Mariana Lockdown: Sector Zero

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  1. [​IMG]
    11° 19′ 47.65″ N, 142° 11′ 57.5″ E

    There is one place that strikes fear to all who hear its name. Challenger Deep Penitentiary is the largest maximum security prison in the entire world, and it houses the world's worst criminals at the bottom of the ocean.

    Imagine if all the world's criminals converged on a single location. Imagine if that location was under the watch of the most cruel and corrupt guards on the planet. Imagine if you were sent to Hell on Earth. The year is 2046, and crime rates run rampant in every country. The United Nations thought it was fit to begin designing a prison large enough to contain these criminals, but eventually, the plan was altered slightly. Not only is Challenger Deep Penitentiary the world's largest prison, it is completely inescapable. Inmates have resorted to calling it 'The Kraken's Jaws'. The prison is built directly onto the side of the Mariana Trench, descending into complete darkness, until the only outward light comes from the monstrous lifeforms that reside outside the airtight walls. The entire facility is powered by thermal vents dotted at the trench's floor.

    At the very bottom of the trench is Sector Zero, reserved for only the worst of the worst. Terrorists, crime lords, serial killers, and much more take residence in Sector Zero, 10,898 meters beneath the surface. Rumors tell of prisoners going mad from torture or isolation; sometimes both. It's no secret that many inmates have stayed long after their sentence was completed. Murder, gambling, and drug trafficking are simply a way of life in Sector Zero. Occasionally the guards set up deathmatches between prisoners, placing bets ranging in the millions. Anyone caught past curfew are sent to the Sinful Circus. Simply put, no one wants to be in the Sinful Circus, because if you are, your odds of coming back are nil.

    The Sinful Circus is Challenger Deep's main source of income. It is a coliseum-like arena where tourists can watch the scum of the Earth fight for their lives, usually in sadistic obstacle courses. The winners are permitted to return to their cell block unscathed, while the losers are slightly less fortunate, assuming they survive. Researchers with little regard for ethics are rather fond of taking prisoners for live experimentation. Anesthetics are optional, of course. Inmates who have returned from these experiments come back as broken shadows of their former selves, curiously missing several body part in addition.

    1. Thou shalt not oppose the GM.
    2. All Iwaku rules apply. Hopefully this shouldn't be too difficult.
    3. No god-modding, seriously. No RPG's in a maximum-security prison.
    4. Mary-sues will be fed to any nearby aquatic life form(s).
    5. If it seems like I'm making up the rules as I go along, it's because I am.
    6. At least one paragraph (3+ sentences) per IC post.
    7. Remember when I said the prison is inescapable? Well good. Because it is.

    Character Sheet




    [if prisoner] Crime you've committed (or if you were framed):

    [if not a prisoner] Role in penitentiary (such as guard or medical staff, etc.)







    Paolo Delucci & Ayanna Dawson- @Uncle Legens Legentis

    Elaine Gadriel- @TheForbidden8thPosition

    Irenka Dvorak- @Lady Martinet

    Killjoy- @The Original Gravedigger

    Arianna "Rabbit" Olivera- @Alexstrasza

    Nicholas Vogel- @FrostedCamel

    Celio Jeon- @Telfair

    Charlotte Elizabeth Rose- @XWhySoSeriousX

    -Cassandra Flint- @Cybermoon

    Name: Paolo Delucci

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Age: 28

    [if prisoner] Crime you've committed (or if you were framed): Murder, Arson, Kidnapping, Extortion, Drug Trafficking

    [if not a prisoner] Role in penitentiary (such as guard or medical staff, etc.)

    Paolo Delucci, known in the criminal underworld as the Chain Noose, was practically born into a life of crime. He was the son of an influential mob boss, who was more than eager to pass on a legacy of fear onto his child than raising him to be ethical. Paolo learned the basics of crime early on. He'd chase down deadbeats who refused to pay their dues, and always made sure they regretted it, sometimes through burning their homes down. Dozens more disappeared whenever they crossed the Delucci family. Unfortunately for the young boy, Paolo's father was gunned down in a street shootout with police, traumatizing him for life.

