Marcy's role-play ideas! (MxF, MxM, and FxF)

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Hello lovelies!
I have many one x ones and plots! I won't be telling you guys about me because I am very open to anything and everything, the only think you will need to know is that I forget role plays. I am very absentminded and an airhead at times so you will have to tag me or message me in our role-play a few times to get my attention.

(Side note! I do still need people or one of my plots~)

-Decent at writing, you don't have to write a novel but I don't want one liners!
-I am passive so I need someone to guide me!
-Speed of light or a couple posts a day please~


-Tall (6'2 or taller)
-Muscular or pudgy (I'm chill with either)
-Like a turtle (Hard on the outside soft on the inside)

-TALL (5'4-5'10)
-Busty (B- DD)
-Sassy as FRUCK!

Now here is the important stuff XD


~I will be the characters on the right
You will be the characters on the left~

(And new roleplay ideas will have * in front of it and new roleplay ideas will have this ~)

*Jeff the killer x OC
Slender man x OC
Tic Toby x OC
*Arranged marriage---->
[spoili]This will be like YC is from another country, MC is from another country and they hate each other and have old lovers who had pasted away.[/spoili]

That's all I have for that idea! I don't want to go too much into it![/spoili]

Slice of life
*Police Officer x Killer
Principal x Student
*Uncle x Niece
Brother x Sister
Step-Brother x Step-Sister
*Victim x black market boss
Tall girl x short boy
*Physically abused girl x mentally abused boy
*mean/misunderstood girl x quiet/misunderstood guy
(They will be both, not one)
Step father x daughter
*Young girl (16-18) x Older man (27-38)
I will be Muse A
will be Muse B

I need people for my PLOT(S)!
(I will be playing female)

Lost friendship

Muse A and Muse B have known each other since they were preschoolers until one year in 6th grade Muse B had ended up being known as a 'popular' kid and slowly stopped hanging around Muse A. Even though this crushed Muse A they tried to escape it and move on until Muse B started to bully Muse A. Once the bullying at started Muse A started to hate Muse B with a strong passion, Though as the 10th year of high school came the two old friends went into drama club to add on to their college application for future reasons. Muse A loving drama gets main female role in the play 'romeo and Juliet' (Cliche I know) and Muse B gets main role for his 'good looks'. Though through out practicing the two argue and fight, not getting along even for the plays sake but the night of the show Muse A passes away from an accident and Muse B is left in the hospital bewildered and usually heartbroken.
But what if Muse A comes back as a spirit and can only make it into 'heaven' if the two make up and become friends again? Will Muse B help Muse A go to 'heaven' or ignore her?

That is all I have at the moment :) But if you have any ideas please tell me~

So comment to this thread or PM me! I will be on all night and all day tomorrow~
And I apologize if my grammar is SHIT, I am working on it!

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Hey, I would be interested in Fallen Angel x Demon king or Brother's best friend x Sister. What you should know, though, is that I'm currently on break so right now I will be very active but once my break is over, I will barely be able to reply. If you're interested still, great! If not, I understand. [:


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Ooh. Fallen angel x demon king? :)

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19th Century Zombie Apocalypse??? That sounds great
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