Marie x Leviathan

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  1. This roleplay consists of dragon breeds from flight rising. Leviathan (a guardian breed) travels to the scarred wasteland (plague territory) in search of his charge, a person, place, or object that a guardian dragon seeks to protect. He soon stumbles upon Marie , a fea breed. Could she be the person he's destined to protect?
  2. Part 1
    After hours of traveling, Leviathan finally made it to the scarred wasteland. He gives out a sign of relief, then collaps on the ground. I finally made it to the scarred wasteland. I'm that much closer to finding my charge. After a hour of rest and a meal consisting of diseased mushrooms, he heads off.
    A couple hours pass and the sun begins to set. I should find somewhere to stay the night. As leviathan looks around for somewhere to sleep, he sees a flicker of light. As he walks closer to the light, he notices a lair surrounded by bone trees. It may be best to avoid the lair, I don't want to cause any trouble. He thought. On the other hand, I shouldn't put too much distance between me and the lair, in case something were to happen.
    Leviathan kept half a mile away and searched for a place to sleep. He came across a fairly deep hole that someone dug, but no longer looks in use. It was kind of narrow, but it would do. He gathered some near by bone tree limbs and made a pit fall trap over the entrance. That should be a good disguise, if someone falls in, I'll take them by surprise. With that thought in mind, Leviathan drifted off to sleep...

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    Marie did the fae equivalent of a scowl as she chased after the coatl hatchling. "Get back here! The Abiding Boneyard is no place for a hatchling at night!" The fae huffed as the little one—rather ironic, since it was bigger than her—continued to run in the opposite direction. Marie flapped her wings harder as she struggled to keep pace. "H-hey, wait up!" Of course, the young coatl hadn't yet learned common draconian and had no idea what she was saying, nor could it tell what inflection she was using. Marie looked up worriedly at the sky. It was getting dark, and if she didn't get the babe back to the lair soon, its parents would have her for dinner. When she looked back down, the hatchling was running towards a pile of fallen bone trees. "Wait!" Marie lurched forward to catch up. The blue coatl was sniffing at the logs and picked one up with its tail. Suddenly it tripped and fell forward, disappearing before her eyes. Marie stopped in shock. Where had it gone!? The fae's flapping became more frantic than before as she quickly approached the pile. She could faintly here panicked humming and screeching coming from underneath the branches. She immediately started trying to find a place to slip through so she could find the troublesome tot.
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    Leviathan lay awake in his lair. Why do I feel so anxious? Is there an enemy nearby? As if on que, Leviathan hears a noise outside. He gets up to examine the source when he hears a rustling from above. A small, round shadow slips through the pit trap. He lunges at the shadow without a second thought and before he makes contact, he notices that the shadow was, in fact, a baby coalt dragon. He avoids the baby at the last second and slams into the wall of the lair. The force of the impact knocks the wind out of him and he lays there while the baby coalt dragon screeches at the top of its lungs. Overhead, digging claws are heard. Oh no, this could be bad...
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