    With very big shoes to fill, Paolo organized his mob family to become the most infamous in all of NYC. Under the guise of a loan company, he was able to get away with the most heinous of crimes for nearly half a decade. Countless small businesses found themselves under forced 'protection' as the Delucci family continued to expand. Throughout his career, Paolo worked through countless aliases to evade the FBI at every turn. Rival mobsters were killed in his favorite method of execution, which was strangulation by chains, thus inspiring his fitting nickname. Paolo was always on the move, making sure that the police could never truly discover his location, always shifting between alternate estates.

    The mafia boss' luck ran out one day, however, during a routine drug trade in a downtown garage. Despite warnings from his advisers, Paolo decided to personally oversee the black market transfer with another gang. Heroine, methamphetamine, and cocaine were the products of that evening. The Delucci's were hopeful of making a quick sale then and there. As fate would have it, a nearby witness caught sight of Paolo's face as he entered the building. A swarm of police encircled the area and arrested every gang member present. Hundreds outside the courthouse of his trial begged the judge to give him the death penalty, though the judge had a different opinion on the matter. He knew well that life imprisonment in Deep Challenger Penitentiary was a fate worse than death.

    Personality: Despite his reputation and background, Paolo speaks like any regular businessman would, albeit with a thick Italian accent. He retains the image of an educated person, though his ruthless cunning gives the impression that he is highly passive-aggressive. Not even solitary confinement has brought him in line with the other inmates. Paolo has the constant desire to show his dominance, both to prisoners and guards alike, yet it is rare to see him engage in physical combat.

    Likes: Reading, coin collecting, marine biology

    Dislikes: Knives, solitary confinement, liars

    Skills: Planning and strategizing are Paolo's specialty. He is keen to focus on small details, acting as though he were a human lie detector. That being said, he is more than willing to throw potential allies under the bus if it means another day living.​
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  2. I watch the group sci fi section and I was intrigued by the title of this, just seeing the link in my alerts. Now that I've read through it, you can color me interested. I'll get to work on a sheet ASAP, assuming that's acceptable.
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  3. It is very acceptable indeed!
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  4. Once I am able to do so, there should be a thread poll to decide if guards should be a character class.
  5. I'll have to look through my existing characters and see if one fits, or consider making another new one (be my third in the last few days. Oh, character inspiration sure is running rampant. That worries me.) Either way, I'll figure it out. It looks interesting. I'm running out of weapons to have my characters use though; I try to have a different one for each. Agh, this is hard.
  6. If it's possible, I would like to be a guard. Still making the character but I think guard would be best.
  7. You are more than welcome to be a guard.
  8. Name: Elaine Gadriel

    Her hair is dyed silver with black tips, and from lack of sun she is fairly pale. Pretty much this entire picture except not quite as pale.

    Age: 27

    Crime you've committed (or if you were framed): Guard

    Bio: Elaine advanced quickly in her training and was hand-picked to guard the Mariana Trench’s maximum security prison, Challenger Deep Penitentiary. Even in such a rough place she went nearly untouched and punished those deserving with brute force. She eventually was moved to Sector Zero, and didn’t even bat an eye. She was in one rough fight and her mechanical left leg is proof of that. However, since then, she has become even stronger, and some of the prisoners are said even to fear her.
    Personality: Elaine is way too serious for some, but she fits well in Sector Zero, especially since she knows full well how much danger you could be in while messing around. She refuses to look at all but few prisoners, always looking just past them, probably out of arrogance. Despite her pride and confidence in her abilities, she never lets her guard down. She can be cold, or nice, depending on the actions of the person she’s interacting with. At least, when she’s in public or on guard duty. Outside of this, she’s much more cheerful and occasionally even an air-head, forgetting basic things. But even then, she never loses her edge. She’s as much of a pacifist as one in Sector Zero can be, never getting into a fight unless there is no choice.

    Likes: Reading, sketching, and, in her free time, daydreaming, surprisingly enough. Spicy food is a favorite.

    Dislikes: Fights, arguments, and sour food/candies.

    Skills: The sword she carries around, always unsheathed, is strange and looks mechanical, looking more like a folded up compound bow.. which it is. She simply presses a button, and boom, it switches between sword and bow. She is flexible in her fighting style because of this and always carries an assortment of arrows at her waist. She is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat, relying more on counterattacks and disabling the opponent.

