March Radio Show Episode #16

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  1. Smile! A radio show just for you.
    Yes, you.
  2. This segment was shorter than usual, but it was just as good as usual. However, perhaps the transitions were a bit too long... I do not know, I would have to listen to other radio shows to be an objective judge of that.
  3. Fact: Storms accent is fucking awesome.
  4. I actually thought this show transitioned much smoother than usual.

    I understand what Hunter meant about the long fillers, but as far as overall flow? Spot on.
  5. Don't you mean Lstorm? Though I also agreed with Lstorm's post.
  6. I only think one of the transitions was a bit long, it felt longer anyways but regardless this was awesome. It was almost as good as the one where they dragged Gibs in for an interview xD (that will always be my favorite one >=])
  7. Right... Lstorm. Not you.

    You all know what I meant.
  8. Maybe if more people submitted more segments, the show would be longer? :)
  9. Do they really need to be any longer?
    You could also have them around the 10-15 minutes mark, but upload new episodes more often....if there is an overwhelming interest for that!
  10. OOOooooOOOO I would love to have more uploads! Lets make it weekly! >=D

    o.O I can submit segments?
  11. Yes, Kitti wants you to bring forth whatever ideas you might have for the show. Topics, segments, interviews etcetc.
  12. A better place to give feedback and discuss the mechanics of the show is here, in the Radio show group.

    You should be commenting on our awesome voice talent and video/sound editing in this thread!