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  1. I enjoy reading, but I've found myself in a slump and I'm falling behind schedule with my reading, which sucks, so I'm gonna hold a read-a-thon. Whether or not I'll do this once a month or every other month, depends on how this first one goes. If it goes well, I'll make a group to keep all of the challenges, dates for future read-a-thons and other information.

    Before I start talking about the dates and the challenges, what is a read-a-thon?

    A read-a-thon is an event, usually with set times or dates, where you can read more then you would usually do. Some read-a-thons could have challenges and other activities you can do with others to make it more interesting, but the overall goal of the read-a-thon is to help you read more during that time period then you would normally read.
    Easy right? Now to the dates!
    March 27th to March 31st

    The read-a-thon will start this week and will last 5 days. Starting this Friday (March 27th) and ending next Tuesday (March 31st).

    1. Read at least 2 books from your TBR(To Be Read) pile.
    2. Quick updates after every book you read. (Post it here)
    3. Take a photo of your books in random places. *
    Here's an example (open)

    *This is optional to those who don't have a camera
    I hope people will join in for the read-a-thon. Post here if you are interest ^_^

    (And you're still a slowpoke kouhai)
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  3. Hey I got it up earlier then I said I would senpai!
  4. Earlier from what you said TODAY, but later than what you said when you first started to talk about it :D
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  5. True lol, I'm glad your on board for it senpai ^_^
  6. Well, I've got loooots of books to read from the ones I bought during the big book sale here in Sweden o.O NEED TO MAKE SURE I DIDN'T BUY 30 BOOKS IN VAIN xD
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  7. Oh shit... I just remembered that my brother and his kids will be here from Friday to Sunday... ... I should probably try to find two short books for this round xD
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  8. I have to catch up on my schedule so I'm gonna enjoy reading as much as I can.
  9. Yup, at least until they leave then if you have the time, read another book.
  10. I'm down two books this week already. Not sure I can keep going. Forgot how depressing warhammer is..
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  11. Alright, maybe next time. If you change your mind, it doesn't start until this Friday.
  12. I didn't say I wouldn't participate. Just that my material is horribly saddening.

    You're on.
  13. Ah alrighty then!
  14. The Read-a-thon Begin's!

    Today's the day ^_^

    @redblood and @Windsong Good luck you two and happy reading!
  15. And I need to clean my room before our guests come ]:< Ugh!
  16. Welp you better get to it Sensei :D
  17. I just woke up ): -okay it was thirty minutes ago, but I haven't had breakfast yet-
    I need to check threads on iwaku first D:
  18. Oki doki, check iwaku threads, eat breakfast, then clean ^_^
  19. Yep, that's my schedule for most days. Except the cleaning thing. That's only for once a year days or when we get guests xD
  20. Lol XD
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