atmosphere of Mars is not very suitable for a self-sustaining colony. Most likely, this outpost would require constant supplies, and would be costly to keep up for a long time. I also doubt that scientists can resolve the issues concerning solar flares and other interstellar menaces by 2023.
  9. That I agree with Lstorm. I'm wondering if this is really some kind of plot for a movie or something. I haven't heard much about this supposed idea and it does sound too good to be true.
  10. Who's going to want to spend the rest of their life on Mars? ._. If you're a young guy/gal in your 30s, that could be for an enormously long time.
  11. Won't Faraday cages solve the problem of flares?

    I'm not too sure about the monetary costs but I don't see why 6 billion is an underestimate. A lot of the R&D has already been done for them. In this case it doesn't seem like they are worried about logistics. Pack humans into a rocket just like the robots that have already been going there, and send them to their deaths.

    Also, if they choose candidates for a reality show I'm pretty sure they'd murder each other 3 months into space, or rape each other silly, since those sorts of guys are usually chosen to be psychologically incompatible.
  12. According to newspapers, the rover was launched. It's real.