Marcy needs some partners~ ( FxF)

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    Hello Hello! I need some partners for some sexy stuff ;)

    I have a few one x ones and a couple plots~!

    • No booty stuff! I'm not into that!
    • You need to be speed of light or close.. I get impatient with these kinds of things.
    • I want some fluff too! I am the fluff queen!
    • I need someone who is open with me, so don't say 'I like anything'.. PLEASE.
    • Also~ Have fun! If you aren't enjoying tell me so we can talk about it or end the role play!
    My fetishes!
    • Bondage
    • Someone touching my feet
    • (Don't put my feet in your mouth though..)
    • Food like whipped cream, chocolate, ect

    What I like~
    • I mostly like FxF~
    • A LOT of role-play
    • French kissing
    • Australian kisses
    • Rough sex
    • Or very romantic slow sex
    • Biting~
    • I love tall busty woman! I want a tall busty lady! Like 5'11 with a C-D cup!

    Now time for ones x ones~

    I will be submissive for FxF
    Neko slave x Master
    Princess x Queen
    Princess x Maid
    Princess x Villager
    Best friends
    Bad girl x Good girl
    Rough bondage
    Sister x Sister
    Step mother x Daughter
    Worker x Boss

    *I only have plots for FxF*

    Your character is a mean, nasty woman who works for a clothes business, My character is a sweet, innocent worker who needs the money. One day MC asks for a promotion and everything goes into an unexpected turn. A naughty unexpected turn~


    Red riding hood
    My character and your character have been best friends since they were only babies! Though through out the years MC has noticed something about yours, something dark and evil.
    One night, walking out to her grandmothers houses she runs in your character to find out your character is a wolf and that they are in love...

    That is all I have! Sorry the plots suck a bit but I really want to do a libertine role-play~
    So PM if you'd like to do one with me!
    or comment to this thread, it doesn't matter~

  2. Hello, I'm interested in the Princess x Queen.
  3. I'm interested in:

    -Neko slave x Master
    -Princess x Queen
    -Princess x Maid
    -Sister x Sister
    -Step mother x Daughter
  4. I've been looking for someone to do a similar red riding hood plot. I'd love to discuss.
  5. Hi, there! I'm interested in the following:

    -Neko slavexMaster
    -Step motherxDaughter
  6. Still looking!
  7. I wanna do the Goddesses if its still available:3
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Not open for further replies.