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  1. [BCOLOR=#993366]To whoever has taken the time to read this![/BCOLOR]
    Hey there, first of all and thank you for clicking on this.
    Now that I've found myself with more time, I'm trying to occupy myself with as much writing as possible. I have a few ideas but I'm open to any other suggestions. But first...let me tell you a little about myself and my preferences:

    1) I do not write mature/erotic/sex scenes. I am not comfortable with it and stick to fade-to-black or time-skips.
    2) I do MxF roleplays if it involves romance. Not that I have anything against MxM or FxF, I just have no experience with that kind of roleplay.
    3) I prefer to play the F character in the roleplay, but I will happily do secondary characters of any gender.
    4) I reply as often as you do, I suppose. I'll reply quickly when I can, multiple posts a day if I have nothing on but then that could turn to one or two a day if I have a busy schedule.
    5) I write with proper grammar, punctuation and description. I'll provided 2-3 paragraphs at the minimum, more if it is required. I would enjoy and expect the same in return. No one-liners.

    So...if you're still with are some of the ideas that I am putting forward. The ones starred are the ones I'm particularly craving. I have no plot, something I prefer because then it can be go-with-the-flow and we can create something together.

    Please don't be afraid to suggest something either!

    [BCOLOR=#00ccff]Normal:[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=#00ff00]Fandom Related:[/BCOLOR]

    a) *Pirate Ship CaptainxStowaway a) Harry Potter
    b) *Pirate Ship CaptainxRoyalty i) *SnatcherxRunaway
    c) *Pirate Ship CaptainxFemale Sailor b) Red Queen
    d) WerewolfxWerewolf c) Gone
    e) WWII related d) Hunger Games
    i) French Resistance MemberxNazi Officer
    ii) SoldierxNurse

    [BCOLOR=#993366]Thanks for reading, if you're still here. Hope to get writing with you soon![/BCOLOR]
  2. Hope you don't mind me posting here with a suggestion. For the normal vs fandoms list, you might want to try a tab for them. Just to make it a little easier to see which is which. Note: the bbcode for them works in the rich editor :p

    • List goes here
    • Fandom list goes here

    [tab=Normal RP]List goes here[/tab]
    [tab=Fandom RP]Fandom list goes here[/tab]
    That aside, some of these ideas seem like they could be fun, so I hope you get a lot of requests your way ♥