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  1. ((A completely unplanned and free roleplay to play as you like. The plot is created as we go! For any questions, you can check: here
    Just make it up as you go along and we'll follow! Well, most of the time...))​

    Ria was frozen in place, holding her wrist up in shock. The Mark had appeared. It wasn't as dark as she had seen on others but it was there, visible enough to notice with what little light there was in the room. She stood still, afraid to touch it and lost in confusion that she forgot where she was. It took a yell for her to be brought back to her senses. 'That's right. I've got no time for this. What the hell am I doing?' she mentally scolded herself before throwing her hood back over her head and pulling her sleeve down as she ran.
  2. Night was sleeping on a tree, when he felt a sharp pain on his left shoulder.
    "It's back again.." He thought, irritated. Why can't the mark just stay with him, and not appear and disappear? It's really frustrating. He did went to the national library in the city to find out why but none of the books have him any information.
    He suddenly realised the pain was no more. That probably meant it was gone, he thought, and let out a sigh of relief.
  3. The taste of magic filled the air, slithering along the cobblestone road in an icy chill. Uris shuddered, his glamour rippling away the mere human costume he borrowed to reveal a shadow-like creature with luminous blue eyes and crooked smile with a tongue slipping out between its pointed teeth. His body extended the mere six feet of his illusion, growing two feet in size. He stretched, aching from his disguise. Always so hunched over, crunched down to the ground. Humans were so small, so…squishy, Uris thought, as he blended in with the pitch black of the night, sliding along the almost vacant streets.

    Something was near here. That was the reason he came to this realm. Something he needed. Something Uris couldn't put his finger – or claw – on. It made the fiend nervous, skittish even as he continued skulking through the city. “Where are you or what are you?” He asked out loud, though he didn't expect an answer. As far as the shadow knew, he was alone.
  4. It was damp that night in December night when Lewis had felt it. That light pulsing at the back of his head. How long had it been since he had felt it...? Five, ten years? Surely it couldn't have been that long. But, as the young man racked his memory, he found that it had been that long. Frowning, though his chest was aflutter with anticipation, he wandered around for a moment, trying to find the direction that the feeling was strongest. Finding it, he broke out in a jog towards it, feeling the pulsing grow stronger. Soon, he told himself, soon.

    "Where are you, girlie?" he asked to no one in particular, sensing that the owner of the mark this time around was a girl. "It'll just be easier that way. Others would be approaching, and swiftly, but Lewis was determined to be the first. His human form losing shape as he strode forwards, shadows enveloping his eyes and giving him a demonic look, he couldn't help but smile slightly. This was it.
  5. It was supposed to be simple. It was always simple for her. Go in, take what was asked for, and get out. Even without the consistent planning others like her did, Ria always managed to find a way to avoid getting caught. This time, it seems, she was in for something much bigger than she thought.

    She felt someone, or something, was near but she didn't know where and what. The shock at finding the Mark seemed to have had dulled her senses because suddenly she was second guessing her every move. 'Just run,' she thought to herself. Adjusting the strap of the makeshift satchel around her, she ran hard, finally making it through the marble walls and into the forest ahead. This was her goal and she made it. Except something was wrong and she knew she had no time to let her guard down. Pressing herself as close to a tree as she could, she peered into the dark. Something was still after her and for the first time in a long while, she wished she wasn't alone because this time she didn't know what to do.
  6. Kura held her small feline friend closer to her chest as she walked the empty streets. Her tan messenger bag bouncing against her blue skinny jean covered legs and it's strap digging into her hipster sweater shoulder. She swept her bangs out of her eyes and tried her best to keep her heartbeat content as she listened for any sudden noises. The young woman was a little suspicious of these eerie streets, since whenever she traveled down them she felt as if something always watched her. It was like each step she took someone recorded it and awaited the next.

    She hurriedly shook her head of any oncoming morbid thoughts as her pace quickened and her eyes darted suspiciously from side to side. Her hand came up to the flesh behind her ear as a sharp pain prickled beneath the skin. A low hiss exited her mouth as she ignored the ache and continued onward. The stab of discomfort wasn't new to her, but of course it intensified each time it decided to show up. Sometimes it came along on different parts of her body - although it was fond of prickling the sensitive skin behind her ears. Kura wasn't sure what it was exactly so she just ignored it and hoped it wouldn't come back again, but of course it always returned - a little more painful then the last encounter.

    Her clumsy feet tripped over themselves and Kura almost went hurdling towards the sidewalk, but she had caught herself at the last second. This was a normal thing that occurred. She stumbled, tripped, or began to fall - like her body wasn't her own - although she always caught herself at the last moment. It was so strange. "Strange indeed." She mumbled to herself as she kept on walking.