    Sorry if the picture is too big!
  9. Never can get the picture size to do what I want. -sigh- And I'm wondering where the heck you found the epic picture to use for Challenger Deep Penitentiary. It looks amaaaazing.
  10. Just realized that you really did do your research. Challenger Deep and the Mariana Trench are real places. I like this. :D
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  11. Alright, it appears as though I am unable to make any meaningful thread poll. Therefore, I will alter the rules to include guards as a position for characters.
  12. Is there any set number of characters we should have before starting?
  13. No clue. I think we should just see how many people we can get. Not many people have decided to join, though, which sucks.
  14. Aye. Normally I would suggest kidnapping inviting more players, but I suppose patience will have to suffice.
  15. XD If you want I can see if anyone in one of the roleplays I'm in wants to join.
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  16. I've been working on a character in my head the past couple days, just haven't had the time to put her onto paper. Er... post. I'll try and do it sometime soon, but it's been a busy week all around.
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  17. Once I stop procrastinating, I will finish my first application, and might make another character.
  18. Irenka DvorakPrisoner has been convicted on numerous counts of fraud, theft, public indecency, assault and battery, drug trafficking, laundering, racketeering, imitating an officer of the law, imitating a judge, imitating a television personality, piracy (naval and web-based), murder, arson, kidnapping, and damaging protected plant life to manufacture drugs.

    Gender: Female

    Age: 22

    Nationality: Czech

    Appearance: Stands at 5'2" and a quarter, roughly 95 lbs, blue eyes, bleached blonde hair, pink highlight, pale skin, gauged ears (jewelry removed by security), pierced nose (jewelry removed by security), pierced [BCOLOR=#ffffff][REDACTED][/BCOLOR] (jewelry removed by security), split tongue, track marks on arms, scars on back, missing part of middle finger on left hand

    Psychological Evaluation: Considered to be unstable and a danger to herself and other prisoners, prone to unprovoked laughter and random behavior, destructive tendencies enforced by "a streak of good luck" (this is not a scientific claim, simply this therapist's opinion), strong disregard for rules and guidelines, low comprehension of moral standards, curiously optimistic. Known to collect chess pieces during recreational hours and play against herself while in her cell, responds well to electronic music. Refuses to eat Italian food or participate in religious observations, expresses a distrust of redheads and therapists. Advise medication. (Addendum: responds poorly to attempts at medication)

    Skills: Proven to possess a remarkably high IQ, studied chemistry at Charles University in Prague, adept at picking locks and hacking, plays violin and cello.

    Bio: Dvorak first came to the awareness of INTERPOL in 2040 under the handle "Narkoman," when she hacked a Czech politician's campaign website and decorated it with images of elderly men engaging in homosexual acts. Further investigation revealed that Narkoman had been selling illicit drugs though the Deep Web for at least a year. When INTERPOL officers discovered the location from where Narkoman had been working, they were confused to stumble into the bedroom of a teenager, and Dvorak was questioned briefly, decided to be no more impertinent than the average sixteen-year-old girl, and released. Narkoman next hacked INTERPOL's own website and posted an image of herself performing a very rude gesture involving both middle fingers.

    INTERPOL failed to detain Dvorak that night, learning that her "parents" had in fact been customers paid in drugs to pose as her family. For two years, the trail went cold. Dvorak resurfaced in Italy, appearing in a pornographic film featuring actor [BCOLOR=#ffffff][REDACTED][/BCOLOR]. Officers followed her there and discovered an extensive drug trading ring which she had been running since her departure from Prague, the answer to an inexplicable spike in the use of methamphetamines within Italy and surrounding nations. Prior to the discovery, INTERPOL had been speculating at an unnamed cartel of Swiss origin.

    Dvorak attended Charles University in Prague under an assumed name, providing services to other criminals within the city for two years. Chief among these services were the creation of false ID's and documents, disposal of bodies and evidence, and - as per her typical modus operandi - distribution of illicit drugs. A sexual (and romantic?) relationship with a female student related to INTERPOL officer [BCOLOR=#ffffff][REDACTED][/BCOLOR] led to the discovery of her true identity. What followed was a six month chase across the globe that culminated in her capture in a Beijing hotel. Dvorak has resided at Challenger Deep Penitentiary since three months after her capture, when the court decided her guilt.
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  19. Name: Ayanna Dawson


    Age: 22

    [if prisoner] Crime you've committed (or if you were framed): Robbery & 2nd-degree murder
    "I told you a thousand times, I didn't do it! Leave me alone!"

