Marked // A Modern Fantasy

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    A modern fantasy roleplay.

    Nobody had expected the secrets that Rochester Academy's fire was
    destined to reveal. For nearly a year, the newly opened Academy had
    survived in peace, lying to its students and its teachers about the very
    reason that they were there. But with a single burst of flame the entire
    auditorium was lit up. It was then that the school discovered their own
    truth. Each and every single one of them was Marked; known only by
    the mysterious powers that seemed to follow the living tattoos upon
    their bodies.

    The Marked, however, have never been alone in this secret world that
    they are being thrust back in to. From the shadows come the inhuman
    creatures that have hidden in plain sight for longer than anyone can
    remember. Their world is opening and they say more is soon to come.

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