Marked By The Gods

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  1. Okay, so I had this idea for a roleplay that could go either as a group r.p. or as a one on one. (However, if it is to be a one on one, I'm asking for a partner who is willing and ready to play more than just one character.)
    This roleplay would venture into areas that I know a lot of people aren't comfortable with, so I will give warning now that if you can't deal with/do the darker side of smut, you might not want to even continue reading this.

    For the idea that I have, the roleplay would be set in ancient Greece and (for the sake of the roleplay) the gods will be real and a part of the roleplay.

    We all know that the ancient gods had a tendency to mess with the lives of humans. They claimed some as their champions in times of war, some they called to the priesthood, and others they seduced.
    The idea here is for some of the gods to claim humans who don't want anything to do with them. There can be any manner of reasons for the human not to want the god, but I've got an itch to play on the dark side with this one.

    The way I'm thinking this could be a really fun, albeit really dark roleplay.

    I'm not sure if this sort of thing would be anyone's cup of tea, but if it is, I'd love to hear ideas. Plot with me. :)
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  2. This sounds like a very interesting rp! I would be honored to be a part of it if possible.
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