    We know it was you, Ms. Dawson. All the evidence leads up to it.

    "How many times do I need to say it? I don't know who took the money, I wasn't even at the bank that night. How was I supposed to know anyone would get killed? I just wanna' go home."

    Ms. Dawson, the court has requested that you fill out an affidavit before your trial. It's a new protocol.

    "Alright, let's get this over with. My name is Ayanna Dawson. I was born in Tampa, Florida in 2024 to a family of seven. My parents were illiterate, and so were most of my siblings, and things didn't really get better until my father got a job in construction. Two of my brothers were killed by some thug on the sidewalk, but I was too young to remember it."

    Please, continue.

    "I was one of the few in my family to stay in school, mostly so I could help out my parents pay the bills every now and then. Other times it was my church pastor who helped them. In high school I played soccer and tennis for a while, though once I graduated I found a job as a bank teller. Heck, the only reason I got the job was because of my grades in math."

    Official reports suggest that you stole $700,000 from the bank vault, several years after you were hired.

    "I was late to work that day! Besides, no person could have ever gotten into that vault."

    Untrue. The vault was found blasted open by a makeshift bomb. The explosion killed two security guards present at the scene.

    "You can't honestly think that I would do that. The cops arrested me once I arrived at the bank, about twelve minutes after it all happened. I'm not some deranged criminal, y'know."

    Personality: "Well, um, there isn't much to say. I'm not as sociable as my sisters. Most of them were cheerleaders, anyway. It was a bit of a shock to my parents to hear that their little Ayanna was a total bookworm. They were proud, to say the least. I prefer things to stay clean and quiet."

    Likes: "Well, this is a tough one. I'm a big jazz fan, and half of my wardrobe is traditional African clothing. A few of my close friends hang out with me at an all-women's gym. There's even a treadmill in my apartment."

    Dislikes: "Coffee, lazy people, and big crowds. There isn't anything that makes me as anxious as a big crowd. As for coffee, I just don't want to spend money on workplace-vital drugs."

    "Observation and mathematics go hand in hand. Both are skills which I tend to focus on more than others."
  20. A.I. Killjoy (open)
    Name: A.I. Killjoy

    Appearance: tumblr_nvects2uGE1rthew5o1_400.jpg

    Age: as old as the prison itself

    [if not a prisoner] Role in penitentiary (such as guard or medical staff, etc.): A.I. Security Bot

    Bio: Killjoy is an A.I. controlled robot. Since the beginning of this corrupt prison, he has been learning what it is like to be apart of security. Killjoy generally considered himself a male through out his years serving on the security team, as he was given a male voice and ideals of humans, mostly male of course. He was given a majority of the penitentiary codes as well so that way he could work his job efficiently.

    While working in the prison, he's had to deal with every feisty, pissed off prick, locked up in the prison as if he were working at an elementary school. Dealing with some of the guard's is another problem when they might get out of line as well. Though he is a security guard he is also a security A.I. which is one of the leading design security guards as well.

    Personality: He doesn't truly have a personality, more like a logic function instead. He finds certain emotions to be logical and understands them. He can download updates on personalities and gain emotions.

    Likes: not really many likes except for how he finds humans so intruiging.

    Dislikes: criminals and crime in general

    Skills: He works with several melee style weapons to keep the inmates in check. He has an advanced security baton with stun capabilities in certain sections of the baton where electrical impulses are spread out over each piece from handle to end. He also has a lethal tactical folding katana that implements a high voltage electrical field in the blade and helps make a cut that can burn as it cuts. When it does it will sear through the flesh and bone, sometimes metal as well. His programming is designed to be agile like, but powerful as well. He can punch through metal, but it damages some of him as well, because of his Steel-Carbonite body. He's a master when it comes to melee combat, but as a safeguard has a gun. At his side is an old school .9mm Sig Sauer 1911 Spartan pistol, with a few advanced upgrades. These upgrades being: a laser attachment, an extended barrel for advanced rifling, an extended magazine setup with a holographic scope. The ammo used is mainly piatold darts, that he would use in case of an inmate got too out of control and a far away shot was the I my way to deal with him. Though Killjoy also carries a few live round magazines he doesn't ever feel the need to use them unless if death might be the only other option. Gladly the programming he was given is on several different techniques when using guns, and melee weapons as well.
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