    The feline that resided in her arms moved slightly which caused a smile to erupt onto Kura's lips.
    Kura "Kat" Rosalva Marē (open)
  7. Upon hearing the scuffling of footsteps nearby, Uris turned his nose towards the air, breathing deeply, and wheezed. The scent of the human female scorched his lungs. The shadow had smelled so pretty strange humans but this one, he wrinkled his nose, this one smelled like burned leather, a side-effect of his sensory to certain magic. He wrapped a clawed hand around his noise like a mask and glanced at the young woman through the shadows.

    Uris slipped through the shadows, creeping closer to the girl. He was close enough to see that she couldn't be the sign to what he was looking for…could she? There was nothing special about her compared to other humans. She wasn't a hovering shadow like him. She had no wild eyes, no toothy grin. Not even an odd mark, he could see. The only thing was the smell; it indicated that something frightful was brewing around her, and he had to find out what it was.
  8. It can't be just can't...thought Lewis as he looked at the girl from just beyond the shadows. Something was moving near him, and it wasn't the girl, though his focus was upon her. His human form was very nearly shed, leaving in its place a vaguely humanoid figure cloaked in shadows. He looked more like a scratched out part of a photograph than a human dressed in shadows.

    He had to know. Could a girl like this really be the one? Creeping behind her, hoping to stay out of her field of vision, he reached out a shadowy hand towards her wrist, intent on grabbing it and seeing the mark. However, sense came back to him, and he forced himself to pull back and revert to his human form, which was a fairly young human male with dark hair and silvery gray eyes. If he got too excited, he knew, he would end back up in shadows, and scare the life out of the girl. Of course, he might anyways.

    Reaching out from behind the tree again, hoping that whatever else was hidden in the shadows wouldn't attack, he placed a hand on her shoulder, and said, "Any particular reason a little girl is out in the woods at night?"
  9. Ria jumped slightly and instinctively pushed the hand away, immediately pulling her dagger out and falling into defence position. 'How did he manage to get close?!' She was beginning to worry. 'What's going on?!'

    "Who are you?" She growled.
  10. "Just a helpful soul, who was wondering why a little girl would be in the woods at night." He smiled goodnaturedly, trying to seem kind. "It's sort of odd, don't you think? I'm sorry..." Lewis added, "I must seem like a stalker...but besides that, there are things in the forests that would wish to do you harm..." Trying to appear as a goodhearted human who only wished to help her, he was careful to keep his excitement levels down, his sensitive ears picking up on every little sound there was.
  11. Kat had begin feel that strange presence again, but she was unsure if it was her imagination or if there really was someone nearby. She gazed up ahead where the sign that marked the ending of town and the beginning of the forest lay. The young woman knew she shouldn't travel through there at night, yet it was the fastest way, on foot, to get to the next town. This place had begun to creep her out severely.

    As the rubber sole's of her shoes padded against the asphalt, Kat tried to focus on more happier things. She was never one to sink so deep into madness so constantly she tried to bring her spirits up and out of the gutter. Her eyes gazed down at the Snow Leopard Cub in her hands which had recently escaped from a nearby zoo - her mind began throwing different names out - ones that would suit him perfectly. "Joey, Pax, Snuggles, or maybe even Paws?" She tapped her chin with her index finger and slipped into deep thought. The red haired woman wanted to name her new friend something cool and definitely different. Hurriedly she began to name off characters in movies that she had recently seen, "Rorshach, Ryan, The Lorax, Sauron, uhm Aquaman?" Backing up she caught the one name that stood out to her the most, "Sauron."

    With a mischievous smile Kat nodded in agreement at the name feeling a little better at the upbeat attitude she had created around herself. The Snow Leopard in her hands was still sleeping, but that didn't stop her from scratching behind his fluffy ear, "Hello there Sauron. I'm Kat. It's lovely to meet you."
  12. What a strange night it was turning into. Uris had a sudden feeling he wasn’t the only creature in the shadows. He halted for a moment, glancing away from Kat for a moment and looked around quickly, his magic stretching to sense the environment around him. There was nothing, and yet, he had felt something? He wanted to investigate, but if he did, he’d lose the girl. He took another glance back at the darkness and hurriedly caught up the young girl and her furry friend.

    Maybe it was the scratching of the creature. Maybe it was the smell of magic. But whatever it was, it didn’t stop what happened next. The halting breaths and then a thunderous sneeze.

    Uris froze, pulling himself into the shadows as much as he could, but the shadow knew his presence was known, not only by the girl but whatever else lurked around.
  13. Ria scanned the man in front of her suspiciously. 'He looks normal enough,' she thought, 'But still able to do harm'. The fact that he was able to sneak up on her without her noticing was already one thing, but in this forest where she had heard things were different, she wasn't about to let her guard down now. 

