Marcy's looking for some long term partners! (MxF, FxF,MxM)

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    Hello my lovelies!
    I need some long term partners to role-play with!
    But I have some rules before laying out the one x ones and plots!

    ~About me~
    I have been role-playing for 8 years now though I have not advanced but I am also not a shite writer.
    My writing is based on my mood, so I don't have a specific length I write.​

    • Be nice/Polite~ It's a must with me. If your bitchy, I'm bitch.
    • Decent grammar and spelling.. Mine can be quite shite sometimes but please try.
    • Talk to me! I want to be your friend!
    • Cooperate, please don't make me figure everything out.
    • Please ask questions if you have them.
    • Have fun! If you don't like the role-play tell me!

    Now to the one x ones and plots ;)

    ~One x ones!~
    1.Player x Mean/Violent
    MXF or MxM
    2. Young teacher x College student
    MxF, MxM, or FxF
    3. Bestfriend
    MxF or FxF
    4. Pregnant wife x Husband

    5. Waitress x Rich female/male
    MxF or FxF
    6. Sibling love
    MxF, MxM, or FxF


    Time froze on that day but now it begins flowing once again

    On a late winter day, tension between four friends struck and a horrible accident happened. YC a close friend of MC was in love with her but MC had different feelings and had a liking to their other friend instead. In the process YC and MC got into a fight before a big performance at school then that's when the accident happened and a sad death.
    Months after the tragedy the friendship of the last 3 fell apart and went their own ways.
    But what if MC came back to have a wish granted? But only YC can see her?

    You are my Cinderella and I shall be your beast
    YC is an rude, emotional less douche who thinks he better than most. MC is a hot headed, impatient bitch. As they meet secrets start to unravel and the two find themselves and maybe even love?

    It'll be our secret, okay?
    YC, an out of the closet lesbian is best friends with MC an in the closet lesbian though YC doesn't know of this.

    As the two's friendship grow over the past few years YC starts to fall for MC. Will YC tell mine? Or hide her feelings till they fade away? And will MC ever come out as lesbian or keep it from everyone for the rest of her life?

    Do people find love? Or does love find people?
    YC and MC were best friends from the beginning, being through thick and thin together but what happens when the two wake up next to each other in bed at a party? Will their relationship be the same? Will one fall for the other? Or will they pretend it never happened?

    SO! If anyone wants to role-play please comment to this thread or message me and we can talk about them~
    And sorry if the plots don't make sense I am still practicing~ ^^""

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  2. I'd be very interested in student and college teacher
  3. Hey I will RP with you if you would like. I am interested in Bestfriend M xF,Waitress x Rich dude, or sibling m x f?
  4. I'd be interested in "It'll be our secret" :)
  5. Do people find love? Or does love find people?

    If your still looking feel free to shoot me a pm!
  6. HEY XD ITS ME DANNY DEVITO :bananaman:
  7. Can we do the pregnant wife x husband? I really like that pairing, because its so cute. Oh and can I be the wife?
  8. I'm interested in doing the "Time froze on that day but now it begins flowing once again" If you are still looking that is. c:
  9. I would like to roleplay with you.
  10. Are you still looking, cause I wouldn't mind rping with you.
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