Marry a Millionaire?

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  1. Here's the story:

    Once upon a time, a wealthy young man married a beautiful but poor young woman, to his family's intense displeasure. His father washed his hands of him and the lovebirds lived together in relative poverty. At first they were happy but it wasn't long before they both realized they they'd been blinded--he by her beauty, she by his wealth--and they weren't actually in love. They were divorced and the young man went back to his wealthy family but there was the question of what to do with the couple's young daughter. The father wanted to take her but the mother fought desperately to keep her. The fight ended with the father agreeing to allow the mother to keep the child and to paying exorbitant amounts of child support on the condition that after the child completes high school she will be sent to wherever her father lives (in a faraway place full of rich people), attend whichever university he chooses for her, and become a fully functioning member of his wealthy family (which will accept her when sh leaves her mother's care). The return condition is that he will stay out of her life until that point.

    The father remains true to his word and, though he doesn't see his child once in the intervening years, dutifully sends the money and expends a lot of time and effort on setting things up for her future. Meanwhile, the mother raises her daughter to be fiercely independent and individualistic and just a little rebellious. Then the girl graduates from high school. She doesn't want to go live with her father, whom she doesn't even remember, and is only marginally grateful when he gives her the summer to prepare for the move and tells her that she won't be living with him but in a beautiful apartment just outside the campus of the university where he is sending her and she will be sharing that apartment with one Sasha Meunier. Still upset about moving and leaving her friends and not interesting in making friends with Sasha, she ignores an email from her new roommate.

    Despite all of her protests and complaints, the girl is shipped off to the posh university where he father has her enrolled and arrives at her new apartment to find a strikingly handsome and well-dressed young man there. He tells her that she's late, that she should leave her bags for the maids to take care of, and that she has to come with him. All the while he's looking at her as if to say, "peasant", and speaking with a French accent which makes his tone automatically sound haughty. He then practically drags her back downstairs and takes her to an expensive restaurant where she meets her father for the first time since she was practically a baby and learns the two facts that will set the role-play in motion:

    1. The young man who practically kidnapped her just now is Sasha, or rather Alexandre Meunier, the heir to a fantastically wealthy and prominent family.

    2. It is expected that she will marry Sasha after they graduate from university.

    The role-play is based on the premise that the girl is doing everything in her power to get out of her engagement when she's in a strange place and everyone around her not only knows about the engagement but expects her to go through with it. It also depends on playing the opposite upbringings of the two main characters against each other--the girl having been raised to be independent and free spirited and Sacha being raised to do as he is told no matter what. Their personalities may not, in the end, be so different, but the journey of the role-play is that discovery. Whether they end up romantically attached or not depends on how the role-play develops. I don't want to pin it down right now.


    I'm looking for someone to play the girl. I've purposefully left her kind of blank, so do as you please with her as long as she follows the plot up to the point where the plot description leaves off.

    I love long and detailed posts but don't feel pressured to write a lot. I'd rather have a solid two paragraphs that I can reply to than a whole page of nothing. I'm mostly concerned with quality.

    Since finals are coming up soon, I won't be able to post frequently right away but expect that to pick up once finals are finished.

    Let me know if you're interested!

  2. I'd like to rp this with you :) I really like the premise
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