    "First of all, maybe you can drop the 'little girl'... thing... and secondly, what about you? What are you doing here alone? Don't you know this forest is dangerous?" She glanced around the forest quickly once more for a way out and for any other movement before settling her gaze back on him.
  14. The pain was back, and it was worse than the last attack. It felt as if Night's shoulder was ripping apart, on fire, searing in pain. He involuntarily let out a gasp of pain, and quickly closed his mouth. He had heard some people talking below the tree, and it was unusual. He crept down the tree, ignoring the pain.
    "...a girl and...a..creature..?" He whispered to himself quietly, trying to make out the silhouette shapes.
    Nobody actually did stop to chat in the forest, and this was the first. Things just got interesting for Night, and he started eavesdropping on the conversation.
  15. Was that a sneeze? Lewis forced himself to keep his expression the same, though his mind was awhirl as he extended his consciousness through the shadows, trying to find any and all things in the forest. To a Seer or another non-human, it would appear as if a living, breathing shadow was extending outwards from him, curling its tendrils around trees, bushes, and any animals that chose to be moving around that night.

    At first, he didn't realize that the girl had spoken, so he was simply staring at her for a moment. Coming to his senses, he answered, "I just saw you enter the forest and figured you were a tourist, girl," he noticeably avoided adding the 'little' to it, trying to make himself seem like nothing more than a kind human.
  16. Night hated the fact that when the pain arrives, symptoms of a cold appear too. He tried to control his sneeze, his urge to release a shout out of pain, all while eavesdropping on the two strange figures.
    Then he realised the dark tendril, shadowy looking things creeping all over, over a few trees in the vincinity of the duo. He tilted his head in puzzlement. 'That's weird...the creature is definitely a creature..' Night thought.
    He continued to listen to the conversation intently.

    All while trying to control the pain that grown even more painful than the last few minutes.
  17. Kura turned around swift and scanned her eyes about, searching for the owner of the booming sneeze. If that really was a sneeze, she thought to herself as she held Sauron closer to her.

    When a few moments had passed and nothing had decided to man up and face her, the red head placed a hand on her hip - clicking her tongue before speaking, "Obviously the jig is up. Whoever you are you should come out now before I decide to search for you." Her foot began to tap with both nervousness and irritations as she awaited for the person, who had created such a ruckus, to expose themselves. Suddenly, the pain slapped the flesh behind her ear once more and she hissed to herself, that one had really hurt.

    She decided to ignore the pain as best she could as she continued to wait for the intruder. Her head glancing behind her towards the woods as she begun to hear the faint sound of voices, but telling herself it was only her imagination, Kura ignored the voices as well.
  18. Uris muttered a curse, not only for being caught TWICE, but he knew something else besides him was here, searching for the same thing. His magic snapped back from their adventure by the trees and the shadows eased around him. The shadow creature sighed, stepping into the barely dim light of the street lamp. It would go faster this way, by speaking, than by hiding anyway.

    “Searching wouldn’t do you any good unless you know how to bend shadows.” Uris muttered. “Do you know how to?” He took a step closer to the girl, shrinking down to her eye level. “Bend shadows, I mean.”
  19. Kura kept her feet rooted the spot, as if claiming the asphalt beneath her them as her own. In reality, she was just to stubborn to accept the fear that had creeped up her spine at the male's strange words. Exactly who could bend shadows? Was that even possible? Shaking her head - almost biting her lip due to the new nip of coldness that caused her teeth to chatter - the young woman mumbled softly, "I could probably bend your fingers back until they snap," but then spoke loud enough for the strange man to hear clearly.

    "Actually, no. I have no idea how to do that, bend shadows I mean." She rolled her eyeballs to cover up the wetness that had stirred in the corner of her eyes. The wind had miraculously blew a few pieces of dust into her eyes and it had caused her emerald pools to blink rapidly. Her sleeve came up to wipe away the dust and small tears before returning back at her side, "You know I think the town's local Asylum is that way - so maybe you should scamper along."

    Kura was extensively using sarcasm and rudeness to scare the stranger away so she could forget all about him and continue onward towards her destination. She wasn't even sure there was an Asylum here! Stupid, stupid, stupid! Her subconscious scolded herself as she lifted her gaze to Uris. The adolescent just really wanted to get going.
  20. Night let out a small chuckle, and then immediately covered his mouth, hoping they didn't hear it. He found the girl's sarcasm amusing, and wondered what was the shadow bender guy's reply.
    'This is getting more interesting by the second' he thought, his teal eyes gleaming. If there was really interesting information exchanged by them, he might just make a profit by selling the information.