Marauders Era [Harry Potter] Couples RP (seeking male character)

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I'm looking for a male character partner to write in the world of Harry Potter. Time periods can be anywhere from the 1970's when the Marauders were in school until the first war. I'm looking for a couples role play, possibly two students with heavy romantic and/or sexual themes. I'm even willing to do doubles. Firstly I'm interested in Remus, but if not we can discuss other characters. I have some ideas about plot if you're interested in that pairing. I'm very anal about writing styles. It's gotten me into a little trouble, but I guess I have to admit I'm a bit of a grammar nazi. I really would like to dedicate a lot of time and effort to this, as I have an abundance of free time. Please respond here or in a private message. Thank you! I'm really looking forward to hearing from anyone interested!



I'm interested in your idea. I can play Remus Lupin, a wonderful character in my opinion, if you'd be willing to double as Sirius Black?

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I can play Remus if you could play Snape for me. :)
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Hello there! :)

Keep in mind that sex scenes with detail written in any section outside of the libertine sections should be spoiler tagged and given a content warning, as mentioned here. And any roleplays you intend to write smut in should be started in the libertine section. Just thought I'd mention that since you said your rp might be heavy on sexual themes.

Anyhow, happy hunting! I hope you find the RP you're looking for! :D
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