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  1. [BCOLOR=#ffffff] [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Prince Lambert[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR] was awoken early that morning by his mother. She threw open the drapes of their home and turned toward Lambert's bed clapping her hands. "Good morning my sweet son. Today is the day! you marry for your country today. Oh I am just so excited. My little boy is finally getting married." Lambert rolled onto his back, running his hands through his dark red hair, that fell slightly over his shoulders. "How can you be so excited about all of this mother. I don't even know the girl, what if she is ugly. Then I'm doomed to be with the queen of yuck for the rest of my life." Lambert's mother smacked the top of his head and sighed at him. "Now, that's enough, this girl is very beautiful and is the daughter of a king that your father needs you to get along with so he can gain more kingdoms in his favor. Now get out of bed and dress yourself in something nice. we leave to meet her at your new home in 3 hours." Lambert groaned once more and waited for his mother to leave. Throwing the blankets off of his bed he swung his legs onto the floor and dragged himself into the shower. Turning on the water, to steaming hot. He liked his showers hot. Lambert removed his clothes and stepped inside, letting the hot water cover his body for a moment than quickly washed up and stepped out. Shaking his hair in a towel he walked back into his room, not bothering to cover himself, no one was in his room so why should he. Opening his closet he pulled out a black [BCOLOR=#000000][BCOLOR=#000000]Outfit[/BCOLOR] [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000] [/BCOLOR]that his mother had chosen for him to wear the night prior. Lambert dressed himself and walked down the stairs to his dinning room where he ate breakfast and then stood in the main hall, where his father told him to wait. He stood silently. He hair falling over his eyes, slightly. Lambert had no care for arranged marriages, however he did not want to marry an ugly queen, he found himself to be rather attractive and believed that he deserved someone to match his look. His mother father came into the main hall conversing about the new castle that was just built for Lambert and his new queen. "It will fabulous Lambert, you will love it. Fit for a king, just like you are going to be my boy." Lambert's father patted him on the back and lead him outside where they crawled into a chariot and left for their journey to Lambert's new home. Lambert sat silently, on the ride, his mother to his left, holding his arm.
  2. "I always knew this would happen, but I didn't expect it to be so soon! An arranged marriage mother?! Why does it have to be me?!" She yelled as she was getting ready to meet her new husband to be. "It has to be you because your father and I have set this up since you were born. It'll be fine dear, I assure you." Chastity had just turned 18 and was looking forward to going out to parties and flirting with the men and women of the city, but a marriage would put an end to all of that.

    "But mother, I don't even know him. A-and I'm too young to get married! I've only been 18 but a few months! It doesn't help that our families don't get along." She was almost in tears now. "Honey there are plenty of young ladies younger than you that are already married. Some even with child. I don't ask much of you dear, please just do this for us." Grace said as she brushed her daughters beautiful black hair. Chastity chewed on her bottom lip, deep in the thought of how many parties and how much freedom this marriage is going to ruin for her.

    "How is it that I am the one to be in an arranged marriage?! Kira got to choose who she was wed to! I always get the lesser deal!" She sobbed, tears staining her face and town. "Chastity arose Yukimura, that is enough! There is nothing you can say or do that is going to stop this marriage! Now, we should be on our way to your new home." Grace snapped at her daughter, getting impatient.. She was right, this was an airtight deal and nothing was going to keep it from happening. Chastity sighed as she fixed her dress, making sure she looked proper enough to meet her fiancée. She, her father sister and mother made their way to the carriage, they'd already been running a bit late.

    Maybe this wouldn't be a and thing.... Chastity sighed knowing that there was nothing that could make this good. She'd always wanted to marry, but she had no idea that it'd be this early and to a man she didn't know, and didn't like nonetheless. She made her way down the stairs of their estate and into one of their many sitting rooms. Upon entering the room she met eyes with a young man, he looked to be a little older but not much. She smiled at him, slowly sauntering over to the young man
  3. Lambert and his family arrived at their new estate and entered through the large double doors. Walking into one of the sitting rooms Lambert sat with his legs crossed. "Son please be polite, this girl may not be looking forward to this. You have to think from her perspective." Lambert sat up and looked at his mother and father. "From her perspective? She gets to marry me. She should be grateful. I'm the one that had to wait until she turned 18, I'm the one that had to-"

    "Now that is enough Lambert!" His father spoke in a stern voice. "You should be glad I found you this princess, better than that pauper.." His father spoke in a more hushed tone. "THE PAUPER?! SHE WAS A GEM! ONE OF A KIND! JUST BECAUSE SHE WASN'T-" Lambert yelled at in his father standing ready to storm out.

    "Now that is enough! Both of you. Lambert sit down and forget about that silly girl, you have a new queen and you will be grateful of her. Do you understand me?!" Lambert sat nodding to his mother. They sat quietly for the next few minutes until the girl entered. Lambert stood straight as she did. You could tell by the way she approached him, she didn't want to be there, let alone with him. Lambert held out his hand for hers, taking it and kissing it gently. "My lady. I am Prince Lambert and I am to be your husband." Lambert smiled at her, she was a pretty young thing. Small, petite, fragile. She was everything Lambert liked in a woman. The two kings hugged and laughed shaking hands and looking at Lambert and Chastity. "They'll make a fine king and queen. Don't you think?" Lambert's father said smiling at the two. Lambert shook Chasity's mothers hand and her father's introducing himself with the upmost prestige and manner.
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