Mark Hamill retiring as The Joker after Arkham City.

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A Relic of a Bygone Era
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Some of you may know this already. But for those of you that don't let me fill you in. Remember back in the 90s when you'd get up on Saturday to watch Batman: The Animated Series and listen to the Joker in all his glory? How about most any other animation dealing with Joker since then? Did you play Batman: Arkham Asylum and get that warm fuzzy feeling of nostalgia?

Well its gonna die after the sequel known as Arkham City.

That's right. After he completes his work on Arkham City, Mark Hamill, the man I unknowingly adored as the Joker for over 15 years, plans to retire his role as Joker.

It is a sad sad day for my childhood. ;_____;

Link for you.

Edit: Damn typos.
I can't tell if he's being sarcastic or not, but yes GMK. Mark Hamill is the Joker. Some people don't know it, but his career took a big turn into the voice acting industry. He was Fire Lord Ozai on Avatar, Chanukah Zombie on Futurama, he's a frequent on Robot Chicken, and he's even got a part in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.

Random tidbit for you: Hamill said that when he would drive down to record for the Joker, he's practice the laugh in his car on the way there. Oddly enough, no one in L.A. thought it to be strange behavior.
That's LA for you, I was wondering what he did with himself, seeing how Iconic he became as Luke.
I thought he was also going to voice the Joker in DC Universe Online. ._. Unless he did the work for DCUO before Arkham City.
Hamill works in Voice acting because he's a prima donna that very few actors like working with anymore. ;)
I'd be a bit of a dick, too, if I had so many fanboys running after me asking me for Luke Skywalker/Joker impressions.
Makes me sad to know he's retiring the role considering voice over acting is one of the few places an actor can keep pretty much reprising the role no matter how old they get. As long as the people in charge keep hiring them. Or unless it was like, pre-puberty & all that. But at least he's had fun with it for so long. And he's not quitting until AFTER Arkham City is finished rather than before which is nice of him.

I can't imagine the reception the game would have gotten from fans if he wasn't doing it.
What sucks about all this is that DC is giving itself a handjob on its new line of animated movies. They already got Kevin Conroy and Tim Daly to reprise Batman and Superman for their Public Enemies project and supposedly got them again for the next Batman/Superman animated movie. Given just how many appearances Joker gets in the DC comics, losing Hamill takes away from the Core Four--Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor, and Joker.

"When supervillains try to scare each other, they tell Joker stories."